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Chad Pennington

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  1. Cheat Sheet: Saints vs. Rams set for scoring showcase


    Sun, 26 Nov 2017

    Dolphins ' last win in New England was Week 3, 2008 -- Chad Pennington (MIA) vs Matt Cassel (NE). Carolina Panthers ..... percentage puts him on pace to set the franchise record ( Chad Pennington , 68.9 percent in 2002). Think about this: In

  2. Offensive Line of the Week: Eagles bulldoze Broncos' vaunted D


    Tue, 7 Nov 2017

    engineer this offense down the field and is currently completing 70.4 percent of his passes, which would break Chad Pennington 's franchise record (68.9 in 2002). 5) Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags completely dominated Cincinnati in Sunday

  3. High-Flying Adventures In The Research Notes: Week 9


    Wed, 1 Nov 2017

    which they had legitimate above-average play at the game's most important position. Vinny Testaverde in 1998, Chad Pennington in 2002, and Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2015. If you want to be charitable, you can throw in Brett Favre in 2008, but

  4. Rookie vs. Legend: Peyton Manning vs. Steve Young


    Fri, 6 Oct 2017


    first thing and ran the Indianapolis Colts like hay and Brian. Tim cap Donovan McNabb not very Culpepper came McNown Chad Pennington Michael Vick. Okay so they weren't a home tell half for strikeouts. But there was a massive shortage a franchise

  5. 2007 - AFC Wild Card


    Thu, 3 Aug 2017

    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, center, and tight end Daniel Graham (82) congratulate cornerback Asante Samuel (22) after Samuels' fourth-quarter interception and touchdown off a pass by New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington in an a AFC wild card playoff football game in Foxborough, ...

  6. Cam Newton shows off training camp dance moves


    Wed, 26 Jul 2017


    seeing like GM is going to be able to do today in his first practice because. Rotator cuff surgery serious surgery Chad Pennington former quarterback for the Jets and Dolphins had this a couple of times and he said it took him an entire season

  7. AFC bold predictions: Tom Brady breaks barrier, Raiders roll


    Wed, 19 Jul 2017

    Jets when he turned 40 (90.6 passer rating), but he started less than half the games because of the presence of Chad Pennington . Brett Favre produced an incredible season, easing past 40 years of age for the 2009 Vikings (107.2 passer rating

  8. Dak Prescott: We're the Cowboys, we'll win NFC East


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017

    Network's Good Morning Football, ex-quarterback Chad Pennington discussed how teams could adjust to Prescott after ..... s going to be challenging, it really will be," Pennington said. "And the challenging thing for Dak is to not

  9. Chad Pennington : It's going to be challenging for Dak Prescott in 2017


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    Former NFL QB Chad Pennington talks about the challenge Cowboys QB Dak Prescott will face in his second year in the league.

  10. Chad Pennington : Jets need to give Todd Bowles a chance to succeed


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    Former NFL QB Chad Pennington talks about who should start at QB for the Jets and why the team should give head coach Todd Bowles a chance to succeed in New York.

  11. Pennington , Brandon Marshall almost 'came to blows' in Miami


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    Former NFL quarterback Chad Pennington tells a story about former teammate Brandon Marshall.

  12. Chad Pennington discusses his relationship with coach Bill Parcells


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    some incentives. As the starter OK okay okay I've got to Pennington whatever. I'll walk in that next day decide on the contract ..... known all of us how I coached there announcements Deng hit Pennington . Put it in the NF I don't know yeah. As in they know.

  13. Chad Pennington reveals Randy Moss' hidden talent


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    Former NFL quarterback Chad Pennington tells a story about former teammate Randy Moss showing off his diving skills one day at the pool.

  14. Chad Pennington shares stories of his former teammates


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    starter OK okay okay I've got to Pennington whenever. I'll walking him then ..... they're announcing its Deng hit Pennington . I put it in the NF in the game ..... an autographed copy of the book of Pennington and hats.

  15. Pennington says Namath made him change his autograph


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    Former NFL quarterback Chad Pennington talks about how Joe Namath is responsible for Chad changing his autograph.

  16. Browns QB coach: We're a long way from pecking order


    Fri, 16 Jun 2017

    Buffalo Bills (2015-16): Tyrod Taylor might have been the best quarterback Lee was able to work with since Chad Pennington in the early Dolphins years. Of course, the Taylor era was folded into a perpetually head-scratching battle with

  17. Injury roundup: Tannehill says knee is '100 percent'


    Thu, 25 May 2017

    In their first season under Adam Gase, the Dolphins made the postseason for the first time since the short-lived Chad Pennington era and were beginning to develop an identity on offense behind Tannehill's efficient passing and Jay Ajayi 's

  18. AFC East draft needs: Jets poised to take another QB early?


    Thu, 20 Apr 2017

    Biggest needs: Quarterback, cornerback, linebacker. The Jets have been searching for a franchise quarterback since Chad Pennington departed a decade ago. The search certainly will continue in the 2017 draft, with a quarterback room that currently

  19. What are the most important games of 2017?


    Thu, 20 Apr 2017


    weeks apart that's big right and it was gonna help the when the debate think yeah he's got when you do whatever. Chad Pennington when the division. Last ride that has a problem when that didn't he's got a good attitude is let's go over

  20. Hot draft time machine: 2000


    Mon, 10 Apr 2017


    Also some notables Jamal Lewis and John Abraham. Chad Pennington that draft as well let's over the top five from ..... Leslie NF. That you're not happy class legendary. Chad Pennington Geovany Carmine yes I'm here with a site and not

  21. How will Marshall fit in with Beckham and Shepard?


    Wed, 8 Mar 2017


    starting quarterbacks like Nicholas of them are now that talk and it Ryan Fitzpatrick Gina Smith Jimmy Clausen Bryce pay Chad Pennington Tyler Thigpen. Matt Moore Jason Campbell Chris is meet mango line unwilling IC work against the united you diamond

  22. Jermaine Eluemunor: 'I'm just trying to make my dreams come true'


    Fri, 3 Mar 2017


    Arsenal fan. And thus would do TV and so the Dolphins and did you ask somebody owes back to me Fleming was a rookie Chad Pennington was playing. So these bright clothes that Rohan each other and I was like. It was kind of fun with four you know

  23. NFL awards funding to 3 startups to develop safety technology


    Sat, 4 Feb 2017

    winners were decided by a panel of judges that included several decorated medical doctors, a former NFL player ( Chad Pennington ) and one current NFL player (John Urschel). This season's victors: » Communicating with the Athlete: GoRoute

  24. What We Learned: Week 17


    Tue, 3 Jan 2017


    react. So it you mentioned the Dolphins it's it's it's two dozen aces they play in a playoff game when they did Chad Pennington threw four interceptions against the Ravens at all and it was like the most. If I come lactic playoff game off and

  25. Most exciting games of Week 16


    Fri, 23 Dec 2016


    the Dolphins haven't been to the playoffs since Chad Pennington was the quarterback well and Tony Sparano was the ..... should get. Straighter in prompt in our ball that Chad Pennington Dolphins team you mentioned my friend who is the leading