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  1. Why you should root for the Minnesota Vikings


    Thu, 22 Jun 2017

    starts in five of his seven NFL seasons, and he has started ..... lost a Super Bowl played in an NFL stadium. Deal with it, haters ..... defensive player to win the NFL MVP award? No, it wasn't Lawrence Taylor . It was the Vikings ' Alan

  2. Why you should root for the New York Giants


    Thu, 15 Jun 2017

    the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014. Now he ..... one.) The 1958 NFL Championship Game ..... significant part in NFL history, because ..... s best Linebacker Lawrence Taylor can lay claim to ..... greatest player in NFL history. Taylor

  3. Each team's MVP hopeful: From Tom Brady to Leonard Williams


    Wed, 14 Jun 2017

    the NFC -- if not the NFL -- is going to get his ..... run for his money. The NFL leader in yards from scrimmage ..... to win league MVP since Lawrence Taylor in 1986. Kirk Cousins ..... through two years in the NFL . Yes, Tennessee's running

  4. Top 10 rookie seasons of all-time


    Tue, 2 May 2017


    ten Javon colors sentence NFL rookie record with fourteen ..... right now like that in the NFL in rushing parent your ..... program. Felt the original LT . Lawrence Taylor in 1980 line the only rookie ..... I don't remember like LT now. Racing for the clubs

  5. Gronk fulfills destiny, appears in WrestleMania match


    Mon, 3 Apr 2017

    imagine Gronk will be summoned to Patriot Way over the stunt. Gronk isn't the first NFL superstar to participate in WrestleMania. Back in 1995, Lawrence Taylor , two years removed from his playing days with the Giants , defeated Bam Bam Bigelow

  6. Broncos LB DeMarcus Ware retires after 12 NFL seasons


    Tue, 14 Mar 2017

    and retire from my NFL career," Ware wrote ..... eighth-most in NFL history. Every retired ..... the Pro Football Hall of Fame . Ware should join ..... White's 0.85 and Lawrence Taylor 's 0.79. Drafted ..... play with him,'" NFL Network's James

  7. Top 5 Badgers in the NFL


    Tue, 14 Mar 2017


    only offensive lineman in NFL history to be selected ..... best I. Badger in the NFL . JJ watt. Talk about ..... passes defensed. He won the NFL defensive player of the year award three times tying Lawrence Taylor for the most ever. And

  8. Reaction to DeMarcus Ware's retirement


    Tue, 14 Mar 2017


    2010 I'm doing an article for GQ magazine and in the NFL preview and last time it was like to interview some of ..... have been linebacker hybrid so immediately it was all Lawrence Taylor comparisons dollars there was a lot to live up to he

  9. Could Ware be convinced to come out of retirement?


    Mon, 13 Mar 2017


    1982 that have more sacks per game and DeMarcus Ware. Their names are. Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor . So yeah not bad they're both on the hall of fame demarcus were likely will be there as well wanted to question is exit first ballot or not

  10. Mayock grades QB performances at the 2017 combine


    Sat, 4 Mar 2017


    what an eight at 34 outside linebacker has to be in the NFL on this tour he's going to be a lace just pass rusher ..... If you do all three you know you're an all fame next Lawrence Taylor . So right so but so that's they're the kind of an

  11. Schrager's ones to watch: combine edition


    Tue, 28 Feb 2017


    franchise and change an NFL offense. He is that electric ..... I got a text from an NFL personnel guy yesterday ..... aren't great anyway in Lawrence Taylor . Yeah he's six foot ..... to wide receiver in the NFL excelled as a Braxton Miller

  12. Who are the greatest players turned front office executive?


    Wed, 22 Feb 2017


    some stars and it's harder in the NFL but you gotta break Donnelly. Brian ..... to win things. Three bats in the NFL that fast if the Antarctic that you ..... equal enough right I mean or is it. Lawrence Taylor going to the Giants I don't know

  13. Future Hall of Famers we saw in Super Bowl LI


    Thu, 9 Feb 2017


    first ballot hall of Famer walked right into the hall of fame Tom Brady ..... certifiable hall of Famer . Do not forget ..... huge for the NFL television ..... many guys in NFL history. Can ..... Reggie White Lawrence Taylor that's the

  14. 'Inside the NFL' : Was the Giants boating trip a bad look?


