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Plaxico Burress

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  1. Burleson: Eli is 'legend' that doesn't deserve to be treated this way


    Wed, 29 Nov 2017


    Giants fans but I think a lot of ex Giants as well when you're looking at. A Brandon Jacobs and Justin Tuck up Plaxico Burress they all came out on this one and I think LeSean is saying is. He's chill trying to compete trying to win so when

  2. Plaxico Totals 253 Yards in OT Thriller | This Day in NFL History


    Fri, 10 Nov 2017


    November 10, 2002: Steelers WR Plaxico Burress snags 9 receptions for 253 yards in an overtime battle vs. the Falcons.

  3. Like/Dislike: Tyrod Taylor a "Bye-Apocalypse" hero


    Fri, 27 Oct 2017

    memory, sans Brown and Hines Ward. Follow in the footsteps of Mike Wallace , Santonio Holmes, Emmanuel Sanders and Plaxico Burress . But big ups for Mike Tomlin for putting him on the scout team. I was going to talk myself into thinking Bryant

  4. Game Day Recap Part 3


    Sun, 17 Sep 2017


    re familiar with this. Yeah I like them I like the Pittsburgh Steelers who that I am who was this. It looks like Plaxico Burress running with the football 66. Wiry Fella but now it's mark David Wright getting into the end zone and airs June

  5. Familiar Face Off: Brandon Marshall vs. Alshon Jeffery


    Tue, 5 Sep 2017


    tall targets but because they struggle so much in the red zone. And that Eli hasn't had target this big since. Plaxico Burress . What he's gonna have a large impact he's only on him maybe morning leans all day also moments during the season

  6. Drive of the Week: Sanchez saves Jets' season


    Mon, 28 Aug 2017


    rescue the jets' season. The sick a look at some of those throws by Mark Sanchez and he gets things started here to Plaxico Burress would take a look at the wide. This is what he sees he seems to save you walk enough right now that's gonna come

  7. Gary Myers: Brandon Marshall could be Plaxico Burress for Eli Manning


    Tue, 22 Aug 2017


    New York Daily News sports writer Gary Myers talks about the struggles of the Giants offense and if they will be able to score this season.

  8. All-Time Nick Saban Team


    Mon, 31 Jul 2017

    head coach is nothing short of remarkable. Among the top players we didn't have room to recognize: Amari Cooper , Plaxico Burress , C.J. Mosley , Dont'a Hightower , Vonnie Holliday and more. Following each name is the player's Saban-coached

  9. Plaxico Burress coaching with Cards during training camp


    Mon, 24 Jul 2017


    you think it is anti that is Plaxico Burress . Who's working with the Arizona ..... out of five yard line Jewelers Plaxico Burress who course plea with areas with ..... the Cardinals we talked about Plaxico Burress . Working with the wide receivers

  10. Best NFL draft picks of the century from North Carolina


    Wed, 28 Jun 2017

    wide receiver Points: 2.2 Drafted by: Giants , No. 29 overall pick (Round 1), 2009 Skinny: Having lost WR Plaxico Burress to an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot and the resulting fallout, the Giants went into the 2009 draft with a

  11. Best NFL draft picks of the century from Michigan State


    Mon, 26 Jun 2017

    March worth $7.5 million. 5. Plaxico Burress , wide receiver Points: 1.1 ..... 2000 Skinny: At 6-foot-5, Burress was a tall target for his QBs ..... never selected to a Pro Bowl . Burress caught a touchdown in Super Bowl

  12. QBs have fared well the season after signing big deal


    Thu, 22 Jun 2017

    quarterback in NFL History). » Eli Manning (2009): The 8-8 Giants came down from their post- Super Bowl (and post Plaxico Burress disaster) seasons to land at 8-8. This was Manning's first-ever 4,000-yard season (4,021) with 27

