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Nick Cole

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  1. Budda Baker runs an official 4.45 40-yard dash


    Mon, 6 Mar 2017


    only five guys that have won 95 he's very similar on tape to cover just a smaller version they play it was the slot Nick Cole he's in the box. Tackles he's competitive. He was a track guy in high school with his number there are workforce

  2. Jabrill Peppers 2017 Combine Workout


    Sun, 5 Mar 2017


    back or he didn't hesitate. Man that that's really special. Seven. Done an outstanding 213. Rebounds and again. Nick Cole free safety it still stacked to stop. Got a couple late field goals Sunday this big is this your guys it's a match

  3. Week 8: Nick Foles highlights


    Sun, 30 Oct 2016


    Nick Cole seeds Kansas city's back up quarterback. Taking some snaps. The rest. It's I didn't trees Harris. Second six. Bulls

  4. Rapoport: Cowboys were not allowed to see photos


    Fri, 6 Nov 2015


    Hardy. He's back in the headlines tonight dad's been published 48 photos today purporting to show injury suffered by Nick Cole holder. The ex girlfriend at the cowboys' defense event when he was a member of the Carolina Panthers. Party was arrested

  5. Sunday in 60: Week 5


    Mon, 12 Oct 2015


    pressure fumbles. From one day to another what is wrong with Aaron Rodgers intercepted at home not just once but twice Noel Nick Cole threw for Packers win. Eagles Saints DiMarco worry rattles off a 26 yarder or basically more than half of his season

  6. Haley: I am very proud of the artist that did my bust


    Sat, 8 Aug 2015


    know I hope you're talking it did Colts twins in that game winning and nobody cultural pieces paid. You know coach Nick Cole do the twins what are what. Is right now and it we ought to have peaked just does not. About a great knowledge all of

  7. Daniel Jeremiah's second round mock draft: Picks 1-10


    Wed, 22 Apr 2015


    that ability go up and get the ball high point the football get healthy down in the red zone be a nice target their for Nick Cole which is a tough for me to get used in Naples quarterback. Think those plans I think Falcons got to be happy they used

  8. Mayock's Slant: Beckham finding his groove


    Wed, 19 Nov 2014


    And I liked the fact that even though we didn't get many reps he can play inside or outside. So he's got a slot Nick Cole and gets the outside release. Free and now remember he's got 44 speed he's got plenty of room toward the sideline

  9. How tough is Nick Foles?


    Tue, 23 Sep 2014


    he did last Sunday against Washington as a former lineman out of some Redskins fans say well and all he was in front of Nick Cole Chris Baker was when he hit it was a cheap shot right. Well they outlawed that hit amused but outlawed for a decade in

  10. GameDay: Bengals vs. Steelers highlights


    Sun, 15 Dec 2013


    safety because he was actually tackled just outside of the goal lines the Steelers would get the ball there. And like Nick Cole and this actually worked in the Steelers fans there weren't starters. Earlier we've since being started early and

  11. Connor Barwin picks off Terrelle Pryor


    Sun, 3 Nov 2013


    We're real saw today cause she really you have to be a part well there when I just. It might seem nick Cole 's got that record yeah there more on the comeback Brown's hand is really. Good job. Speed up on the football for the Philadelphia

  12. 'Playbook': Eagles vs Buccaneers


    Fri, 11 Oct 2013


    for the head guys and and Dallas drive and this is the driver to trying to get some points for the half have throw by Nick Cole coming. Is this ball is probably on the sideline. It's our ball ball controls over Desean Jackson's forward gives

  13. Preview: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Thu, 10 Oct 2013


    We call it big ball. Out of all but the guys have been like hamstring hurt. Hopes to play but if he can't go back Nick Cole will start in his place. No matter who's under center they'll have the services of one of the league's best deep

  14. New Eagle continues running his mouth


    Wed, 14 Aug 2013


    and nick how closely you should we expect that to be the reps splitting between those two. It's again. Michael and Nick Cole will split the reps in Percy scheme Mikell and is Kelly mentioned will start. This time sort of let there this week

  15. QB Foles to WR Avant, 29-yd, pass


    Mon, 3 Dec 2012


    Club pulls he's a little blood. But yeah and second nobody here the first time Jason a lined up in the slot. Takes route to the inside and then back to corner. And it's me in the corner and it's up perfectly thrown ball by Nick Cole .

  16. 'Playbook': Eagles vs. Redskins


    Fri, 16 Nov 2012


    more people it. When you look at their losing streak coming if they don't get out only fourteen so Philadelphia. And Nick Cole yeah Michael Vick Donovan McNabb Ty Detmer whoever wants to play quarterback does what it does not matter if you can

  17. Eagles' record flying south


    Mon, 29 Oct 2012


    the for a lot of would a couple struck. A lot of people block can't get. Cardinal is next week anyway that you see Nick Cole starting to get Cowboys. On a Sunday afternoon but I don't know the right to throw here here against oral and. So

  18. Jets defense, INT, TD


    Tue, 11 Sep 2012


    for Marty too Marty go to will there the end inside the five yard line. Jumped into the end zone. But again four turnovers created the defense scorers. And the Jets start to put it Buffalo now 337. Wait for the extra point by Nick Cole .

  19. Failure to fly


    Sun, 9 Sep 2012


    out play and an end at. Make sure that just that Michael it that's why you have back up there when you're back and Nick Cole the rookie and training hours a journeyman. So I'm not quite sure if Michael Vick rolled out and play the way that

  20. Eagles acquire guard Wells from Cardinals for 2011 draft pick


    Tue, 28 Aug 2012

    Andrews, whom the Eagles gave a $4.1 million signing bonus in the spring, is now splitting practice time with veteran Nick Cole , and Reid hasn't yet committed to Andrews as his opening-day starter. Left guard Todd Herremans has been battling

  21. Vick listed as questionable vs. Titans; Kolb set to start


    Tue, 28 Aug 2012

    practice for the third consecutive day and are listed as out against the Titans . Tight end Brent Celek (wrist), guard Nick Cole (knee), safety Kurt Coleman (quadricep), wide receiver Riley Cooper (concussion), defensive end Brandon Graham

  22. Unofficial list of potential FAs, including four- and five-year vets


    Thu, 23 Aug 2012

    » Sans four-year vets on market, crop will be weak With the rules for the 2011 league year still to be determined, Jason La Canfora has compiled a list of potential free agents based on the assumption that just four accrued seasons would be necessary to be eligible for free agency. Under 2010

  23. We've got issues: Breaking down NFC free-agency needs


    Fri, 3 Aug 2012

    Sean Considine, FS Brian Dawkins, OT Jon Runyan, TE L.J. Smith, OT William Thomas. RFA -- WR Hank Baskett, OG Nick Cole . What worked last year: Maturity over adversity, QB Donovan McNabb, CB Asante Samuel . What needs fixing: Upgrades

  24. CBA or no CBA, teams still preparing for free-agency market


    Fri, 3 Aug 2012

    More Columns > March has long been one of the most anticipated months on the NFL calendar, with player transactions a daily topic of discussion and debate. But with the players decertifying and the owners enacting a lockout, everything has been put on hold for now. We have no idea when free agency

  25. NFC East: Watkins to Eagles' rescue; 'Skins generate 12 picks


    Fri, 3 Aug 2012

    want to kick him to right tackle, he probably can beat out Winston Justice. But their right guards -- Reggie Wells and Nick Cole -- are both potential free agents. But what I really like about the kid is his temperament. The Eagles need a nasty