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  1. Five reasons why the Steelers will make the 2018 NFL playoffs


    Thu, 5 Jul 2018

    up to hit the gridiron? Well ... 2) Randy Fichtner is now the man in Big Ben's ear The Steelers didn't bring back Todd Haley , promoting longtime quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner to offensive coordinator. If he's anything like William Fichtner

  2. Steve Smith on Mayfield: 'I love his attitude and character'


    Thu, 28 Jun 2018


    not to be start and by mid season because they also have a supporting and that is too old to. Move the ball down the field Todd Haley is gonna put those guys in position. To win and Tyrod is a Smart quarterback he can work when his legs but he he's worked

  3. Le'Veon Bell on contract situation with Steelers: 'We're a lot closer than we were last year at this time'


    Mon, 25 Jun 2018


    game scrimmage yards per game for any running back in the National Football League but you might know Ahmet Todd Haley got. Todd Haley exit ready for its near enter. Tell me do you see touches going up. Going down do you see things being similar

  4. Browns RBs coach to ride 'hot hand' with backfield trio


    Fri, 22 Jun 2018

    projects to earn most of the pass-catching duties. As a movable chess piece who can split out wide, offensive coordinator Todd Haley could get creative using Johnson in 2-RB sets. The matchup nightmare could benefit most from the "hot hand" approach

  5. Which rookie QB are you most excited about?


    Fri, 15 Jun 2018


    second team which is huge slowly coming along with Jackson not blowing smoke about how great he is he's so that ought to go. Todd Haley saying spent some good things he's got a lot to learn I think Tyrod Taylor is this started aching feet and Gil is going

  6. Gregg Rosenthal explains why Nathan Peterman has a better chance to start Week 1 than Baker Mayfield does


    Fri, 15 Jun 2018


    Tyrod Taylor. And that tape that he's shown over the last four years as he's quality starting quarterback I believe. Todd Haley that baker mayfield is looking up to Tyrod Taylor right now and he is not going to be the starter week one.

  7. Haley: This is a make-or-break year for Corey Coleman


    Thu, 14 Jun 2018

    an "unstoppable" receiving corps, Browns wideout Corey Coleman is under pressure imposed by his offensive coordinator. Todd Haley is also new to the Browns , but isn't new to success at the position, hopping the Ohio-Pennsylvania border via Interstate

  8. Tyrod: I would 'love' to knock Bills out of the playoffs in 2018


    Wed, 13 Jun 2018


    he's made some plays. You still are. Well let's talk about that new offense a little bit your offensive coordinator Todd Haley is new here as well or what in his offense speaks to you. What you like about him. Been able to change things at the line

  9. Gordon: Browns boast 'best receiving corps' in league


    Tue, 12 Jun 2018

    the position. But the two have never suited up together, and this is their first season with Tyrod Taylor under center and Todd Haley calling the plays. It's hard to glean what affect their pairing will have on opposing secondaries. But it's clear that

  10. Duke Johnson, Browns agree to 3-year, $15.6M deal


    Fri, 8 Jun 2018

    chores, Johnson will ride sidecar to quarterback Tyrod Taylor in obvious passing situations. Considering new play-caller Todd Haley 's success with Le'Veon Bell out of the backfield in Pittsburgh, Johnson's targets might actually increase in 2018

  11. Jarvis Landry: Browns QBs 'a lot better' than Miami's


    Thu, 7 Jun 2018

    ▶ Offseason acquisitions "I think [ Browns play-caller] Todd [ Haley ] is going to give me the opportunities I need to ... not show off my talents, but the things that I can do," Landry said

  12. Ben Roethlisberger: Backups grateful for extra reps


    Thu, 7 Jun 2018

    Steelers are transitioning with a new offensive coordinator, as Randy Fichtner was promoted from quarterbacks coach to replace Todd Haley , whose contract wasn't renewed after the 2017 season. While extra time in the offensive scheme might prove beneficial

