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Steve Grogan

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  1. DDFP: John King talks Patriots, Election & Best QB of all-time (Full Interview)


    Tue, 15 Nov 2016


    pat Patriot Act like the old uniforms are grew up with Steve Grogan with the quarterback and John Hannah was on the offensive ..... Patriot and I'm a traditionalist. Stanley Morgan yet Steve Grogan with a neck roll even CQ many QBs. Where in the neck

  2. NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Pats, Cowboys rule at midseason


    Tue, 1 Nov 2016

    re going to have to mummify Andrew Luck and roll him out there if this keeps up. Older readers might remember what Steve Grogan looked like in his final year in the league, padded up to the ears. Grogan was the Patriots ' quarterback in the old

  3. Rex Ryan forever carries torch for Bill Belichick


    Mon, 26 Sep 2016

    who plays quarterback, because I know (Tom) Brady ain't," he said. "I don't care who plays quarterback; Steve Grogan can play quarterback. If Belichick's playing quarterback, we're coming after him. I promise you that." One

  4. Rex doesn't care about Pats' QB because it's not Brady


    Mon, 26 Sep 2016 . "I don't care who plays quarterback. Steve Grogan can play quarterback. If (Bill) Belichick's playing ..... Brady back there." Classic Rex, right down to the Steve Grogan reference. As of Monday morning, the Patriots would

  5. NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Panthers top Cardinals, 'Hawks


    Wed, 7 Sep 2016

    with even worse suspensions than New England's? Or the Bengals , who haven't won a playoff game since a mummified Steve Grogan was the starting quarterback for the Patriots ? Grogan was padded up during that 1990 season, donning a neck roll that

  6. Backup QB Hall of Fame: Class of 2016


    Wed, 24 Aug 2016


    pick. He's got tip Jim McMahon might Toms Zach in Chicago right he got up these names a New England has been since Steve Grogan baton really. Tony Eason Huggins want. Bottom line here is behind Lewis and Bob. And he comes back and he backs of

  7. Former NFL coach Buddy Ryan dies at age 85


    Wed, 29 Jun 2016

    linebacker Otis Wilson combined for 27.5 alone. In a 46-10 Super Bowl win over New England, Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan was sacked four times and picked off twice. The Patriots rushed the ball 11 times in that Super Bowl for seven total

  8. Can '85 Bears take on today's elite QBs?


    Thu, 23 Jun 2016


    it really gets bad or good if you mayors. They've got a yet to be good feel Sam's CFL start Dieter Brock and the Steve Grogan champagne Tony Eason platter in the Super Bowl. About a big Tom Brady and stat. I year old Brady I mean potter forget

  9. Spoiler Alert, Week 13: Giants top Jets; Vikings edge Seahawks


    Fri, 4 Dec 2015

    Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Jay Fiedler, Earl Morrall, Ryan Tannehill ) y - Patriots ( Tom Brady , Drew Bledsoe, Steve Grogan , Tony Eason, Babe Parilli) Bills (Jim Kelly, Joe Ferguson, Jack Kemp, Doug Flutie, Drew Bledsoe) Jets (Joe

  10. Week 5 Game Picks


    Thu, 8 Oct 2015


    Gerald world should be a lot of fun and have Broncos Raiders and it's it's less. I've got a lot spotted in the Steve Grogan Jersey you're like in the pats geared it will walking wounded in Dallas him. Israel is back to there and it was when

  11. Football Baby Week 5


    Thu, 8 Oct 2015


    Chargers. Check them. We'll lose. And no. Jews again. Eden Eagles. I root. Sure and moved. Use. We Eagles. Steve Grogan . Vs Tony George said. Patriots cowboy who is being. Didn't into the Penn. A couple of truth. Should. The only

  12. Dave Dameshek Football Program: September 10th full show


    Thu, 10 Sep 2015


    round always get kind of the props for being in this weekend and it's admirable what Kobe interviewed Steve Grogan . Our base took Steve Grogan . I don't let the clock and that's probably I notices and I think that was just discussed. I think

