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  1. Predicting Hall of Fame's Class of 2019: Ed Reed looms large


    Mon, 6 Aug 2018

    t change the tight end position in the way he is sometimes credited with doing (Hall of Famers John Mackey and Kellen Winslow deserve that recognition), but he played it at a higher level -- for longer -- than anyone. I doubt any tight

  2. Fouts shares how he felt when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame


    Tue, 5 Jun 2018


    real special feeling. And you know then you have your own teammates that you work together with. Charlie joiner and Kellen Winslow . For me it is just it's an awesome event that's awesome feeling. Now you're charger you met so you former

  3. Around the NFL: What is the best QB-tight end duo in history?


    Mon, 14 May 2018


    records are going down they're not even the greatest combo in their own franchises history and pelting Kellen Winslow . I think Winslow before drunk came around was the greatest tight end of all time and touts the hall of Famer I've I like

  4. Top 10 Plays in Divisional Round History


    Thu, 11 Jan 2018


    Tony Nathan takes it in for the touchdown the Chargers. If the game winning field goal that I was generated out of Kellen Winslow senior the original when it's all out over this he did. Can't imagine. It is it replay for this one point we

  5. Elliot Harrison's Top 5 Divisional Round games of all time


    Tue, 9 Jan 2018


    that's Tony Nathan right right there for a touchdown. The Dolphins would have a game winning field goal attempt Kellen Winslow Chargers tight it would Lockett he would also catching thirteen balls in this game. He was so exhausted from the

  6. NFL Wild Card Weekend IQ quiz: Test your football knowledge


    Sat, 6 Jan 2018

    Who was the other such team? Answer: 1981 Chargers (QB Dan Fouts, RB Chuck Muncie, WR Charlie Joiner, TE Kellen Winslow ) 5. The two highest career passer ratings in NFL playoff history (min. 150 attempts) belong to Hall of Famers

  7. Freezer Bowl highlights


    Thu, 16 Nov 2017


    the Chargers face a Dawkins took weighing on the first series of the second period. When van filed combined with Kellen Winslow number waiting for a 33 yards school. Another look at that touchdown reveals that San Diego's linemen and backs

  8. NFL Week 3 game picks: Falcons squeak by Lions; Chiefs hit 3-0


    Fri, 22 Sep 2017

    Bilal Powell (18 touches in two games). Hey, Jets tight ends have six catches so far this season, which is like Kellen Winslow -Mickey Shuler numbers for this team. Throwing to the RBs and TEs short could mitigate Miami's clear advantage

  9. DDFP: When will the Browns have a winning record again?


    Tue, 5 Sep 2017


    other teams have gotten sideways I refer back to the Kellen Winslow junior draft pick in 2004. Who was on the board ..... quarterback we think so let's not debt let's not do that Kellen Winslow junior fits in the immediately forced. That's where

  10. Drive of the Week: Passing the Bucs


    Mon, 28 Aug 2017


    ghost work. I though looked quick looks a go to Carolyn we regardless of who would say for step with what. Goes to Kellen Winslow junior quick out there yard pick up. The ball down to the thirty yard line the clock ticking continues to tick Freeman

  11. Who should be in the Hall of Fame? Picking the Class of 2020


    Fri, 4 Aug 2017

    from 1982 through '87. He was also overshadowed by contemporaries -- and Hall of Famers -- Kellen Winslow and Ozzie Newsome. Yet, when Winslow was hurt in 1984 and Newsome's numbers declined for Marty Schottenheimer's Browns , Christensen

  12. What it means to LaDainian Tomlinson to be the last SD Charger inducted to the HOF


    Fri, 4 Aug 2017


    I just think about the lunch and we just had a great mr. Martin. And you know seeing him Romney since. You know Kellen Winslow and can't fouls in grounds like that is. And damn welcomed me and at the luncheon you know as the number of San

