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Stephen Ross

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  1. 2018 free agency preview: Bill comes due for WRs


    Fri, 11 Aug 2017

    Landry , Miami Dolphins : The Dolphins will have to decide whether ..... production, the current Dolphins staff has harped on Landry ..... great receiver, and owner Stephen Ross has sounded unconcerned about ..... them. Jay Cutler , Miami Dolphins : The Dolphins ' last-minute ..... highest-paid defenders in football . Carlos Hyde , San Francisco

  2. Tom Pelissero: There was a scenario where Dolphins could've signed Kaepernick


    Mon, 7 Aug 2017


    they scenario in which the Dolphins could have considered. Calling ..... Made a year ago. Owner Stephen Ross empowers his coaches this ..... gates' decision. From a football perspective and it just so ..... some other names that the Dolphins considered Kyle Orton. Christian ..... checked at a higher ranking Dolphins source last night. Instead

  3. Tom Pelissero: Gase sold the Dolphins hard on Cutler for last few days


    Mon, 7 Aug 2017


    us that I'm good morning football team now there were rumors ..... Mike Tannenbaum instead of football operations here. The GM Chris ..... Adam gates I was told owner Stephen Ross . Was also involved in those ..... there. And play with this football team on Sunday so. No surprise

  4. Is Kaepernick really being blackballed?


    Sun, 6 Aug 2017


    not far fetched to believe. That he can come back to be the Dolphins cornerback. And David comes to mind guys his. While for ..... quote pray for us that. Getting batted put. Also voters Stephen Ross had said publicly recently that he believes college average

  5. Tiffany Blackmon: Cutler, Kaepernick being discussed in Miami


    Fri, 4 Aug 2017


    cap or neck and we know that owner Stephen Ross I'm has voiced his support. Of cap ..... back when Kapanen was taking than me Stephen Ross had told his players that he would ..... should it come to that for the Miami Dolphins K. Hopefully we'll be hearing more ..... for joining us there at ride with the Dolphins .

  6. What is the best move for the Dolphins if Tannehill is out?


    Fri, 4 Aug 2017


    quickly I cap for next. You heard the connection there were Stephen Ross . There's also the connection that gates himself when ..... huge deal and and I'm glad that you bring it up Peter football aside that's massive that a incendiary for people who ..... I'll say if you want to make connections to Cutler the Dolphins I can't extinguish that makes enough sense. I felt like

  7. Rapoport: Cutler, Kap are possible replacements for Tannehill


    Thu, 3 Aug 2017


    To consider here for the Dolphins would he actually. Come back ..... at reevaluated I was in the Dolphins are doing that right now ..... had engaged with the Miami Dolphins . And Mike tantamount take ..... considering and then. He'll get Stephen Ross is public comments about cap

  8. Blackmon: Tannehill's MRI reveals no structural damage


    Thu, 3 Aug 2017


    Tiffany looking back is this Dolphins team that has a recent history ..... even come. To that for the Dolphins acted beyond that on the market ..... brought up we know that owner. Stephen Ross . Win cap we're neck did ..... come to that for the Miami Dolphins . And that news Tiffany on

  9. Ndamukong Suh 'sick and tired' of losing in playoffs


    Wed, 24 May 2017

    of cash to move to Miami and join the Dolphins , the All-Pro defensive tackle cited owner Stephen Ross ' presence, saying the team had " a great ..... was particularly disappointed in how the Dolphins lost their final two games of last season

  10. NFL owners approve Raiders' move to Las Vegas


    Tue, 28 Mar 2017

    Raiders didn't seem so strange. Owners approved relocation by a 30-vote margin, with only the Dolphins voting against the measure. Owner Stephen Ross expressed publc disappointment about the move Sunday to the Bay Area News Group, comparing an

  11. Owners vote 31-1 in favor of Raiders relocation to Las Vegas


    Tue, 28 Mar 2017


    it. And that's why we saw the 31 to one as you noted Stephen Ross of the debt the Miami Dolphins the one dissenter and he said simply think he got that ..... expectation is a the Raiders will still be a really good football team with the quarterback will be back and healthy and their

