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Mark Clayton

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  1. TBT: What was the best draft class of all-time?


    Thu, 19 Apr 2018


    Marino's record setting 48 touchdown pass. Thought Mark Clayton . Who had eighteen touchdowns in 1980 world which in ..... selection. 83 draft. A few years down the road Marino Clayton friends found themselves in a historic track. The Jets

  2. DDFP: Is Aaron Rodgers the best QB with the worst receiver group?


    Tue, 10 Apr 2018


    mean for it to hurt your bunker bounces and that's it Mark Clayton and mark duper were great pass catchers but neither ..... Denver gets the Mary's Thomas. Though his past I was Mark Clayton Johnny always best guy until the twilight in his career

  3. Pro Bowl Skills Showdown: Jarvis Landry loses by mere seconds to defend 'Best Hands' title


    Thu, 25 Jan 2018


    I don't about it Dolphins wide receiver whose birdie three or more Pro Bowl selections the great Paul Warfield and Mark Clayton . Five each mark duper with three. I don't good. Our critiquing his own throws in. Better hustle up the shotgun

  4. NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Chiefs back in top 10; Eagles fall


    Tue, 26 Dec 2017

    38-17. Where is Jimmy Cefalo when you need him? Oh, he was calling the game in Kansas City. Poor guy. Where is Mark Clayton when you need him? RANK 26 4-11 BUCCANEERS The same storylines often bubble back to the surface with players. Jameis

  5. AFC North projected starters: Good luck stopping Steelers


    Thu, 11 May 2017

    group of skill-position talent since his rookie season in 2008, back when Le'Ron McClain was the leading rusher and Mark Clayton was his No. 2 receiver. » Mike Wallace , who showed he wasn't just a one-trick pony last season, proved to be

  6. TBT: The Greatest Offensive Season Ever?


    Wed, 16 Nov 2016


    sack Brett. Art monk caught the most passes in a season and remember that Dolphins Cowboys game. Miami wide receiver Mark Clayton said and they record with his eighteenth touchdown reception. 1984. What incredible here what.

  7. Biggest NFL Blunders


    Tue, 25 Oct 2016


    team that militants. Not gonna ask and fittingly feels of course you are get. Written down our glare off Martin. Mark Clayton then I end up play awful it was a week fifteen and are you kidding me Tennessee play out there and it was awful but