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Eric Wright

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  1. Why Dwight Clark means more to me than just 'The Catch'


    Fri, 8 Sep 2017

    that all sporting events to which I tied my identity were destined to cause me pain. On that surreal Sunday, after Eric Wright proceeded to drag Drew Pearson down by the shoulder pads, Lawrence Pillers forced the blissful fumble that Jim Stuckey

  2. Week 1 Preview: Giants at Cowboys


    Wed, 6 Sep 2017


    those guys don't you want Zeke. To be out there we want the competitor in you wants to say I don't want any past Eric Wright like I don't wanna hear it through nonstop. I don't know I that's one of the great lines from athletes today

  3. 31. Eric Wright


    Mon, 3 Jul 2017

    San Francisco 49ers, 1981-1990 » Four-time Super Bowl champion » Voted to two Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro one time » Recorded 18 career interceptions and three career playoff interceptions

  4. DDFP: Ranking the best franchise position groups part one


    Thu, 23 Feb 2017


    NH gal I gave you the anxiety of the red wing network aliens goal les Ken Dryden that adding a lot out of shock plot Eric Wright what's not club I don't think it's close on the to fight another goal it was like that now. Which lack got a

  5. Dan Quinn faces Belichick-Brady Patriots in another Super Bowl


    Wed, 1 Feb 2017

    Vondre Campbell -- started at least 10 games. (The 1981 49ers were the other team, with defensive backs Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright and Carlton Williamson starting in Year 1.) Moreover, while Brady and Josh McDaniels remain the engines of the offense