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Donovan McNabb

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  1. DeSean Jackson: Jameis Winston driven to be great


    Thu, 23 Mar 2017

    Eagles teammates operated when he was a younger player. "I remember being in Philadelphia," Jackson said, "with Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook and Brian Dawkins and kind of picking their brains and leaning on them and then going to Washington

  2. Bucky Brooks mock draft 3.0: QBs slide to Texans, Chiefs


    Thu, 23 Mar 2017

    Deshaun Watson - QB, Clemson Andy Reid has a knack for transforming athletic quarterbacks into efficient passers (see Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick). PICK 28 Charles Harris - DE, Missouri The Cowboys still need to find a legitimate pass rusher

  3. What are the Cowboys options with Romo?


    Mon, 13 Mar 2017


    the wings and traded to the Chiefs are can't or city Donovan McNabb the greatest Eagles quarterback of all time being traded ..... Redskins right or the most famous one. We get that McNabb in a Redskins didn't work out makes you wanna vomit

  4. A.J. Feeley, Miami Dolphins (2004)


    Thu, 9 Mar 2017

    Desperate for a quarterback, the Dolphins traded a second-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire Donovan McNabb's backup. Feeley played one season in South Florida, throwing 11 touchdowns with 15 interceptions in 11 games (eight starts), before he would end up back with the Eagles ...

  5. Pouring one out for Tony Romo's Cowboys career


    Thu, 9 Mar 2017


    departure he'll go somewhere else. Ever you know you don't know the story behind the story tonight. Now I've seen Donovan McNabb traded on Easter Sunday from the Eagles I have seen Peyton Manning and his weird situation with the Colts right time

  6. Could Tony Romo be involved in potential Cousins deal?


    Sat, 4 Mar 2017

    rival sent a potential franchise savior to Washington, the Redskins were left holding the bag on the decline phase of Donovan McNabb 's career. It doesn't hurt the 49ers and Redskins to broach the subject with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Unless

  7. 2017 Combine: DeShone Kizer press conference


    Fri, 3 Mar 2017


    Yeah. Blue. And. I think once you are honest follow the movie was grown up a big fan of Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb and that is easy to Spence as a team I root for grown up. I salute I think that once in the experiences I had a Notre

  8. QB Matchmaker: Jimmy Garoppolo to the Bears


    Fri, 24 Feb 2017


    Kirk kicker Kent Graham Brett matinee school pulls Z that day. Though most recognizable in the last twenty years as Donovan McNabb he never play for the Bears. It's not a quarterback covet this guy is from Chicago is from 27 miles like he's

  9. Doug Williams' Super Bowl heroics paved a path for black QBs


    Tue, 21 Feb 2017

    know more or why." Here is why: Williams broke open a door that Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb , Cam Newton , Robert Griffin III , Russell Wilson , Daunte Culpepper, Colin Kaepernick , Jameis Winston and other

  10. Terrell Owens joins 'Super Bowl Live'


    Sat, 4 Feb 2017


    thirteen of those quarterbacks because we do have a list as I said let's start with Jeff Garcia Tony Romo Ron Amadon Donovan McNabb Carson Palmer Ryan Fitzpatrick Jimmer take Drew Bledsoe Ty Detmer. Brooks bullet or Trent Edwards Terry Kirby. And

  11. Joe Buck: Bill Belichick tops coaching list, Patriots' body of work is 'unheard of'


    Wed, 1 Feb 2017


    Brady and get a check you you know you the Tyree catch your first your second one your first what was when. They beat Donovan McNabb and the Eagles now here we are again it really is unbelievable. I don't think we're gonna ever see a quarterback

  12. Prescott on Romo chatter: 'I never pay attention' to it


    Sun, 18 Dec 2016


    to reach out to Michael Vick. Randall Cunningham Donovan McNabb some of the ever could American quarterbacks did it ..... ve actually talked to Michael Vick here before and Donovan McNabb well I was little but I know both out. I'll definitely

