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Michael Vick

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  1. TBT: Eagles' miracle wins vs. Giants


    Wed, 13 Dec 2017


    to ten midway through the fourth quarter. It looked like the division was lost Philadelphia. But in half a quarter Michael Vick turned it all. Okay so what's 31 off. Fourteen seconds to go Giants are gonna punt the ball away and try to win

  2. Power Rankings: Steelers reach No. 1 for first time in 2017 season


    Tue, 12 Dec 2017


    candidate. I you're only two years like at Antonio brown and 2050 had over 18100 yards. NL but Landry Jones and Michael Vick starting five games this guy's been the best player at his position for a long time probably the best offensive player

  3. Timeline: Foles takes over for Vick in '13, Wentz in Week 14 of 2017


    Mon, 11 Dec 2017


    to rally the troops. Now know my views. For a reason. For a reason. But they're both of coming into the game. Michael Vick exiting the game. I'm not wolf Myers but they had no. What.

  4. Next Brees, Vick ? Ranking Heisman finalists as NFL prospects


    Thu, 7 Dec 2017

    performance could make him a long-term starter in the right situation. 2. Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville NFL comparison: Michael Vick The reigning Heisman Trophy winner has flown under the radar this season but remains the most electrifying playmaker

  5. MTS: Ranking Heisman finalists as pro prospects


    Thu, 7 Dec 2017


    is gathered really reminds me of a young Michael Vick . And the reason I make the comparison to Michael Vick is because when I was just starting out and scouting business. That's when Mike Vick was coming out of Virginia today. And he

  6. Throwback: The 25 greatest QB runs of all time


    Wed, 6 Dec 2017


    Was Michael Vick's walk-off touchdown run in 2002 the best ever by a QB? Elliot Harrison revisits 25 spectacular quarterback runs throughout NFL history.

  7. The Debrief, Week 13: Updating MVP and other awards races


    Tue, 5 Dec 2017

    granted, like when Derrick Rose won over LeBron James or Karl Malone won over Michael Jordan in the NBA. (Or when Michael Vick was propped up as a potential MVP candidate over Brady in 2010 before a rough end to the regular season.) Brady still

  8. Drew Stanton wears curvy pink dress after losing competition


    Tue, 28 Nov 2017

    him for actually following thru ���� i wouldn't ! â Michael Vick (@MichaelVick) November 28, 2017 "I've only lost twice this year. I just get the bad outfits." @BlaineGabbert lost

  9. Michael Vick runs off the field after scoring 46-yard TD run in OT


    Tue, 28 Nov 2017


    magic. This started out to be a pass play. When it's Michael Vick with a remarkable scramble. He almost any human speed ..... will be the most viable player of the NFL this season Michael Vick gets my vote. That's fine as well.

  10. D.J. Swearinger promised kids two INTs... and delivered


    Thu, 16 Nov 2017

    insidetheNFL #WireOfTheWeek #HTTR â NFL Films (@NFLFilms) November 14, 2017 Relive peak Michael Vick on the anniversary of his 6 TD performance Tyrann Mathieu is donating 200 Thanksgiving meals to families Today, @Mathieu

  11. Who 'won' the Week? Week 10 Edition


    Wed, 15 Nov 2017


    everywhere I expect him like Renault sometimes you have these victories is commercials. But we date unknown naturalist like Michael Vick had a great commercial that topics I don't think it really exist or if not to look at his ripping that you know you

  12. How impressive was the Panthers win on Monday night?


    Tue, 14 Nov 2017


    run anymore and I remember John that news talk about Michael Vick and one of his last cause he set. You know people say he shouldn't run really shouldn't run is Michael Vick . Of course he should run the Panthers guys. 485

  13. Brandon Brooks on Eagles' offense and Carson Wentz


    Fri, 10 Nov 2017

    But then it makes it harder, too, because you don't know where he might be. Or sometimes he might think he's Michael Vick back there, he can outrun dudes who are faster than him. Sometimes on those plays, just get the ball away. But with