  12. Billick: There are so many distractions for players in Vegas


    Tue, 28 Mar 2017


    Their time in Oakland is going to come to me close Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has the only votes in opposition to the Raiders ..... for the one vote and and not to second. I guess Stephen Ross structure is very genuine about not nobody wants

  13. Battista: Owners reluctant, ambivalent about Raiders' relocation


    Mon, 27 Mar 2017


    the decision that the vote was 31 to one we knew it was not going to be much resistance it appears that Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins was the only. To center will get it took those reasons later on. But look we knew this was coming and

  14. Michael Thomas and Sam Young talk 'Business Combine'


    Thu, 2 Mar 2017


    two members of Miami Dolphins in town. For business ..... host for the Miami Dolphins say good Warner football to the winner of the ..... great we guys are for Stephen Ross the kind of since you ..... related who played football so it's really great ..... Super Bowl champs. Dolphins fans want to know the

  15. NFL 360 - The Conversation: Dolphins players give back


    Sun, 26 Feb 2017


    feel totally different. I'm here to look into an organization called rise. Which is. Was started by the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross every Sunday they have a tailgate really invite to the community leaders. Police officers. Politicians

  16. Miami Dolphins owner: Everyone is 'smelling' optimism


    Mon, 9 Jan 2017

    More Columns > The Miami Dolphins ' season crashed and burned ..... hands of the Steelers crushed Dolphins fans, but for a team that ..... made the playoffs. Owner Stephen Ross has made his share of hiring ..... Gase running the show the Dolphins finally have reason to believe

  17. The BIGGEST Headline From Each Month of 2016


    Thu, 29 Dec 2016


    the race. But it. Well I've fought that fight. Finish football race. Factory team use its. Double assault. And got wishful ..... In 2019. I'll 500 million dollar upgrade courtesy of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross help bring to Super Bowl back to South Florida Miami is

  18. Adam Gase getting most out of Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins


    Tue, 29 Nov 2016

    and just kept growing as a football team. Each and every person ..... the kind of game that the Dolphins typically found a way to ..... return for a touchdown ), the Dolphins are finding playmakers throughout ..... before Sunday's game, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was gushing over Gase to

  19. Adam Gase, Dolphins not thinking about playoffs yet


    Tue, 22 Nov 2016

    Adam Gase has done the successful coach thing by taking the Dolphins on a five-game winning streak and putting them within ..... are coming to town this weekend. Just a week ago, owner Stephen Ross had already proclaimed Gase the great healer, noting that ..... the miserable 49ers and cuts its playoff odds in half ( Football Outsiders had Miami at roughly a 45.5 percent chance of

  20. Dolphins owner: Adam Gase changing the team culture


    Wed, 16 Nov 2016

    More Columns > First-year Dolphins coach Adam Gase has already gifted ..... interview with the Miami Herald recently , Stephen Ross is crediting the 38-year-old coach ..... that's happened. "I'm saying the football side is working together. Everybody ..... already changed the culture of the Miami Dolphins ." While these are precisely the kinds

  21. Is it unfair to expect athletes to get involved in social issues?


    Fri, 23 Sep 2016


    general listened to a wide receiver of a football team. This is where Jeff said the bridge ..... to stood back and let people protest. Stephen Ross in Miami has done his thing with the Miami Dolphins and supporting. There cause I think there

  22. Aponte transitioning out of role as Dolphins exec


    Tue, 6 Sep 2016

    the most powerful women in football , is transitioning away from ..... vice president of the Miami Dolphins . Aponte will have a "top ..... entertainment venture co-founded by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and club vice-chairman ..... transitioning out of the Dolphins ," Aponte said, via the

  23. Barack Obama, Larry Csnoka, Don Shula, Stephen Ross


    Tue, 10 May 2016

    President Barack Obama shakes hands with Hall of Fame football coach Don Shula, right, as he is presented with a team jersey by Dolphins Chairman of the Board/Managing General Partner Stephen Ross , center, and fullback Larry Csonka, second from the right, during a ceremony in the East Room of the ...