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Tyler Thigpen

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  1. How will Marshall fit in with Beckham and Shepard?


    Wed, 8 Mar 2017


    like Nicholas of them are now that talk and it Ryan Fitzpatrick Gina Smith Jimmy Clausen Bryce pay Chad Pennington Tyler Thigpen . Matt Moore Jason Campbell Chris is meet mango line unwilling IC work against the united you diamond to diamond ring

  2. 6) Kansas City Chiefs (2007): Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, Tyler Thigpen


    Wed, 8 Jun 2016

    Fans of "Hard Knocks" still get a cold chill up the spine at the mere mention of the less-than-spellbinding Croyle vs. Huard training camp battle. Herman Edwards' gang finished with a 4-12 record, while QB Brodie Croyle finished the season going 0-6 with 6 TDs and 6 INTs. Overall, the Chiefs' ...

  3. Where will Vince Young land?


    Thu, 6 Jan 2011

    Sparano , which doesn’t appear too solid at this point. There doesn’t seem to be faith in Chad Henne. Is Tyler Thigpen the answer? Pairing Young with Ronnie Brown (who wants to return), Ricky Williams (who sounds like he’s on

  4. QB Thigpen to WR Bess, 21-yd, pass, TD


    Sun, 2 Jan 2011


    (2:17) T. Thigpen pass deep left to D.Bess for 21 yards, TOUCHDOWN.