  13. Garafolo: Pederson wants to give Wentz strong ending to regular season


    Fri, 9 Dec 2016


    that that is extremely important. And he related to Donovan McNabb rookie season which he wasn't around here for a ..... they went five and eleven but late in that season Donovan McNabb was doing some great things and there were people

  14. Eagles scoreboard guy drops 4th-and-26 heat on Pack


    Tue, 29 Nov 2016

    Eagles faced fourth-and-26 in the waning minutes of a divisional playoff game against the Packers in January 2004. Donovan McNabb miraculously completed a 28-yard pass to Freddie Mitchell (Fred-Ex mention in 2016!) and the Eagles went on

  15. Chiefs vs. Broncos highlights


    Sun, 27 Nov 2016


    then it was sunshine coming out of that late break. Almost ten seconds that play tiller didn't quite approach that Donovan McNabb play and doubtless took over fourteen seconds but look at that. Movement that was the key thing David just enough

  16. Schrager's Forgotten Thanksgiving Moments


    Thu, 24 Nov 2016


    t get any team is when it comes to that. Get beat by that way championship. I'll I'll. But then that's how it's not a back and it's it's when I was there an incredible game but I imagine British. But Donovan McNabb yeah.

  17. Pederson not ruling out benching Nelson Agholor


    Tue, 22 Nov 2016

    when Andy [Reid] pulled me out and put Donovan [ McNabb ] in, it was a step back to possibly ..... in Weeks 2-4 in the second half for McNabb , then a rookie. Pederson finally lost the job to McNabb for good in Week 10. When Chip Kelly

  18. Rodney Harrison on Patriots: 'They could eat the Seahawks alive'


    Mon, 21 Nov 2016


    optic line Packers on the field at one time. You know Donovan McNabb we had got better they'll walk around different ..... camera type guys on the field. And it really compute Donovan McNabb and Philadelphia Eagles put backs just want chief

  19. Schrager: 'You want Romo to want the ball'


    Fri, 18 Nov 2016


    out before Sunday night game and said. We be winning more games if we had Brett Favre is our quarterback and not Donovan McNabb right and that blew up in the season was done like you don't pull that back to two was out of that two days out

  20. Can the Browns defense improve?


    Wed, 9 Nov 2016


    wedges is known for the college Marty ball he made his name has not been supporting here. Would be Philadelphia Eagles Donovan McNabb and Mike thick. With those downfield passing but. Right now I think that Joseph Flacco personally as a quarterback

  21. 'A Football Life': Vick puts his name on the map at Virginia Tech


    Thu, 3 Nov 2016


    Donovin they may have and he just loved me they have. It really got to get down on us insert fuse. He went there Donovan McNabb showed him around and they hit it all. Losing its that I had never seen a more TV never seen them in a bowl game

  22. 'A Football Life': Vick gets a second chance


    Thu, 3 Nov 2016


    fighting the same chance that I'm good devour this. With Donovan McNabb entrenched as the starter. Philadelphia tried to find ..... could happen and abetted sent. Philadelphia traded McNabb before the 2010 season. And elevated it to the backed

  23. Week 8 Review | NOW Numbers


    Tue, 1 Nov 2016


    Browns dating back to last season tying a franchise record nine passing touchdowns for Carson way it's breaking Donovan McNabb Eagles rookie record. First the Cowboys standing in the NFC east last Sunday finish this season as the NFC's top

  24. Should overtime rules be changed?


    Mon, 31 Oct 2016


    with it and realizes. The these top guys are now happening I don't think it was really address it like it it. Donovan McNabb didn't even know they went to overtime for a lot of iron in you know I know Donald Driver about it like I didn

  25. Matthews: Wentz-Dak could be new Manning-Brady


    Thu, 27 Oct 2016

    Trent Edwards; 4-2: Wentz, Russell Wilson , Matt Ryan and Andy Dalton). Wentz needs one passing TD to leap Donovan McNabb for the Eagles ' rookie record for most touchdown passes. Prescott needs just three passing TDs to move ahead Troy