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  1. Five reasons why the Bears will make the 2018 NFL playoffs


    Thu, 12 Jul 2018

    quarterback. Been a while. Not since 2009, when Jay Cutler arrived. Yes, Bears fans were fired up about Cutler. Mike Martz ruined that. Even then, if the Bears had hired Bruce Arians instead of Trestman, Cutler might still be dominating

  2. All-time XI, NFC South: Michael Vick tops QB-heavy Falcons crew


    Wed, 20 Jun 2018

    player in franchise history. Boom. Proof. I'm sure Mike Martz would never condescend to read this list. But I hope ..... twinge every time Greg Olsen scores a touchdown. It was Martz who fueled Olsen's trade from Chicago to Carolina in

  3. Five reasons why the Panthers will make the 2018 NFL playoffs


    Thu, 14 Jun 2018

    Olsen is going to have a great year." First, Olsen is great no matter who the coach is. Well, as long as it's not Mike Martz . But Olsen is healthy and ready to go. And even when Olsen wasn't healthy last year, he returned from a broken foot

  4. Niners OT: Shanahan is 'next-level genius' play caller


    Thu, 14 Jun 2018

    he has been in San Francisco for more than a decade, soaking in game plans from respected offensive minds such as Mike Martz , Jimmy Raye, Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh. Journeyman quarterback Brian Hoyer has pointed to similarities between Shanahan

  5. Adam Gase, Dolphins looking to Belichick for identity?


    Tue, 27 Mar 2018

    dynastic AFC East rival . "The beginning of my career was [Alabama coach] Nick Saban," Gase explained. "I think Mike Martz had a big impact on me. Then you look at, I think, Josh McDaniels had a big impact on me. And two of those guys are

  6. Ten Super Bowl matchups that should have been (but weren't)


    Mon, 29 Jan 2018

    seeing incredible Super Bowl matchups. What if Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce and that prolific offense under Mike Martz had stood in for the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV? Besides being a much closer game than the one that New York ultimately

  7. NOT who we thought they were: 2017's over-, underperformers


    Tue, 23 Jan 2018

    like when the Rams let Dick Vermeil walk out the door less than a day removed from a Super Bowl win so they could hire Mike Martz full-time. Koetter did get this team to nine wins in 2016. And then this squad went out and added DeSean Jackson

  8. 'NFL GameDay Morning' Bold Predictions: Week 17


    Sun, 31 Dec 2017


    was the most points for the most points that any first year head coach has scored against the forty niner team because Mike Martz . Took over the team so 75 points in those two games. So. I'm gonna break your record they'll move from a recognition

  9. The Debrief: NFC playoff picture -- are the Eagles in trouble?


    Tue, 26 Dec 2017

    next month. A narrow victory in Tennessee clinched the Rams ' first NFC West title since the days of Marc Bulger and Mike Martz slinging the ball around St. Louis. The Rams have little to play for this week. They will host a Wild Card Weekend

  10. NFL Week 16: Thirty-six takeaways from Sunday


    Mon, 25 Dec 2017

    Hagemann Rams 27, Titans 23 1. The Rams ' long playoff drought, which stretches back to St. Louis, Marc Bulger and Mike Martz , is finally over. Los Angeles clinched the NFC West in wunderkind coach Sean McVay's first season with a win over

  11. Rams clinch NFC West title after win over Titans


    Sun, 24 Dec 2017

    Here's what we learned: 1. The Rams ' long playoff drought, which stretches back to St. Louis, Marc Bulger and Mike Martz , is finally over. Los Angeles clinched the NFC West in wunderkind coach Sean McVay's first season with a win over

  12. Rams WR Isaac Bruce on HOF possibility: I check every box


    Wed, 20 Dec 2017

    remember the formation and still execute the play at the same time. So, that was pretty similar to what we had with coach [ Mike ] Martz . You had to be smart. You had to know what every position was doing and he trained us to have quarterback eyes