  13. OBJ: Giants' WR tandem will be 'trouble' for defenses


    Tue, 20 Jun 2017

    games in a season. This is Eli Manning 's best offensive lineup since the 2007 Giants featuring a 30-year-old Plaxico Burress , a 33-year-old Amani Toomer and a 27-year-old Jeremy Shockey and probably their most dynamic set of playmakers

  14. Why you should root for the New York Giants


    Thu, 15 Jun 2017

    he couldn't think of anything dirty to do. The actual winner, however, came a few plays later, on a toss to Plaxico Burress . Don't ever talk about ... I'm sure Patriots fans will scream in the comments section, but Asante Samuel

  15. Current state of OBJ's contract negotiations with Giants


    Tue, 13 Jun 2017


    when he's got several years left of though. In this case it was not a rookie but it was so at the same position Plaxico Burress after these Super Bowl season after he was a Super Bowl hero got a new deal five years. 35 million dollars which

  16. Odell Beckham will not hold out of minicamp


    Mon, 12 Jun 2017


    years out Eli Manning member did not get that luxury. There was another player a couple years back who did plaques Plaxico Burress similar star wide receiver action three years left on his deal. Showed it to me to get after the 2007. Season he

  17. How should Eli handle OBJ and Marshall?


    Mon, 22 May 2017


    both these guys the guys Eli. Manage both these gigantic personalities you know I Watson with Jeremy Shockey with Plaxico Burress the great thing about Eli he has a great personality and it's not really submits outgoing and flashy but he does

  18. Winners and losers after Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft


    Sat, 29 Apr 2017

    manager Kevin Colbert and watch the yards and money eventually pour in. Just ask previous Colbert picks, such as Plaxico Burress , Santonio Holmes, Antonio Brown , Emmanuel Sanders , Martavis Bryant and Mike Wallace . Smith-Schuster, a late

  19. Hot draft time machine- 2008: The Draft Class and Sports


    Tue, 18 Apr 2017


    Super Bowl because this was the undefeated Patriots and this was the Giants and higher memory well. Eighteen and no Plaxico Burress during the game we predicted a final score wouldn't. Every year that now that the Giants would win bad rating openly

  20. Moats: Dan Rooney meant so much to Pittsburgh


    Fri, 14 Apr 2017


    out the way they are over here over them being gone now. Are there I'm glad you brought that up what we talked to Plaxico Burress earlier in the show he was drafted Pittsburgh right out of college. That was his first experience the NFL you're

  21. How similar are Brandon Marshall and Plaxico Burress ?


    Mon, 10 Apr 2017


    was talking about the addition of Brandon Marshall and he can parent and to a former receiver this phone receiver Plaxico Burress saying quote. Plaxico is kinda last one similar to that size and talking to Brandon Marshall of course. They can

  22. Eli Manning: Brandon Marshall similar to Plaxico


    Fri, 7 Apr 2017

    that veteran presence." Manning and Burress were one of the NFL's great quarterback-receiver odd couples before Burress ' career and life changed in 2008 ..... agency/trade market since signing Burress in 2005. "I was excited when we made

  23. Baldinger: Brandon Marshall will have tremendous impact on the Giants


    Fri, 7 Apr 2017


    he's going to be a wonderful addition I think he lives could really like getting out of receiver like that since Plaxico Burress and we saw what Plaxico did mr. bowl game. Way back when so I think is going to be a really good addition to the

  24. Dolphins aren't aiming to match Patriots' offseason


    Tue, 28 Mar 2017

    New England. This often meant acquiring high-profile talent (LaDainian Tomlinson, Bart Scott, Jason Taylor, Plaxico Burress , Antonio Cromartie ) and pushing the Jets to their salary-cap limits. While the Dolphins haven't exactly been

  25. Which quarterbacks are the biggest offseason winners?


    Wed, 15 Mar 2017


    and I couldn't be more subtle most like I'm part of Giants still because this is what he needs right sewing when Plaxico Burress was there was able Hakeem Nicks that mean receiver away from the other guys like Victor Cruz. To take coverage away