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  1. GM power rankings: Howie Roseman, Kevin Colbert among best


    Wed, 18 Apr 2018

    widely derided trade up (from third overall to second last year) to draft QB Mitchell Trubisky can pay off. RANK 25 Bruce Allen , Redskins The power structure in Washington has Allen at the top as president, with senior VP of player personnel

  2. D.J. Swearinger wants Redskins to draft DT Da'Ron Payne at No. 13


    Mon, 26 Mar 2018


    Thirteenth pick DJQ. What would you tell Bruce Allen or Doug Williams right now thirteenth what do you want. I meant paying me a little trying out a little. Thank we're we're

  3. Reid says Mahomes owes Alex Smith a 'castle' for being a great teacher


    Thu, 15 Mar 2018


    the national football. I'm clothes that family. I know he's in good hands. There they're president there. Bruce Allen that I'm friends with him and and and so I knew he would take care of them two men most of all Alex is gonna help

  4. Which teams fit with Tyrann Mathieu's skillset? | Film Review


    Wed, 14 Mar 2018


    comes across the formation motion and then reverses I would Matthew's gonna follow. That's his response to food. Bruce Allen . Played pretty good. Helping former. Now once she gets across the formation here. Are about to become personal or

  5. Alabama pro day: Calvin Ridley says he's NFL draft's best WR


    Wed, 7 Mar 2018

    General managers attending UA's pro day included Bob Quinn (Lions), Kevin Colbert (Steelers), Marty Hurney (Panthers), Rick Spielman (Vikings), and Jon Robinson (Titans), along with Redskins team president Bruce Allen .

  6. NFC East rookie grades: Eagles' class lifted by post-draft finds


    Wed, 14 Feb 2018

    can't purchase or draft health in this league, but you can build up depth, just in case. Overall, that must be Bruce Allen 's main goal this offseason, now that he has transferred power under center over to Alex Smith for five seasons

  7. Kirk Cousins expects to be free agent in March


    Fri, 2 Feb 2018

    Washington, with his return only possible via a long-term extension, which was something his side and Redskins president Bruce Allen repeatedly struggled to agree on. Even with those factors considered, the former Michigan State Spartan remained hopeful

  8. Winners, losers of the Alex Smith trade: Kirk Cousins benefits


    Thu, 1 Feb 2018

    cornerback Bashaud Breeland is also bound for free agency, and the team's safety position is weak. Redskins president Bruce Allen has a lot of work to do this offseason to help Manusky, who could be fighting an uphill battle again in 2018. Colt

  9. Top 25 free agents of 2018: Quarterbacks top the board (for now)


    Sun, 14 Jan 2018

    could make him one of the sport's highest-paid players after only seven career starts. 2 QB Redskins Washington GM Bruce Allen will make the first move in answering the biggest question of this offseason: Will the Redskins allow Cousins to reset

  10. Top 10 DeAndre Hopkins plays | 2017 season


    Wed, 10 Jan 2018


    could do it. Just throw it up go. Yeah it's. Yeah. Smoke. Brought into the right. You see that slot receiver Bruce Allen did that this is what you want to hear Texas they had the football. Yeah okay. This league. That's not good. So

  11. Who's safe? Who's out? NFC coaches on hot seat


    Sun, 31 Dec 2017

    the front office, they would be minor. One possibility: Hiring a business-side executive to allow team president Bruce Allen to focus more on football, rather than spread himself thin. New York Giants: With the hiring of general manager Dave

  12. Cowboys beat Redskins, keep faint playoff hopes alive


    Fri, 1 Dec 2017

    Washington's decision-makers will have to start turning their attention to 2018. 4. Although team president Bruce Allen has painted himself into a corner with his handling of Cousins' contract over the past two offseasons, the quarterback

  13. 'A Football Life': Spurning the NFL, Jim Kelly heads to the USFL


    Fri, 3 Nov 2017


    contract. And somehow this secretary for the acting general manager that's. She pushed through a phone call from Bruce Allen . Who at the time it was with the Chicago blitz representing the USFL. The upstart spring football league I drafted

