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Darnell Jenkins

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  1. Code Red's Darnell Jenkins and The Money Team's Frankie Solomon - July 8, 2018


    Mon, 16 Jul 2018

    The Money Team's Frankie Solomon, left, reaches for the ball carried by Code Red's Darnell Jenkins .

  2. The Money Team hangs on for close AFFL semifinal win


    Mon, 9 Jul 2018

    extra-point conversion (via a completion to Johnson) gave them a slim lead. It would prove to be enough to win. Darnell Jenkins also scored for Code Red, catching a touchdown pass to even the score at 7-7, but never found another opportunity

  3. Former Texans WR Darnell Jenkins gets both feet down for Code Red's first TD


    Sun, 8 Jul 2018


    a specific plan to score points down years. Thirty goalie goes to the back of the. Yes touchdown that. Darnell Dinkins. Jenkins last week. Had a couple big ball down the field for touchdowns. Does he get both feet in there to back in the end zone

  4. Ex-Texans WR sparks AFFL quarterfinals victory


    Tue, 3 Jul 2018

    More Columns > Darnell Jenkins last stepped on an NFL field nearly ..... Houston later this month. On Sunday, Jenkins led team Code Red in receiving, hauling ..... for a touchdown. The victory allows Jenkins and his teammates to advance on to

  5. Pump fake! Code Red opens scoring with sneaky touchdown pass


    Sun, 1 Jul 2018


    Code Red QB Mike Demarteleire hits a nifty pump fake and deep touchdown bomb to wide receiver Darnell Jenkins for the score.