  13. Pressure Valve: Sessler's ode to Seth DeValve: Part II


    Thu, 3 Aug 2017


    to highlights. From last season and tells me in a private MySpace chat. Set the valve is as if Rob Gronkowski and Kellen Winslow had a baby in senate to be tutored in a distant land by Ozzie Newsome. You have private MySpace chats with other

  14. Around the NFL Podcast: Mailbag (Full Show)


    Thu, 3 Aug 2017


    to highlights. From last season and tells me in a private MySpace chat. Set the valve is as if Rob Gronkowski and Kellen Winslow had a baby and sent it to be tutored in a distant land by Ozzie Newsome you have private MySpace chats with other

  15. Fabiano's 2017 fantasy football projections: TEs


    Fri, 28 Jul 2017

    1. As a coordinator or head coach, Chudzinski led Kellen Winslow Jr. (2007) and Jordan Cameron (2013) to fourth-place finishes among tight ends based on fantasy points. Winslow was also on pace to be a top-10 tight end in 2008

  16. 43 days until football countdown


    Wed, 26 Jul 2017


    category Josh is. Wide receivers go Terrell Owens myself. Braylon Edwards talent no. And that I can accept Kelly no Kellen Winslow to contend with the bad and there's some of the pennant.

  17. Harrison's top 5 QB-WR tandems of all time


    Wed, 28 Jun 2017


    can't bounce and John Jefferson. It's who I went with that number 30 John Jefferson. It's not as famous as Kellen Winslow is not as famous as Charlie joiner. But in the early days of air Korea which make no mistakes still out there and

  18. 2. Kellen Winslow


    Tue, 27 Jun 2017

    San Diego Chargers, 1979-1987 » Voted to five Pro Bowls, three-time First Team All-Pro » NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team » Started 94 of 109 NFL games played » Finished career with 541 receptions for 6,741 yards and 45 touchdowns » Enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

  19. Russell Wilson's special bond with his dad


    Fri, 16 Jun 2017


    yards and four seasons. Knew he would always talk about that experience and how great Dan Phelps was how he admired Kellen Winslow this seem like you've been in ten years that's how much you had to say about it. And here is final pre season

  20. Best NFL draft picks of the century: Top selections from Miami


    Fri, 26 May 2017

    S Sean Taylor (2.2), WR Santana Moss (1.1), LB Dan Morgan (1.1), OL Bryant McKinnie (1.1), TE Kellen Winslow (1.1). Total number of picks from school since 2000: 104 2017 draft picks from School (9): TE David Njoku

  21. GMFB's 2017 overhaul draft


    Wed, 17 May 2017


    scoop curry and against the Browns at the steeler liberties from Findlay Ohio have local boy they'd. Ask Dominic to Kellen Winslow instead. And he's been killing them ever since. With the first pick in the overall overhaul. Of the NFL draft

  22. Match or No Match: Jabrill Peppers


    Fri, 5 May 2017


    ask you guys like. Are they gonna it has committed same thing as when they pass on Roethlisberger in 2004 and took Kellen Winslow instead and people are likely you have obviously had ruffles burger. They passed on three different quarterbacks

  23. Browns trade back into first round, take TE David Njoku


    Fri, 28 Apr 2017

    tight end position not seen in Cleveland since the Browns last drafted a tight end out of tradition-rich Miami -- Kellen Winslow Jr., in 2004. As Njoku displays elite leaping ability (37.5-inch vertical at the combine) especially in jump

  24. Tight end U


    Tue, 18 Apr 2017

    Good news for any team that decides to select David Njoku in the first round: There have been 4 Miami tight ends taken in the first round of the draft in the common era, and all 4 were Pro Bowlers (Greg Olsen, Kellen Winslow Jr., Jeremy Shockey, and Bubba Franks).

  25. 2017 NFL Draft: One burning question for each NFC team


    Tue, 11 Apr 2017

    mentioned in his latest mock . Not a bad lineage of Hurricane tight ends, either. That's where Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow Jr. and Greg Olsen came from -- and maybe the Lions ' next tight end, as well. Green Bay Packers: When does Ted