  14. Top 25 plays at midseason in 2017


    Wed, 1 Nov 2017


    yeah Eagles. Absolutely. Look at the clock out front you see the right guard and tackle you see this. Slot receiver Bruce Allen didn't that this is what you want if you're Texans fans the football and you. How can fans with a lot of Greengrass

  15. Deshaun Watson vs. Russell Wilson | Week 8


    Sun, 29 Oct 2017


    news bad news and little. Look at the clock out front you see the right guard and tackle you see this. Slot receiver Bruce Allen didn't that this is what you want to hear Texas fans. Didn't. Just. It rounds it. There's no mood no mention

  16. Can't-Miss Play: Off to the races! Hopkins goes 72 yards for a crazy touchdown


    Sun, 29 Oct 2017


    I. Didn't. Yeah. It's not good news bad news yeah. Well it friend yeah they want to. He's stunning look at the clock out front you see the right guard and tackle you see that slot receiver Bruce Allen didn't that this is what you wanted here and next thing.

  17. How a franchise-altering move originated in a Stanford class


    Thu, 5 Oct 2017

    deciding whether the Washington Redskins needed to change their name. He even went so far as to call Redskins president Bruce Allen for some input. "We had a little 'wow' factor in our class," Lynch said proudly. Lynch also made sure to take

  18. Kirk Cousins, Redskins contract talks stalled after second offer


    Sun, 10 Sep 2017

    of the reason why he didn't sign that five-year extension offer worth just under $110 million (which President Bruce Allen said included $53 million fully guaranteed and $72 million in injury guarantees). According to sources informed

  19. Kirk Cousins: I'm content that I'm here for the next 16 games


    Thu, 27 Jul 2017


    look ball four without those guys. It got tough to lose those guys did the same time I thought. Our scouting staff Bruce Allen and in. Towns of players I mean we just Sox unless you in the draft and Terrell Pryor free agency this year Jamison

  20. GMFB NFL's Summer Blockbuster: Washington Redskins


    Wed, 26 Jul 2017


    I look at it it's not Groundhog Day is just hogs day is the same thing over and over again. When Kirk cousins and Bruce Allen now waking up this on a mound goes on in here we go out Sonny that's not another. Where I've got to show you

  21. Training camp storylines: Rookie QBs, Cowboys drama, more


    Mon, 24 Jul 2017

    the season even begins. Deconstructing the every utterance of Cousins, his teammates, coach Jay Gruden, president Bruce Allen and owner Dan Snyder ought to be a hoot. And let's see how contract negotiations and personnel moves go in Carolina

  22. No Way to Treat Your Cousins


    Wed, 19 Jul 2017


    gives me a little bit flashback Bruce Allen . And it gruden head coach speaking ..... because that is what. Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen did. For about five straight years ..... me about this PR campaign that Bruce Allen started yesterday. We are Smart

  23. Around the NFL: Kirk Cousins and Le'Veon Bell contract updates


    Tue, 18 Jul 2017


    gives me a little bit a flashback Bruce Allen . And a gruden had coats speaking ..... is what. John geared in. And Bruce Allen did for about five straight years ..... bothers me about this PR campaign Bruce Allen started yesterday. We are Smart

  24. Which team will Kirk Cousins play for in 2018?


    Tue, 18 Jul 2017


    yes it's just can't say if Francisco's seems like the right place if if this is going to fall apart. And what Bruce Allen did yesterday and just makes you feel like. They are they're cut his legs out here before even get the training camp

  25. Washington Redskins now auditioning for Kirk Cousins?


    Mon, 17 Jul 2017

    the other changes weighed into Cousins' decision not to take the team's best offer -- one that Redskins president Bruce Allen touted in a statement immediately after Monday's deadline as including "the highest fully guaranteed amount upon