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  1. A.B. or Rodgers: Who's better at their position?


    Thu, 16 Aug 2018


    of all time in on the range they ask Jerry Rice has the reigns. But you look around ..... out and right now you last in the best wide receiver in football as. I think there's great ..... obviously the under Hopkins. But the best wide receiver from ball to me and I don't lose any

  2. Should OBJ be the highest paid WR in the NFL?


    Tue, 7 Aug 2018


    why most guys are paid you look at Antonio Brown eyes viewers here because he's the best in the game exits in races Jerry Rice . Although Beckham. Is a fantastic town we know the numbers thirteen and a plus yards him plus receiving TDs. In the

  3. Burleson: Benjamin may have hurt his relationship with current and future teammates


    Mon, 6 Aug 2018


    kind of quarterback Anderson however. Calvin Ben's been looking back on his time. With the Panthers is not exactly Jerry Rice on the Raiders looking back in his time with the niners right it's not even Jarvis Landry looking back on the Dolphins

  4. Terrell Owens stays true to edgy, defiant reputation in speech


    Sun, 5 Aug 2018

    receiving yardage than any player in NFL history other than Jerry Rice (the former San Francisco 49ers teammate he acknowledges ..... his mother, Marilyn Heard, calling her "the real Hall of Famer ," and especially while thanking his late grandmother

  5. Tim Brown on waiting for HOF induction: 'Everything happens at the right time'


    Sat, 4 Aug 2018


    here. I don't waited six years you know to get it when you retired though you are second all time receiving only did Jerry Rice yeah it's still I don't wait and we heard Jerry Kramer last legs felt good about you only through all the emotions

  6. Terrell Owens' Full Hall of Fame Speech


    Sat, 4 Aug 2018


    worry about not. You always a hall of Famer to me. The moment. You other ..... ever play the game and myself and Jerry Rice . And that. After that coach ..... again. This is for you. Being a hall of Famer . And doing all the things. Leading

  7. Terrell Owens | Gold Jacket Profile


    Fri, 3 Aug 2018


    the chance to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Jerry Rice . And it was with the 49ers that the wings truly came ..... backed up this talk with some of the most spectacular wide receiver play. Big game has ever seen and how far.

  8. Hall of Fame: Each AFC team's most deserving candidate


    Thu, 2 Aug 2018

    his unparalleled productivity at the position for the better part of two decades. He is to tight end what Jerry Rice is to wide receiver and Bruce Smith is to defensive end. Putting his candidacy aside, Deron Cherry is another Kansas City great

  9. What is T.O.'s defining moment?


    Thu, 2 Aug 2018


    Jacqueline Democrat on the first on this 11998. Terrell Owens is the number two wide receiver for the senate to go 49ers Jerry Rice obviously the number one wide receiver in the go to the playoffs. The wild card round and they're playing against

  10. James Jones: Randy Moss is the 'greatest receiver of all time'


    Wed, 1 Aug 2018


    that is in my opinion when Jerry Rice at the sea man it was it ..... those border about played wide receiver that I do so thank you for ..... the greatest of all tied Jerry Rice in my. Less worthy upended ..... that he's a first ballot hall of Famer I don't think TO should

  11. Candlestick Moments: Owens catches 20 passes


    Wed, 1 Aug 2018


    basically right on the right side yeah. Yeah. Missed an opportunity is there anything just short just because if you're Jerry Rice and everything that you don't pro football. High school football and athletics and humidity and everything every track

  12. The Real Terrell Owens: An insider's look at the Hall of Fame receiver


    Mon, 30 Jul 2018

    not starting. Jerry Rice was the starter ..... present): Jerry Rice and John Taylor ..... was a complete wide receiver . He really valued ..... chance to be a Hall of Famer . Those three ..... in 2000] was Jerry Rice 's last home

  13. The Real Randy Moss: Those who were there dish on the Hall of Famer


    Mon, 30 Jul 2018

    the sixth wide receiver to receive ..... Burleson (NFL wide receiver , 2003 ..... sure-fire Hall of Famer . No question ..... was with Jerry ( Rice ) and [Terrell ..... he was a Hall of Famer . Reggie Wayne (NFL wide receiver , 2001

