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  1. Move the Sticks: AFC South perfect pairings


    Thu, 19 Apr 2018


    Darius Leonard linebacker from South Carolina State. Really reminds me a lot of what would be his teammate here and Kelvin Smith a little bit undersized but can run all day makes plays sideline to sideline. This is already one of the most athletic

  2. Dorian O'Daniel talks NFL role models, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson


    Mon, 2 Apr 2018


    play but me personally I think I'm linebacker but I'm just trying to model my game after hum I watch him guys like Kelvin Smith DR Jones and Alou. Why Alexander cool you know monster yes they did they give me hope because you know so often I

  3. Jaguars, Seahawks and Rams among best fits for Shaquem Griffin


    Wed, 7 Mar 2018


    sacks in the most speed on defense I'm going to Jacksonville Jaguars is a Florida guy. Humble and stay in imagine Kelvin Smith and imagine Jim Ramsey gave him and get him going right here I intelligent as the smallest linebacker in the league

  4. How can Patriots win Super Bowl LII? | Instant Playbook


    Mon, 29 Jan 2018


    AFC championship game he spreads the Jaguars are three by troops that. Any series surveys that match ups he notices Kelvin Smith is matched up on his most explosive player Brandon cooks. He can't wait to go there what he's got to read the free

  5. DJ: SC State LB Darius Leonard could be the next Telvin Smith


    Tue, 23 Jan 2018


    makes a ton of plays in the pass game as well. He's he's like a tell them Smith to me we've seen Deion Jones Kelvin Smith we've seen Kwon Alexander he's undersized linebackers that can really really run. I think he's the next in line

  6. Brady converts 4th-and-2 with PERFECT touch pass to Amendola


    Sun, 21 Jan 2018


    Less than two to go. Good. Yeah right in. Was running away from Kelvin Smith hit they pick up a gain of 21 plus now. M job the pitch.

  7. Telvin Smith talks beating Steelers, facing Patriots


    Fri, 19 Jan 2018


    see it that this is this old. Even going man ha ha yeah. It's yeah. I had today the Jaguars all pro linebacker Kelvin Smith I appreciate you thank you for coming on so keep doing good thank Ki ball it in best of luck on Sunday. Respect map

  8. Jaguars defensive highlights | AFC Divisional Round


    Sun, 14 Jan 2018


    play in the would go from there and allowed. For the from the young. Mayo oh Jack. He develops. No gain on the play Kelvin Smith who was all over this we check in with Evan Washburn of your first. Pucks. Still down there close. Up and down the

  9. GMFB: Steelers, Patriots are the most confident teams for this weekend


    Thu, 11 Jan 2018


    guys don't care they they're they're not they're not phased in. No expect anything from them and Jalen Ramsey Kelvin Smith . You go through the entire he'd aged boy these guys have been vocal about how little they care about what the Steelers

  10. Five plays that show how Jags defense dominated | Instant Playbook


    Mon, 8 Jan 2018


    early in his game they give Tyrod Taylor a lot to look. For example on this thirty Tampa Bay lineup in sideline markers Kelvin Smith Myles gap. At safety. In the safeties page on Gibson Barry church. They lied about that lead back at the stat there

  11. Bills vs. Jaguars highlights | AFC Wild Card


    Sun, 7 Jan 2018


    Pauses and then there while slope you've got to go the runners to the right. His eyes are in the wrong place place Kelvin Smith was late on his gap. Yeah. And Max Jones and Avery Jones. She's okay who little. I. And then never makes it work

  12. MTS: Predicting the 2017 NFL Playoffs


    Thu, 4 Jan 2018


    now you have an Antonio Brown if he's playing. Not at 100% and you've got to lock down corners on the outside. Kelvin Smith missed all kinds of plays at the second level. I think this defense could be dominant and I don't think. Looked

  13. 254: Predicting the Super Bowl Champion (Full Show)


