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  1. Power Rankings: 'Madden' NFL Cover Seasons


    Thu, 19 Jul 2018

    retiring on July 27, 1999. RB Peyton Hillis , 1 of 3 SEC players to be featured ..... RazorbackFBRec) October 10, 2017 18. Peyton Hillis (Madden '12) Previous Year ..... Madden' trivia question is... Peyton Hillis . He rushed for 587 yards the

  2. 10 fantasy football stats that won't happen in 2018


    Fri, 29 Jun 2018

    Cleveland Browns in 2007? The Michigan product went on to score 15 times ... the rest of his career. Then there's Peyton Hillis (sorry to pick on the Browns). He ran for 1,177 yards, caught 61 passes for another 477 yards and scored 13 touchdowns

  3. Who should be on the cover of 'Madden 19'?


    Tue, 29 May 2018


    let's take this thing up. If you take out the weird Peyton Hillis here where he was voted in there's not been a running ..... changed again a lot of that same sick on Barkley is. Peyton Hillis but I feel like if you don't do that somebody has

  4. Post-draft concerns: One burning question for each AFC team


    Fri, 25 May 2018

    sacks allowed, is that a success? The Browns haven't employed a 1,000-yard rusher since "Madden" cover child Peyton Hillis in 2010 (1,177). If Hyde, Chubb and Duke Johnson combine for even 1,500 yards, does that call for another

  5. Colt McCoy, Peyton Hillis , Joe Thomas, Jason Pinkston


    Wed, 14 Mar 2018

    Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy (12) pitches the ball to running back Peyton Hillis (40) as guard Jason Pinkston (62) and offensive tackle Joe Thomas (73) block against the Oakland Raiders in the second quarter of an NFL football game on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011 in Oakland, Calif.

  6. Fantasy Horror Stories | NFL Fantasy Live


    Wed, 1 Nov 2017


    gone over this city. And he wrote a hordes of bad running backs like I'm scoring no touchdowns Tommy barn down. Or Peyton Hillis . What are. The running backs up choice. But local school and other new and new running. A courageous bird they

  7. 'NFL Fantasy Live' Team Preview: Cleveland Browns


    Thu, 31 Aug 2017


    had one. Now they haven't had a thousand yard rusher since 2008 tech in anybody remember what was 2010. It was Peyton Hillis before the match. Oh I think it probably was over a thousand yards and when he seventy I do like and of course the

  8. Why you should root for the Cleveland Browns


    Thu, 29 Jun 2017

    overrated It's the Browns , man, nobody -- oh, wait. Peyton Hillis . Man, you guys got him selected to the cover of ..... good for you for motivating the masses, but come on. Peyton Hillis ? Hipster jersey I'm going back to the Kardiac Kids

  9. Power ranking the 'Madden' covers from best to Hillis


    Mon, 15 May 2017

    ahead and rank every "Madden" cover from best to Peyton Hillis . 29. Peyton Hillis (2011) This still feels like a fever dream ..... in quieter moments, I wonder to myself, Did Peyton Hillis ever really exist? This cover ostensibly serves

  10. Five best, worst seasons after being on 'Madden' cover


    Mon, 15 May 2017


    Got a list of the top five worst mental performances after being on the cut. I'm John Jones Peyton Hillis I don't think it was what do you guys I have I think we're Ellis not I think everything and he really should have been a mental

  11. QB Tom Brady will be on the cover of Madden 18


    Fri, 12 May 2017


    because that he was roughly the cover boy right could give him unstoppable skills. I'll never forget you don't Peyton Hillis was on the however you play but gives ground ball yes and he breaks every single tackle so you're Madden guy or girl

  12. DDFP: Half Empty, Half Full: Jets with Jonah Keri & Best days in life (Full Show)


    Tue, 14 Feb 2017


    one of those when those moments for our team right because we knew what we were really not playing as well as we were Peyton Hillis tying. And there was in this team they would you know they had that that the number one defense in the NFL you with

  13. NFL Power Rankings: Giants up, Raiders down entering playoffs


    Wed, 4 Jan 2017

    clearly meant very much to Kubiak. What are the chances the Broncos would hire Josh McDaniels again? About the same as Peyton Hillis being on the cover of "Madden" again. RANK 17 8-8 COLTS Surely, no one is happy with 8-8 -- but give Andrew

  14. Marcus Lattimore, David Wilson injury updates


    Fri, 18 Jul 2014

    Men, but behind him is a mixed bag including Wilson, Peyton Hillis , Michael Cox , and rookie Andre Williams. Given Wilson’s game-breaking ..... Josh Gordon , Marcus Lattimore , New York Giants , Peyton Hillis , Rashad Jennings , San Francisco 49ers , Tom Coughlin