  13. 'Inside Training Camp Live' whispers


    Sat, 1 Aug 2015

    face Brady given their rivalry when Rex coached the Jets , he provided quite a humorous response. "I'd rather see Steve Grogan ," said Ryan. "We're not worried, we haven't given it any thought whatsoever. That's out of our hands and

  14. Wk 12 Report Card: Patriots


    Sun, 23 Nov 2014


    this is supposed to be a good game. There was for they were. Editor Patriots fans I'm I live right now forestry Steve Grogan Jersey I'm I don't know what it phonies and Jersey after the army. On explorer Tom Brady one big mistake in this

  15. DDFP TV: Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson?


    Fri, 10 Oct 2014


    passer next ten years Brian you're right. So what Russell Wilson was able to do against Washington. I got news for Steve Grogan used to run around like that in late seventies and then by the mid eighties knees would not allow that anymore you know

  16. Tom Brady, John Hannah, Ty Law make all-time Patriots team


    Tue, 11 Mar 2014

    greatest quarterback ever. I guess you could say Brady's stiffest competition for this spot would be fan favorite Steve Grogan . But yeah, not much of a competition. Running back: Jim Nance Nance was a hoss. I still remember the shock I experienced

  17. Seattle Seahawks' deep, young roster could spawn dynastic run


    Wed, 5 Feb 2014

    the best to have ever won a Super Bowl . The 1985 Chicago Bears smothered a New England Patriots team quarterbacked by Steve Grogan and Tony Eason in Super Bowl XX . The 2000 Baltimore Ravens overwhelmed Kerry Collins' New York Giants in Super Bowl

  18. New England Patriots: All-time underrated, overrated players


    Tue, 2 Jul 2013

    player, but too often he disappeared. As a result he went to just one Pro Bowl in his eight years in New England. Steve Grogan -- QB, 1975-1990 This is a tough one for anyone who grew up in New England. Grogan is revered for his toughness

  19. N 'if' L: What if the '85 Bears had lost Super Bowl XX?


    Wed, 26 Sep 2012


    problem was the Saints pulled off that road for a mental rest stop but forgot to show up against a wild Tony Eason and Steve Grogan jumped in the passing lane. And drove New England to the promised line. Since Marino and company don't take the

  20. New England Patriots new challengers for No.1


    Tue, 25 Sep 2012

    without further ado ... 6 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS The Patriots are below .500 for seemingly the first time since former QB Steve Grogan wore a neck brace. But the Patriots get the nod above the Steelers and Packers because of their arrogance. The Patriots

  21. A Football Life: Tebow the outsider


    Thu, 13 Sep 2012


    that's 6465. He's got to prove you can't play. In 1988. Flutie proved he could. When New England quarterback Steve Grogan and Tony Eason got hurt. For good reason. The local hero won six games. In the Patriots to the cost of the playoffs

  22. Newton receives help running into rookie record book


    Wed, 29 Aug 2012

    and no signs of Newton slowing down, Kilmer's mark seems destined to not only go down but get shattered. Ditto for Steve Grogan 's record for most rushing touchdowns in a single season by any quarterback (12 in 1976). Keep an eye out for X

  23. Players will have hard time matching 2011 statistical success


    Wed, 15 Aug 2012

    rushing touchdowns: Newton broke the NFL record for rushing scores by a quarterback, which was previously held by Steve Grogan . But take a look at the numbers of the signal callers who have rushed for the most scores in a single season. All

  24. Streaking Broncos crack top 10; banged-up Bears in freefall


    Mon, 13 Aug 2012

    all those "great" additions. Make no mistake, draft and retain is the way to get it done . RANK 4-8 PANTHERS 4 Steve Grogan 's NFL record for rushing touchdowns stood the test of time until Cam Newton 's triple whammy Sunday. Most people

  25. Expect statistical declines from Megatron, McCoy in 2012


    Mon, 6 Aug 2012

    rushing touchdowns: Newton broke the NFL record for rushing scores by a quarterback, which was previously held by Steve Grogan . But take a look at the numbers of the signal-callers that have rushed for the most scores in a single season. All