    Thu, 4 Jan 2018


    now you have an Antonio Brown if he's playing. Not at 100% and you've got to lock down corners on the outside. Kelvin Smith making all kinds of plays at the second level I think this defense could be dominant and I don't think. Looked at

  14. Instant Playbook: Why Jimmy G excelled on third down vs. Jags


    Tue, 2 Jan 2018


    George Carroll just. Out of the outstretched arms Kelvin Smith . George kettle what finished that catch in the end ..... location is gonna be key in this beater delivered because Kelvin Smith is coming from the inside out. Contacted. Look at

  15. Telvin Smith: Jimmy G has been playing 'lights out' for 49ers


    Fri, 22 Dec 2017


    An important piece that defense linebacker Kelvin Smith this is your fourth year in the league dominance is snuck is that some kid that you are actually going to be in the playoffs yet

  16. 2018 Pro Bowl Snubs


    Wed, 20 Dec 2017


    Any surprises on the last. Not on yeah how I would say Jacksonville Jaguars middle linebacker Kelvin Smith who we had on the cell tee into posed to Al. Let's and he was not just had told Valentin made was ten toes down all season yet

  17. The Scouting Report: Russell Wilson vs. Jaguars


    Wed, 6 Dec 2017


    continue to move back in CD of the guys that are able to get it done. Their linebacker cool we speedy athletes like Kelvin Smith who closed quickly point underneath pass catchers. Their ability to read that as of the quarterback. Really separates

  18. Duke Johnson shifts and jukes his way down the sideline for a 21-yard gain


    Sun, 19 Nov 2017


    a gain of 21 and now we've hit that two minute warning whistle drama. It's just a simple pass in the flat. And Kelvin Smith overruns the play it's good to be fast but not too thanks you've got to use this sidelined as your extra defender

  19. Keenan Allen hit over the middle, still holds onto the catch


    Sun, 12 Nov 2017


    Lately. The football. Look at it propelled it sped. But he did Allen picks up eighteenth the back of its own new gates coveted boasted. Your linebackers stepped up just a little but that ball's thrown right over there but miles Jack and Kelvin Smith the two linebackers great he.

  20. MTS: Games of the Week, Breaking down Steelers offense


    Thu, 26 Oct 2017


    breaking news recently just came down. The extension for Kelvin Smith the linebacker explosive linebacker out of foresee the ..... of the youngest what most explosive groups in the NFL Kelvin Smith I think would have fetched the king's ransom on the

  21. Telvin Smith: Jaguars defense is 'on a roll' right now


    Wed, 11 Oct 2017


    It's is Kelvin Smith after his second career pick six Jaguars beat up on the Steelers last week and he is live with us. On up to the minute on NFL

  22. Top 5 offensive lines for Week 2


    Tue, 19 Sep 2017


    47 yards. Do you start from the working up. Getting a block but Kelvin Smith . In this field for Pierre can't read it just kind of feel that opens up. Your plans and taking Davis to the ground.

  23. Titans vs. Jaguars highlights | Week 2


    Sun, 17 Sep 2017


    defensive backs going to be over to bring it down really well done by Ben Jones. The veteran. Senator did enough what Kelvin Smith starting the Jacksonville turned. But she doesn't believe. Facts about this first heat right here aged boy game

  24. Derrick Henry highlights | Week 2


    Sun, 17 Sep 2017


    coach back in 2000. Working up. Getting a block on Kelvin Smith . And a feel for Derrick can read it just kind of feel ..... done by Ben Jones. He veteran. Saturday and up on Kelvin Smith . Not a touchdown a lot of earlier in the corner and

  25. Pick 'Em Week 2


    Fri, 15 Sep 2017


    to the the quarterback miles Jack is that to a zone crazy how many pieces I am on the right and so they're McLaren Kelvin Smith yet corners out there. So they'll be fine. He comes to. Late morals complete portals and the ball can run the ball