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Julius Jones

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  1. Top 5 Cowboys running backs not named Emmitt Smith


    Mon, 15 May 2017


    named Emmitt Smith in Dallas Cowboys history. Come Marion Barber fans know anybody really I don't Herschel Walker Julius Jones cash can deem it be pleased to dish and would you or tapped by running backs not and this is.

  2. Top 10 plays from the final 4 teams of 2016


    Fri, 20 Jan 2017


    love you but you're still in the second sweetness that was more than 33 great future. John Faulk another. Thanks Julius Jones . Little aggressive behind this the longest reception of the year 75. Yards but but now he's. He does best guess

  3. Melvin Gordon: Anthony Lynn is 'perfect' for me


    Thu, 19 Jan 2017

    yard rushing seasons in 14 years coaching the position (since 2003) -- Fred Taylor (twice), Julius Jones , Jamal Lewis (twice), Thomas Jones , Shonn Greene (twice) and LeSean McCoy . "This (hire) really means a lot," Gordon said

  4. Nerd Bowl VI: Hamilton vs. Schrager


    Thu, 1 Dec 2016


    m getting blown out prior to the Jerry Jones purchase of the Cowboys in the late eighties ..... the game. Who is that I don't know Julius Jones said is incorrect. Who isn't. I think ..... in the season regarding Tony Romo Jerry Jones you know that has been a lot of times

  5. Billick: Wentz is not the reason Eagles aren't playing well


    Sun, 13 Nov 2016


    tight end sets. They gave Seattle what they do was Julius Jones on the side he takes the corner out of it and now ..... take away the middle field and it opens up for Julio Jones and clear. Jones has gone off his last two games against the Eagles

  6. Forsett: 'I want to make an impact on and off the field'


    Mon, 10 Oct 2016


    field. And protect quarterback. They give my respect because that's our starter in this game army. I had guys like Julius Jones in Moore's more Dallas. Backing up being really Ozuna and honored I am sure. I had a third down backs I was born

  7. Breaking down impressive day for Elliott, Cowboys


    Mon, 3 Oct 2016


    getting the number of carries he doesn't seem like the ever fatigues. And he runs with such balance. And he has great vision combine back to back 130. Yard performances for rookie Cowboys rookie back hadn't done that since Julius Jones .