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John York

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  1. Goodell names Dr. Allen Sills as NFL's Chief Medical Officer


    Sun, 26 Mar 2017

    many leading experts in sports medicine," said Dr. John York , Co-chairman, San Francisco 49ers and Chairman of ..... Foss, GE Healthcare. The panel worked closely with Dr. John York , and Jeff Miller, NFL Executive Vice President of Health

  2. NFL sees decrease in concussions from 2015 season to 2016


    Thu, 26 Jan 2017

    with last year being the first year that we really saw a significant number of self-reported concussions," said Dr. John York , chairman of the NFL owners' Health and Safety Advisory Committee. "So those all are all good changes with regards

  3. Silver: York is trying to get it right in SF


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017


    names or answers force Michael. Yes got to do one person Jed York will talk to a lot is Bill Parcells. For example and John York knows he's gonna take a lot of criticism right now and frankly he deserves that. But give the man credit to imports

  4. NFL's Nabel sees league as leader in player health and safety


    Tue, 4 Aug 2015

    stressed improvements in NFL rules and treatment in significantly helping cut reported concussions. Lonser and Dr. John York , owner of the San Francisco 49ers emphasized the creation of the medical timeout for the 2015 season as another major

  5. Public-private partners launch Head Health Challenge III


    Thu, 21 May 2015

    preventing injury, better tools for physicians, and better treatments for patients." San Francisco 49ers Chairman Dr. John York , Chairman of the NFL Ownersâ Committee on Health and Safety said, "This public-private partnership holds great promise

  6. NFL names Dr. Elizabeth Nabel first chief health and medical advisor


    Tue, 19 May 2015

    treatment. Dr. Nabel will work closely with the NFL's independent medical committees; San Francisco 49ers Chairman DR. JOHN YORK , Chairman of the NFL Owners Committee on Health and Safety; and with NFL Senior Vice President of Health and Safety

  7. Health committees plan help to guide NFL's safety plans


    Thu, 23 Apr 2015

    subcommittees: NFL Owners Health and Safety Advisory Committee * John York , M.D., Chair, NFL Owners Health and Safety Advisory ..... Health Program, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center * John York , M.D., ex-officio member; Co-Chairman, San

  8. NFL considers giving medical observers timeout to pull players


    Tue, 24 Mar 2015

    but playing in the (NFL) has opened up so many doors ... I'm thankful for it." * San Francisco 49ers owner Dr. John York talked with the Sacramento Bee about how he believes pro football is getting safer. He noted that rules have been changed

  9. Media reactions to player safety news event see changing culture


    Sat, 31 Jan 2015

    Mark Purdy wrote that San Francisco 49ers chairman Dr. John York wrote about how he would like to talk to many current ..... started more precise data, they actually did go up," said John York , the chairman of the San Francisco 49ers and the chair

  10. NFL announces concussions fell 25 percent this season from 2013


    Sat, 31 Jan 2015

    helmet. "It would have been nice if we had started this in 1930, but we didn't," said San Francisco 49ers chairman John York , who leads the owners' health and safety committee. "And as things came to our attention, we took more interest in

  11. 'Coaches Show': Getting fired in the NFL


    Mon, 29 Dec 2014


    when I was called into the office on Monday. So black Monday or knock the aftermath. After. And so. I sat down with John York and New Year's fitness off if he. And every two hours just talking about things. Well little did I know. As we are

  12. Joyless in San Francisco


    Sun, 14 Dec 2014


    suspensions and injuries aren't they're not hole. So to me is it a compatibility. Issue. And and it's so. Should John York jet York trend bulky. And John Harbaugh sit down after the season and say aren't men. This is what we've got to

  13. NFL to announce winners of Head Health Challenge III at Levi's


    Sun, 14 Sep 2014

    Ventures Sue Siegel, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce H. Andrews, San Francisco 49ers Co-Chairman Dr. John York and NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman. The winners each receive $500,000 award to develop their studies

  14. NFL Health Update: 49ers charity pledges $2M to STEM program


    Fri, 2 May 2014

    Spillman and Kevin McDermott participated in activities throughout the weekend. In addition, 49ers Chairman and Co-Owner John York announced that the 49ers Foundation is launching a 49ers STEM Leadership Institute at Cabrillo Middle School in Santa

  15. NFL Health Update: Mississippi passes law for youth concussions


    Thu, 6 Feb 2014

    NFL's commitment to research, the role of the team physician, and advances in the science of head injuries: * Dr. John York , San Francisco 49ers co-chairman; chairman of the NFL owner's Health and Safety Committee * Dr. Matt Matava, St

  16. NFL reports 13 percent drop in concussions from last season


    Fri, 31 Jan 2014

    explores the possibility of a concussion occurring when certain areas of the brain aren't communicating together. * Dr. John York , chairman of the NFL owner's health and safety committee, said progress has been made on and off the field. The San

  17. NFL says concussions, ACL injuries decreased this season


    Thu, 30 Jan 2014

    community discussed developments in the 2013 season, injury data and research advances at an annual news conference. Dr. John York , chairman of the owners' health and safety committee, covered the progress made both on and off the field. The San

  18. Super Bowl XLVIII: Thirty-five events in NYC, New Jersey area


    Fri, 17 Jan 2014

    season, injury data and research advances. Participants in the press conference are: » San Francisco 49ers CEO Dr. John York , chairman of the NFL owner's health and safety committee »Dr. MItchel S. Berger, Chair, Subcommittee on Former Players

  19. NFL memo: Knee injuries equal to or below rate of past two seasons


    Fri, 27 Dec 2013

    Pash, the NFL's executive vice president and general counsel, to Health and Safety Advisory Committee chairman Dr. John York said: * Through the preseason and first 13 weeks of the regular season, there have been a total of 30 ACL injuries in

  20. Q&A: Jeff Miller says NFL proud of Health & Safety Report's breadth


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    thing that stands out more than any other is the variety of issues that the league is engaged in addressing. It's Dr. John York working with the Owners' Committee on Health and Safety, who have made a significant contribution. It's the Head

  21. Q&A: NFL execs discuss Player Health & Safety Report with media


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    OWNER'S COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY DR. JOHN YORK * NFL COMPETITION COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN RICH MCKAY * NFL ..... game is better and safer than it has ever been. Dr. John York : As the chairman of the Owner's Health and Safety Committee

  22. NFL Health Update: Roger Goodell, NFL release Annual Safety Report


    Wed, 25 Sep 2013

    players through NFL Player Engagement programs and make rules changes. Commissioner Roger Goodell recently joined Dr. John York , chairman of the NFL Committee on Health and Safety, Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay and senior vice president

  23. NFL execs brief media group on Heads Up Football, safety topics


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    chairman Rich McKay, NFL senior vice president of health and safety Jeff Miller and San Francisco 49ers co-chairman Dr. John York talked about where the league stands on safety issues, with the annual player health report to be released next week

  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers shelve creamiscle uniforms for safety


    Wed, 18 Sep 2013

    McCarthy said the NFL supported the change after it was reviewed and approved by San Francisco 49ers co-chairman Dr. John York , who is the chairman of the health and safety ownership committee. "Teams may continue to wear throwback uniforms under

  25. NFL Health & Safety Press Conference: Dr. John York


    Thu, 31 Jan 2013


    San Francisco 49ers Co-Chairman Dr. John York discusses new research and developments in NFL player health and safety at a press conference Thursday in New Orleans.