  14. Texans QB Deshaun Watson tears ACL in practice


    Fri, 3 Nov 2017

    Has there ever been a rookie that does that? It would be hard to find," Sherman told reporters . "Maybe [ Michael ] Vick from time to time; he was very special in the pocket. But, it wasn't like he was getting out to run. He was getting

  15. Remembering Flutie Flakes


    Tue, 24 Oct 2017

    ability to run are the new standard. Tyrod Taylor , the Bills ' quarterback since 2015, has been rightly compared to Michael Vick , but he also plays a similar style of game as Flutie. Like Flutie, Taylor has battled perceptions that he isn't

  16. NFL IQ quiz Week 7: Time to test your football knowledge


    Sat, 21 Oct 2017

    to register a higher rating in a season? Nick Foles (119.2 in 2013), Donovan McNabb (104.7 in 2004), and Michael Vick (100.2 in 2010) 7. The Broncos fell to 3-2 last week after losing to the previously-winless Giants . Can you

  17. Aaron Rodgers injury: Packers, Brett Hundley aim to buck trend


    Sat, 21 Oct 2017

    There are only six: Kurt Warner (hurt in 2002), Michael Vick (2003), Tom Brady (2008), Romo (twice, in 2010 ..... without Brady; on the other end, the 2003 Falcons without Vick went 2-10, the 2011 Colts without Manning 2-14 and

  18. Carson Palmer among best upgrades for your 'Madden' team


    Tue, 17 Oct 2017

    knows that the Madden '04 version of Michael Vick was the greatest video game character ..... Jackson in hushed tones. But '04 Vick had a 95 speed rating and a 97 agility ..... shortage of people who jumped on the Vick bandwagon because of Madden. Although

  19. Are These Player Names Real or Fake? with Buster Skrine


    Tue, 10 Oct 2017


    1934 as a rookie led the NFL in rushing and and this is a guy who set a record for yards per carry that until 06 when Michael Vick broke its county we fed there's not hasn't turned it off course now there's Cody felt that no I think we're

  20. Rookie vs. Legend: Peyton Manning vs. Steve Young


    Fri, 6 Oct 2017


    ran the Indianapolis Colts like hay and Brian. Tim cap Donovan McNabb not very Culpepper came McNown Chad Pennington Michael Vick . Okay so they weren't a home tell half for strikeouts. But there was a massive shortage a franchise quarterbacks

  21. Little things were best part of Watson's performance


    Mon, 2 Oct 2017

    During the week, DeAndre Hopkins said he hasn't seen a quarterback playing like Watson since Michael Vick and Hopkins may be on to something. Vick 's arm talent made it nearly impossible to just guard against the run. The Titans found that

  22. Is Deshaun Watson an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate?


    Mon, 2 Oct 2017


    down the swelling goes watching Michael Vick or something ounce serving unbelievable ..... now we look like we have. Young Michael Vick or Michael Jordan whatever Davos ..... look at him run around you mention Michael Vick a little bit different because

  23. Michael Vick grateful for new chapter with FOX Sports


    Wed, 20 Sep 2017

    turned out FOX Sports stepped up to give Vick a shot. The network hired him to appear ..... the show that leads into FOX NFL Sunday. Vick also is featured on various studio shows ..... FOX Sports President Eric Shanks says Vick paid his debt to society, and has been

  24. MTS: Seahawks vs. Packers Week 1 Game Preview


    Sun, 10 Sep 2017


    around his feet here NC a four man rush era in the pocket that is yet this year all over his plea in this. Mo from up. Michael Vick coming off its physical force him out of the pocket everyone has covered at this moment. But Aaron Rogers does a great

  25. Romo has Nantz's backing on eve of game analyst debut


    Thu, 7 Sep 2017

    team. It was supposed to be a three-person booth, but Jay Cutler decided to play for Miami. On the studio side, Michael Vick joins the crew at Fox NFL Kickoff. At NBC, Mike Tirico will be on the call for the network's slate of Thursday night