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P.J. Hill

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  1. Breaking down BJ Hill's college highlights


    Wed, 9 May 2018


    NC state defensive linemen PJ hill is a prototypical defensive tackle. Would his combination ..... lineman. In both the bench press in the three cone drill. PJ hill projects as a mid round pick in the 2018. Dressed. With

  2. Cluster buster: Determining where the draft's top edge rushers, DL will be drafted


    Tue, 17 Apr 2018


    and that route to mix as well. We've got our team was on the border line here. Route to a that we go to interior guys PJ hill for NC state. If they Jeffords there from Fort Hays State small school player I think is outstanding so it's a good

  3. MTS: Perfect Pairings: AFC North


    Wed, 28 Mar 2018


    you'd be a nice addition new arguing to pick number sixty. Let's get another player that front seven let's go get PJ hill from NC state who. This tested like a freak and when you watch him play bucked the production might not be there like

  4. Daniel Jeremiah's interior DL sleepers at the combine


    Sun, 4 Mar 2018


    group. I brought down four names just jumped out to me PJ hill from NC state when you come in and check in at 311. Pounds ..... Fort Hays State was outstanding as well I think we got some PJ hill love video here we can see what he did today. What did

  5. Top 10 Myles Garrett plays | 2017 season


    Fri, 23 Feb 2018


    fooled a Mario little wise we just thrown himself to the turf. TJ dealt there. There for the we're. A loss of great for PJ hill thing. Sandwich. Isles Garrett game Burgess. Or a lot of ground so it. If this is Greg Williams that is fine is here

  6. Wayne: Colts need to get Hilton the ball by any means necessary


    Thu, 14 Dec 2017


    loved Jack go. Ball. Early and all been good TY Hilton did beat the offensive line has already struggling right so. PJ hill . It going because what's. He has a lot of put a Denver Broncos again. Because you've seen that Jacoby were sent

  7. GameDay Recap: Part 3


    Sun, 22 Oct 2017


    got to be the worst. DJ young has been active balls and they got holes running backs Leonard four that was out those who PJ hill has that he had. They're a 122 hip after the touchdown. That marks his first big play as a pro football play. Fall