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  1. NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: New England Patriots take No. 1


    Tue, 5 Dec 2017

    berth. Well, hold up. Joe Flacco and the Baltimore "attack" did produce one of their B-sides of the season. ( Dean Pees ' defense is always the headliner.) The passing game was in tune, for a change, with 269 yards -- a healthy chunk

  2. Seahawks' unflappability, Darrelle Revis' return, Rams' radio use


    Fri, 1 Dec 2017

    defense in 2012. "That's how you got to play, and that's how we got to continue to play," defensive coordinator Dean Pees said. "Even with the dance , that was all of them. They all jumped in there. What I liked about that thing, because

  3. NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Steelers, Vikings up; Rams slip


    Tue, 21 Nov 2017

    Ravens continue to hang around in the AFC playoff race, with the rest of their schedule looking more than manageable. Dean Pees ' defensive players were the stars Sunday, making Packers quarterback Brett Hundley absolutely miserable all afternoon

  4. How are the Ravens planning to stop Jay Ajayi?


    Thu, 26 Oct 2017


    playing brain dead last in rush defense this season it's been. Much talked about here and Baltimore defensive coordinator Dean Pees . Say there's so much talk about that historical return to prominence. For this Ravens defense he fills that. They

  5. NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Kansas City Chiefs hit No. 1 spot


    Tue, 19 Sep 2017

    continue to climb up the charts on the strength of the league's premier defense. Against Cleveland on Sunday, coordinator Dean Pees ' unit forced a whopping five turnovers while limiting the Browns ' offense to 3-of-14 on third- and fourth-down

  6. NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: Packers, Chiefs take top two slots


    Tue, 12 Sep 2017

    opener. Either way, there weren't two sides to the outcome in Cincinnati on Sunday. Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees ' group disrupted passing lanes, tipped balls and got after Cincy QB Andy Dalton , putting him on the ground and intercepting

  7. Game Theory Record Prediction: Baltimore Ravens


    Wed, 30 Aug 2017


    contacts to how he stops the run. The new raven has party should have an injury report in Baltimore but if he's healthy didn't blitzing and run stopping ability pairs well with your lead off. Making this Dean Pees defense even scared.

  8. Jimmy Smith says Ravens' defense 'is a special unit'


    Thu, 24 Aug 2017

    during their two preseason appearances. It's a unit that's younger and faster than last season. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees has brought heat this preseason and swarmed quarterbacks. The Ravens boast the No. 1 defense in the preseason through

  9. Shane Ray, Deion Jones among linebackers set to break out


    Fri, 21 Jul 2017

    partially due to the offense's lack of production placing more stress on the defense. Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees does a good job of putting athletic guys in position to make plays, and Mosley is definitely one of those guys in this

  10. McGinest's breakout linebackers: Predicting CJ Mosely's 2017 stats


    Fri, 21 Jul 2017


    he's tall he's ranging between cover his greatest faced about you know when a little different handle and you for a Dean Pees places like this with a lot of different position that's important because he's been doing at all are you still wonder

  11. AFC North training camp preview: Key issues, players to watch


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017

    year cover man Maurice Canady to compete for the nickel role. Canady impressed during the offseason, with coordinator Dean Pees saying in June: "The guy makes plays. That is the whole bottom line on defense." First-rounder Marlon Humphrey

  12. Tony Jefferson: Ravens' defensive scheme 'fits me'


    Tue, 11 Jul 2017

    Jefferson said. "I feel like I'm going to be able to make a bunch of plays in this defense. [Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees ] loves to bring pressure, and that's what Arizona did. I'm used to that. "I like to cover. So I'm going to

  13. Will the Ravens have a Super Bowl-quality defense in 2017?


    Thu, 11 May 2017


    if you can strike in the back into that defense where they get 48 touchdown passes. And if you constraint that it area Dean Pees is defense in the red zone where they've always been strong but eighteenth a year ago. If you can firm up those areas

  14. Mayock mock draft - No. 16: Ravens


    Wed, 26 Apr 2017


    Redick from temple a walk walk from about seven. Miles away from where we stick. Right now he's been the coordinator Dean Pees and her one of the best stories in this draft. I mentioned the walk won't he lit up. The Senior Bowl so we showed

  15. Free agency: A fun player addition for each AFC team


    Tue, 21 Feb 2017

    priority one. Once that's accomplished, how about stealing Ryan from the Patriots ? Former New England coordinator Dean Pees prizes physicality, and Ryan is one of the best tackling cornerbacks in football, with the ability to play inside and

  16. Baltimore Ravens sticking with OC Marty Mornhinweg


    Tue, 3 Jan 2017

    that he will keep the team's offensive coordinator in-house for another season, along with defensive play-caller Dean Pees and special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg. Retaining the latter two come as no surprise, but Mornhinweg was expected

  17. Rapoport: All Ravens assistant coaches expected to return


    Tue, 3 Jan 2017


    potential candidate but in the end. Decided to stick with Marty morning ladies offensive coordinator and really no surprise Dean Pees as their defense of coordinator is staying as well but. What Harbaugh is doing essentially saying I have faith in Marty

  18. Willie McGinest breaks down the Ravens' many defensive packages


    Mon, 26 Dec 2016


    received multiple personnel groups and you'll see a lot of different package they got up. A package what I'll play for Dean Pees . Caught records practice so you have would be through the climate that you have five linebackers so right now your Dolphins

  19. Are the Ravens or Steelers more dangerous in the playoffs?


    Sun, 25 Dec 2016


    Patriots place like north would be for strictly great technique. There understand what they need to do to win the game in Dean Pees the defensive coordinator. Changes every single week so I think if they can get Dixon going that they can generate some

  20. Week 16 Ultimate Team, Fantasy vs. Reality


    Thu, 22 Dec 2016


    doesn't do much over that stretch that see gap in the it was a thing of beauty but forget. Winter played Baltimore. Dean Pees always is gonna try to attack a scheme well their scheme attacked the scheme of BP's it was a thing of beauty goes well

  21. Breaking down key storylines for Ravens-Steelers


    Thu, 22 Dec 2016


    on bell. It's a different style of running in the you'll ever see the matter of fact Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees saying that. Belichick unique she's never seen anybody within a running style like his and he's seen a lot of running

  22. What we learned: Resilient Patriots hold off Ravens


    Tue, 13 Dec 2016

    yardage as a runner and receiver. 5. Baltimore's defense lacks a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year candidate. Dean Pees made it to the top of the NFL's rankings with a deep, well-rounded unit that limits vulnerable areas. Brady exploited

  23. Tools for Victory: Patriots' keys to win


    Mon, 12 Dec 2016


    Then the running back position they've struggled with that so while the Patriots I would give my heavy dose of that. Dean Pees is familiar but what just because of Bill Belichick likes to do but like you heard Rick say it. They changed it up every

  24. Ravens DC declares Dak Prescott no longer a rookie


    Thu, 17 Nov 2016

    Bowl quarterback to a backup role. Ahead of Sunday's clash with the Cowboys , Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees declared it the end of Prescott's rookie season. "I don't know after nine games if he's considered a rookie anymore

  25. Fallon: Suggs is helping to bring Falcons defense together


    Thu, 10 Nov 2016


    did. Allowing few events are second in the NFL live with the fewest yards allowed in other people last year or pawn for Dean Pees is job but he's been able to turn around. A drastic improvement from a year ago fourteen takeaways so far this season