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Drew Bledsoe

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  1. Ravens Bills - October 24, 2004


    Mon, 30 Jul 2018

    Baltimore Ravens cornerback Deion Sanders (37) intercepts a pass intended for Buffalo Bills wide receiver Lee Evans, left, in the fourth quarter Sunday, Oct. 24, 2004, in Baltimore. The interception was quarterback Drew Bledsoe's third and Sanders second on the day. The Ravens won, 20-6.

  2. 'Hard Knocks': 2001 Baltimore Ravens | Episode 6


    Wed, 18 Jul 2018


    Steelers met Fred Taylor exploded for 234 yards and four touchdowns we are split on this one. Hundred million dollar man Drew Bledsoe doesn't have much around him while quarterback Jon Kitna becomes the Bengals fourth opening day quarterback in four

  3. All-time XI, AFC East: Tom Brady is ruler of dynastic Patriots


    Thu, 21 Jun 2018

    ▶ Cornerbacks Patriots history didn't quite begin when Mo Lewis knocked out Drew Bledsoe in 2001, but sometimes it feels that way. In fact, there were 41 whole years of New England-area football before Brady ushered

  4. 'America's Game': 2005 Steelers


    Tue, 19 Jun 2018


    games. Towers teams always fell short. Year after year Pittsburgh's championship dreams turned into nightmares. Drew Bledsoe at school hour hour. And I had a chance and make interception as the hit the ball one and not to break into my chest

  5. Nate Burleson: Eagles' 'embarrassment of riches' can be a blessing, curse


    Tue, 12 Jun 2018


    ease in men. They have Nickels in there. It's very radar policy that they I look at it like Tom Brady. Came in for Drew Bledsoe in 2001 and we just durable and the Patriots at all right listen ball Brady Bledsoe is the highest paid quarterback

  6. Ricky Williams invested in Bitcoin because of Uranus


    Thu, 10 May 2018

    TB_Times @gregauman â TampaBayTimesSports (@TBTimes_Sports) May 9, 2018 3. Drew Bledsoe was at Game 5 of the Sixers-Celtics series. The four-time Pro Bowler was there to support his new BFF Terry Rozier

  7. Cowboys TE Jason Witten retires after 15 seasons


    Thu, 3 May 2018

    After starting his career with a revolving quarterback situation that included Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde, and Drew Bledsoe , Witten found a groove as Tony Romo's security blanket. Witten and Romo became one of the NFL's most prolific

  8. WR Trey Quinn says he's "the most relevant Mr. Irrelevant"


    Tue, 1 May 2018

    the Sixers-Celtics series in a Drew Bledsoe jersey. A post shared by SportsCenter ..... jersey: â I got love for my man Drew Bledsoe even though we havenâ t talked ..... he is,â Terry Rozier on his Drew Bledsoe football jersey â Jason Riley

  9. Will the Patriots find Tom Brady's successor on Day 1 of the NFL draft?


    Wed, 25 Apr 2018

    later. New England hasn't selected a quarterback in the first round of the draft since 1993, when the team took Drew Bledsoe first overall. That could change this week, as the Pats have two first-round picks (Nos. 23 and 31 overall) in

  10. 'A Football Life': Vick puts his name on the map at Virginia Tech


    Sun, 1 Apr 2018


    t pay him. It fits into the key hits and you know I did everything being when daylight to run streaks you know when Drew Bledsoe . Do listening there're in my bed early yeah when I'm wrong path. Growing up with the day and that was on drugs

  11. Tom Brady used Super Bowl LII loss as a teaching moment


    Wed, 7 Mar 2018

    Speaking of the Patriots , today marks an interesting day in their team history... This Day In 2001: Patriots sign QB Drew Bledsoe to a 10-year, $103 million deal as Robert Kraft says heâ s locking up one of the great Patriots of all time. He

  12. Chiefs CEO didn't want to trade Alex Smith to Broncos


    Wed, 7 Feb 2018

    the first of their eight Super Bowl appearances this century, Bill Belichick traded established franchise quarterback Drew Bledsoe within the division, collecting a first-round pick from Buffalo. An executive with the Bengals going back to their