    Wed, 11 Jan 2017


    re young guys they still played whatever but hey it would change that they were out and doesn't just call now boo Lawrence Taylor everybody knew when I got back and my attitude is still come up by that affects some of this smacks them quite frankly

  15. Top Clutch Performers in Playoff History


    Sat, 7 Jan 2017

    second player in NFL history to win ..... seasons in the NFL , McGinest was ..... England Patriots Hall of Fame on October 29, 2015. 3. Lawrence Taylor Lawrence Taylor . You're not ..... never watched LT dominate. Basically ..... you lost. The Hall of Famer had a combination ..... that honor with LT . Taylor is a 10-time ..... players to win NFL MVP. 2

  16. Jones: Giants believe they belong in the playoffs


    Thu, 22 Dec 2016


    wannabe. And he said I want to be Lawrence Taylor good that's appropriate Andruw ..... set if you're landing Collins Lawrence Taylor . Good one guy who has been. Pretty darn good as well maybe not Lawrence Taylor good but he huge factors to Norris

  17. Sack-master Miller


    Thu, 15 Dec 2016

    Von Miller needs 1.5 sacks to reach 75 for his career. If he gets them in Week 15 against New England, he will match Lawrence Taylor as the 4th-fastest player to reach the milestone (86 games). The 3 players ahead of LT ? Reggie White (65 games), J.J. Watt (82 games), and Bruce Smith (85 games).

  18. 'NFL Films Presents': Dwight Freeney


    Wed, 7 Dec 2016


    fifteen seasons in the NFL and he has a 122. And ..... spinning his way into an NFL history. What are the ..... still has a place in the NFL even though there at ..... look compared would Lawrence Taylor . I've never met Lawrence Taylor really I think I cried ..... guest floors through. LT here carpets Philly

  19. Landon Collins rising as potential DPOY candidate


    Sat, 26 Nov 2016

    Steve Spagnuolo said, via NFL .com's Kimberly Jones ..... three safeties to take home NFL Defensive Player of the ..... Since the 1970 AFL- NFL merger, Alan Page of the Vikings (1971) and Lawrence Taylor of the Giants (1986

  20. Titans LT Taylor Lewan ejected after contact with ref


    Sun, 13 Nov 2016

    took over for Lewan. Lewan's ejection was the sixth of the season by referee Jeff Tripplett's crew, by far the most in the NFL . After the game, Titans coach Mike Mularkey said he agreed with the decision to eject Lewan. "It was the right call," Mularkey

  21. Coach Questions: Seahawks at Patriots


    Wed, 9 Nov 2016


    excellent players have ever seen a coach Lawrence Taylor in the skies it's ten times a player ..... like Deion like another Deion on the NFL where I call you get the call I think ..... back in week five he's led the NFL in receiving yards a game with over

  22. DDFP: 'Time Machine Football' Rams vs. Giants 1989 Divisional Playoffs


    Thu, 20 Oct 2016


    defensively. Lawrence Taylor let's take ..... Yeah. Lawrence Taylor . I don ..... good. And Lawrence Taylor you know ..... it. The NFL it never ..... presence of Lawrence Taylor but. Bill ..... In the hall of fame great fun

  23. Terrelle Pryor, Sam Bradford among top late bloomers


    Wed, 12 Oct 2016

    dialed up future Hall of Famer Randy Moss for ..... merger, Pryor and Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson ..... of his first 32 NFL games to a litany ..... pick in the 2014 NFL Draft is coming ..... prototypical edge rusher Lawrence Taylor , but the Texans

  24. Texans place J.J. Watt (back) on injured reserve


    Wed, 28 Sep 2016

    year agreement has told NFL .com's Mike Garofolo ..... Weeks 1 and 2. Minus the NFL 's lone player to be selected ..... sport. After just five NFL seasons, Watt was already ..... to join Hall of Famers Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White in the

  25. Von Miller on MVP-level play; Adam Gase on Dolphins' struggles


    Fri, 23 Sep 2016

    or the NFL , for that ..... that award: Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor (in 1986 ..... quarterback in NFL history by ..... and a future Hall of Famer as their complementary ..... and dunk, a Hall of Fame quarterback ..... executive from one NFL team wondered