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James Davis

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  1. Instant Draft Grade James Daniels: B


    Fri, 27 Apr 2018


    awesome I was like Bedard who doesn't like it looks like a much better off as a lot of front of mixture bit skewed. James Davis is being ultra athletic. David does it get if you get to the next level he can before you give you all the movement

  2. Why Clemson will win: C.J. Spiller reflects on title-game matchup


    Sat, 7 Jan 2017

    halftime of every game. The first three years, me and James Davis were a thunder and lightning combination. That last ..... When I was in the game they played us one way, when James ( Davis ) was in the game, they played it totally different

  3. Buccaneers postgame press conference


    Sun, 20 Nov 2016


    one when Nelson told me the number I didn't I didn't believe it I thought that was a a misprint. Of course what James Davis was out a site today I mean that's as good a quarterback play. MIA however many years I've been in the league now