  13. Patriots facing uncertainty after Super Bowl LII loss to Eagles


    Wed, 7 Feb 2018

    man who had seen his sixth title slip away and knew now that his team was sliding into the greatest uncertainty since Drew Bledsoe got hurt and Brady got his first start in 2001. Brady watched the replay and then kept walking. All losing Super Bowl

  14. Ertz on 'Philly Special' play: Nick is a very underrated athlete


    Wed, 7 Feb 2018


    special as everyone knows what it's called now. I'm right where you want Bowen on the one yard by the look call Drew Bledsoe would try and saw the ball. My fellow Al Shawn Nelson argument in the progression. We're well the ball a mix for

  15. Brett Favre speaks to Eagles ahead of Super Bowl LII


    Sun, 4 Feb 2018

    years from becoming a late-round entry into the league. Though Favre defeated the man Brady eventually replaced -- Drew Bledsoe -- he cautioned against letting up at all against one of the game's greatest players in its history. " We know the

  16. What should the Eagles do at backup QB next season?


    Sun, 4 Feb 2018


    Green goes down toward the end of the pre season I'm not sure about that guy in the right whatever happening him and Drew Bledsoe we don't we went down courtesy of Mo Lewis and Tom Brady picked up the slack. Super Bowl 36 and then cars to winds

  17. Steve Marriuci: Brady's game-winning drive in SB XXXVI launched dynasty


    Sun, 4 Feb 2018


    in the moment from day one or from Super Bowl one until now Tom's always been the best. In that drew you mentioned Drew Bledsoe before that drive what did he say to Tom Brady instead of kneeling down he said just go out sling it. And now was the

  18. Tom Brady tops ranking of all 60 Super Bowl QBs


    Fri, 26 Jan 2018

    Theismann (1-1 with Redskins) 35) Phil Simms (1-0 with Giants) 36) Ron Jaworski (0-1 with Eagles) 37) Drew Bledsoe (0-1 with Patriots) 38) Matt Hasselbeck (0-1 with Seahawks) 39) Craig Morton (0-1 with Cowboys; 0-1

  19. Ranking the New England Patriots' 10 Super Bowl teams


    Wed, 24 Jan 2018

    offensive team, finishing second in points per game. Drew Bledsoe eclipsed 4,000 yards passing for the second time in ..... started it all. And it's a story we know all too well. Drew Bledsoe goes down. Unheralded backup Tom Brady comes in to

  20. 5) 2001


    Wed, 24 Jan 2018

    Super Bowl XXXVI result: Beat St. Louis Rams, 20-17. Listen, this was the original. The one that started it all. And it's a story we know all too well. Drew Bledsoe goes down. Unheralded backup Tom Brady comes in to save the day. I know, Jon Gruden likes to talk about the Tuck Rule at great length. ...

  21. Jaguars Patriots Football - Robert Kraft, Drew Bledsoe


    Sun, 21 Jan 2018

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, left, embraces former Patriots Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Bledsoe , serving as honorary captain, before the AFC championship NFL football game between the Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Charles ...

  22. Schrager: Jags beating Pats would be biggest playoff upset ever


    Thu, 18 Jan 2018


    take on the Steelers in Pittsburgh the Patriots are ten point underdogs. Who wins we'll Drew Bledsoe comes off the bench for Tom Brady. And Drew Bledsoe leads the Patriots do a victory let's go back Troy brown and I couldn't finish the 19858

  23. Who'll make Kirk Cousins the highest-paid player ever?


    Tue, 2 Jan 2018

    to the Andrew Luck era in Indianapolis a half-decade ago. Along the trade route, established quarterbacks such as Drew Bledsoe (2002), Brett Favre (2008) and Alex Smith (2013) were jettisoned only once it was determined that the younger

  24. One thing to watch for in Jaguars vs. Titans: Titans avoiding collapse


    Thu, 28 Dec 2017


    things just come under on the front losing all these games. Boy it really mattered had to go up against Drew Bledsoe out of a rookie Drew Bledsoe Marino we're glad they're not up Scott Mitchell asked myself. And sure enough look at Bledsoe got

  25. TBT: Tony Romo's fumbled snap vs. Seahawks


    Thu, 21 Dec 2017


    coaching from the team in that first year starting for one Tony room. The last. Hurd won the job after Parcells tired of Drew Bledsoe those mistakes in week seven Nazis and Parcells gave the keys to his undrafted free agent quarterback. Guy he said