  13. Hard Knocks documentary series to cover the Cleveland Browns


    Tue, 5 Jun 2018

    third season as head coach, John Dorsey's first full go-around as general manager, the personalities of coordinators Todd Haley and Gregg Williams and of course the quarterback "battle" between Tyrod Taylor and first overall pick Baker Mayfield

  14. Which team's QB-WR duo will have a better 2018: Steelers or Texans?


    Thu, 31 May 2018


    no they do it every year I'm apparently not learning Arnold and I can't even. Don't think so yeah I have respect for Todd Haley about having leg look at these guys here and say I nagging doubt that she can't believe it. I was second shakeup made it

  15. Post-draft concerns: One burning question for each AFC team


    Fri, 25 May 2018

    than the sum of its parts? It depends on your expectations. The transfer of play-calling duties alone from Hue Jackson to Todd Haley , who is assuming "total autonomy" of the playbook, is enough to inspire optimism among fans longing for a creative, nuanced

  16. Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice will lead rookie running backs


    Wed, 23 May 2018

    team but might not become a Pro Bowl-caliber star. I do think he'll play well in Cleveland, where offensive coordinator Todd Haley likes to run the ball. Chubb will get his despite sharing the running back room with Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson . RANK

  17. Seven best offseasons of 2018: Giants, Browns make strides


    Sat, 19 May 2018

    offensive lineman Austin Corbett and his fellow second-rounder, running back Nick Chubb . I think new offensive coordinator Todd Haley is special. The schedule is tough , especially in the early going, but I think the Browns will win at least six games in

  18. 'Hard Knocks' to bring Browns' Hope Season into focus


    Fri, 18 May 2018

    paint Williams with that brush, we can at least say "Hard Knocks" has a Mean Uncle to weave into the narrative. As for Todd Haley , here's to hoping he fires off a couple of potshots on Ben Roethlisberger when he thinks cameras aren't rolling. The

  19. Cleveland Browns to be featured on 'Hard Knocks'


    Thu, 17 May 2018

    s third year as head coach, John Dorsey's first full go-around as general manager, the personalities of coordinators Todd Haley and Gregg Williams and of course the quarterback "battle" between Tyrod Taylor and first overall pick Baker Mayfield . â

  20. Chiefs, Jaguars among most vulnerable division winners


    Thu, 10 May 2018

    Bell's ongoing contract situation could become an issue. The key players are getting older. Former offensive coordinator Todd Haley is in Cleveland. And I have questions about their defense. Losing Ryan Shazier is huge -- he was a vocal leader who made

  21. Browns' Baker Mayfield does extra work under center


    Mon, 7 May 2018

    offenses. Grossi even noted that Mayfield's snaps under center over the weekend were likely more than offensive coordinator Todd Haley would use in a game. The weekend was just a start. Mayfield will spend the rest of his offseason drilling relentlessly on

  22. Did Steelers make the right draft picks to maintain 'contender' status?


    Mon, 7 May 2018


    to be OTA is can we build some chemistry with all three of those guys on the field and they ship away. Marti this Bryant Todd Haley gone Big Ben might not hate that but. They're contenders because of the talent around reloaded our with a career.

  23. Hue: Haley will have total autonomy of Browns offense


    Fri, 4 May 2018

    an unprecedented and ignominious 1-31 record, though, Jackson will relinquish those responsibilities to new coordinator Todd Haley . As the Browns reported for rookie minicamp on Friday, Jackson acknowledged that Haley has been given "total autonomy

  24. Ask 5: Which QB from 2018 draft will have best rookie season?


    Wed, 2 May 2018

    cast the best on offense. He has that (group of players around him), along with two offensive minds in Hue Jackson and Todd Haley running the show." Summary: That's three votes for Darnold and one apiece for Mayfield and Rosen. Conclusion: I think

  25. Schrager: Big Ben shouldn't feel threatened by Rudolph


    Wed, 2 May 2018


    Rudolph but. If this is what it takes to light a fire and get better a little competitive great all court. I also wonder Todd Haley being gone is kinda. Freshening up Ben he's a step a little bit there is a little bit of friction there and now suddenly