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  1. Are Watson and Hopkins the most watchable QB-WR duo?


    Thu, 31 May 2018


    that anyway that was awesome because. Right it doesn't drop about I don't think there's a different way I love Deon Grant love everything rant at Gwinnett but in terms of pure watch ability that when I'm not gonna miss week one this here

  2. Texans vs. Jaguars highlights | Week 15


    Sun, 17 Dec 2017


    the opportunity to stretch the field a schemes every week. To help defense offensive. I. And touchdowns accidents. Deon Grant pocket. With a tremendous blow. And the shot out. Not for Jacksonville Florida gets ramped it. With the other Hopkins

  3. Toe Drag Swag: Week 12 Edition


    Tue, 28 Nov 2017


    t. So often is that sideline. There's not many really great now I would say holy hell Julio there's AJ green Deon Grant . Captain Dion straight days when a deal gets in the zone literally is helping me crap Hendry and street drag us being

  4. GMFB combine games- running backs- 40 yard dash


    Tue, 28 Feb 2017


    in the two slot don't fast and the fastest ever let this guy. Let but I think that was ever good aspect apparently Deon Grant Dioner and it might work to a lot of legend Bo Jackson right and 36 I heard that Jeff's engine Chris Johnson Al ran

  5. How can the Patriots cut ties with players so easily?


    Tue, 31 Jan 2017


    the Patriots and comes back here close to one of them Deon Grant me it is like once that door closes usually it's close ..... s grunts he's not latest I think I did what what is grant 's what's going to Switzerland I think as he's been

  6. Week 17: Fantasy Resolutions


    Tue, 27 Dec 2016


    biggest opening ever trust and you mark. If I receiver. They're connected. With that not so good we learned it way Deon Grant Hopkins I learned it personally with Brandon Marshall wood about the woods so it happening between Allan robins and stop