  13. Grudge match | Rams vs Titans


    Wed, 20 Dec 2017


    winning touchdown pass to win the simple. Not just go do it. You're totally right now so we go out there and and Mike Martz calls the play. Your strategies right now in 99 and I've seen it balloons in looms as the I knew right there in beer

  14. Dolphins recover their own onside kick with 36 seconds to go


    Sun, 17 Dec 2017


    working he'll kick it to the left it's. It really covered is meant. It got Bonner who fade hits. Not a good kicker Mike Martz definitely know you know that most gonna go ten yards. Whether he tries to come up and be aggressive on that ball most

  15. Dolphins vs. Bills highlights | Week 15


    Sun, 17 Dec 2017


    line to Jarvis Landry. It isn't working he'll kick it to the left. And Andy recovers from back. Not a good kicker Mike Martz definitely know you know that most gonna go ten yards. What if he tries to come up and be aggressive on that ball most

  16. No. 1: 1999 Rams | 'Top 10': High-Powered Offenses


    Sat, 9 Dec 2017


    running back in NFL history. And Lorillard you know. Rashard turf just can't match with so many ways with the genius Mike Martz all of his crazy plays. Pass play for. Some of the offense is he due up. Would make there and and extend I mean it

  17. The Debrief, Week 10: What to panic about -- and what not to


    Tue, 14 Nov 2017

    have wins in Dallas and Jacksonville . But they're stepping up in class for the most high-profile Rams games since Mike Martz was the coach, Lovie Smith was the defensive coordinator and Georgia Frontiere was the team's owner. It's been a

  18. Holt: Rams' offense similar to 'Greatest Show on Turf'


    Thu, 9 Nov 2017

    Patra (@kpatra) November 9, 2017 It's notable that the Rams made their initial leap into offensive legend when Mike Martz was hired as offensive coordinator in 1999. Holt gave coach Sean McVay credit for the Rams going from a stuck-in

  19. Mathieu rips football loose, Peterson recovers for epic return


    Sun, 5 Nov 2017


    Look at position. It's not that San. What touchdown saving tackle. Mike Martz he's guilty. You just gotta know the plays over. Patrick Peterson is very savvy guy look at everybody attack and have football

  20. 'NFL Films Presents': QB turned PhD


    Thu, 19 Oct 2017


    kidneys like. They sent him going to be the starter and going into camp he was like that they're streaming. Down Mike Martz has a new student. And it's a guy that not many people heard of before his name is JT O'Sullivan. Five NFL games

  21. Josh McCown was Lions WR last time he played Patriots


    Sun, 15 Oct 2017

    Jones said. "Offensive coordinator Mike Martz told McCown: 'Get your gloves.' He ..... interceptions that day. It's unsure who Martz blamed those on. 3. I get much joy picturing a gruff Martz grumbling 'get your gloves' to McCown

  22. Jaguars can't keep Blake Bortles as QB1; Cutler set for big year?


    Fri, 18 Aug 2017

    three different offensive coordinators (Ron Turner, Mike Martz and Mike Tice) in four seasons with little regard for ..... Although his pass-happy play-callers -- particularly Mike Martz -- wanted Cutler to throw the ball all over the yard

  23. Revisiting late-summer trades: Greg Olsen, Sam Bradford thrived


    Thu, 17 Aug 2017

    000-yard seasons in 2016. And all it cost Carolina was a third-round pick. The hiring of offensive coordinator Mike Martz in 2010 ultimately led to Olsen's exit from Chicago, as the Bears apparently wanted more blocking at tight end, and

  24. Ian Rapoport: Jay Cutler signs with Dolphins


    Sun, 6 Aug 2017


    could be their for a for a long time. David I was with Adam dates December sisco he was that he was an assistant to Mike Martz when I was out there in what Adam does a great job is. Creating matchups on the football field that makes being a quarterback

  25. Emmitt Smith: Jerry Jones transformed the NFL in a positive way


    Sun, 6 Aug 2017


    often as we ran with all for a few guys three because Mike Martz . Norv Turner Ernie Ernie get beaten like we ran the ..... ran under north turn that of course Ernie Sam cesium. Mike Martz learned that offense under Ernie and and norv as well