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  1. Derek Carr: My teammates telling me I deserved this grabbed my heart


    Fri, 23 Jun 2017


    What are your record for your teammates. Where's the so is Shaun Smith a member I've got it that's not happen. You know but yet he's noted it we do we have we have a really fun group of them

  2. Philip Rivers fits a 7-yard TD pass to Hunter Henry


    Sun, 18 Dec 2016


    You have a big body. It's like what it is. You want to go to get inside here. They're watch this girl career. Once David gets inside Shaun Smith . You can't keep him away from the football bowl record for the Leo back. For the quarterback did.

  3. Can't-Miss Play: Rivers hits an open Travis Benjamin on 47-yard TD


    Sun, 18 Dec 2016


    for a year and watch Philip Rivers. This ball's going to be thrown over the head of the defense before from the old match. Exploded on the pass rush. Great round. Read on it accuracy from Rivers he beat reporter Shaun Smith on the play.