  14. ATN Podcast: Fly On The Wall: Training Camp


    Thu, 26 Jul 2018


    basically that defense is the answer to Jerry Rice . As far as how obsessed he is ..... riled up. I think the mindset that Jerry Rice head on offense is what they ..... be some continuity continuity a wide receiver and he's a player that fits there

  15. AFC South training camp preview: Key players to watch


    Thu, 19 Jul 2018

    arguably drawn more coverage than Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice in his prime. But by all accounts throughout the ..... Still, the one spot that requires attention is the wide receiver corps, considering the departure of Allen Robinson

  16. 'Hard Knocks': 2001 Baltimore Ravens | Episode 6


    Wed, 18 Jul 2018


    against retirement after becoming a cap casualty. Instead Jerry Rice joined several other forty niners the starter before their ..... search of one final Lombardi trophy. The Raiders would Jerry Rice just one of many teams with a chance to win and all of

  17. Charles Barkley on T.O. not attending HOF ceremony: 'I think Terrell is selfish'


    Fri, 13 Jul 2018


    the united that was two medical game but met in a big deal Jerry Rice man what took place why don't want to stated on a yellow ..... the wrong thing. Listen. He should about a first ballot hall of Famer but those other guys Chris Carter who waited longer. Mean

  18. Steve Smith: Lamar Jackson is 'the future' for Ravens


    Tue, 10 Jul 2018


    debate believe in that ours were different. Course certain number war receiver of all time. Jerry Rice I really rather think about. Yeah right as Jerry rice 's all time perhaps a little bit. You're out there can your Ravens purple. I want to

  19. Steve Smith Sr. says Jerry Rice is the best WR in NFL history


    Mon, 9 Jul 2018


    different. Course certain number war receiver of all time. Jerry Rice . I don't you have to think about it and you're right as Jerry rice 's all time perhaps a little bit.

  20. DDFP: Antonio Brown Top-3 all-time wide receiver ?


    Tue, 26 Jun 2018


    the three best wide receivers the Super Bowl I think he strapped him in that direction now I think that you would say. Jerry Rice Randy Moss and AB's going to be inactive in that top three. Do a bit better on our return and but we're talking

  21. Wide receiver : Jerry Rice (Raiders, 2001)


    Mon, 11 Jun 2018

    Garner wasn't the only player to defect to the East Bay in 2001. After 16 glorious seasons with the 49ers, Rice donned the Silver and Black for the first of three and a half solid seasons at a time when many wondered how much he had left in the tank. This was actually the second collaboration ...

  22. All-Time Jon Gruden Team


    Mon, 11 Jun 2018

    s playoff run that season. Wide receiver : Jerry Rice ( Raiders , 2001) Garner wasn ..... 49ers offensive assistant. Wide receiver : Tim Brown ( Raiders , 1998 ..... probably how Tim Brown felt before Jerry Rice joined the Raiders . Tight end

  23. Which offensive player is the most 'untradeable' in the NFL?


    Mon, 11 Jun 2018


    brown and Andrei and I think like Antonio Brown is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now and I feel like. He is the heart is ..... season every year which. Areas are now. He might break Jerry Rice in receptions record in the next couple of seasons I want

  24. What's the most impressive record in NFL history?


    Mon, 11 Jun 2018


    about it I'll go and another wide receiver . And this guy's known as ..... know but it is the yardage for Jerry Rice Jerry Rice . Fourteenth 2895. Receiving ..... out. Year in and year out. It Jerry Rice yardage was dollars he could put

  25. Which dark horse WR will get the 'triple crown'?


    Fri, 8 Jun 2018


    senior 2005 he did a solid sharp 1992 and Jerry Rice . 1990. That is one hell of a listless ..... that should not that he won this is a wide receiver one. Was acting funny fifteen. Adam ..... be the best thing didn't have any wide receiver let's not forget we've played port