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Jerry Rice

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  1. Tim Brown joins 'NFL Total Access'


    Mon, 22 May 2017


    you know we've got a hall of Famer Tim Brown joining us ..... time when yourself and Jerry Rice did that that where do ..... you know and you know Jerry Rice is going to be the only ..... those who wait Tim Brown hall of Famer period thanks for taking

  2. Kay Adams: I'm all in with the Buccaneers in 2017


    Fri, 19 May 2017


    In my game and they're gonna look like they're Jerry Rice and John Taylor out there so we're in May telling ..... to play in the league one of my close friend not as a wide receiver assistant. It's a very small thing that's sick

  3. What if Larry Fitzgerald was drafted by Raiders in 2004?


    Tue, 11 Apr 2017


    draft. Larry fits because they had Jerry Rice terrorism 42 years old and and having ..... does when Jerry Porter didn't need a wide receiver . So we like to make by the Raiders ..... gallery but if he is there's a different wide receiver out there instead of Larry fits it comes

  4. Jerry Rice


    Mon, 27 Mar 2017

    Oakland Raiders wide receiver Jerry Rice (80) skies for a catch during an NFL game against the Minnesota Vikings, Nov. 16, 2003 in Oakland. (AP Photo/Greg Trott)

  5. Le'Veon Bell, Derek Carr among top Round 2 picks since 2012


    Thu, 23 Mar 2017

    as well. 6) Michael Thomas, wide receiver Drafted: 47th overall in 2016 ..... work with. 7) Alshon Jeffery, wide receiver Drafted: 45th overall in 2012 ..... catch. Jeffry is kind of like Jerry Rice in that he doesn't have great

  6. Cooper Kupp talks being Peyton Manning's WR


    Wed, 15 Mar 2017


    will come with a mean this is the kind of stuff that would have made Mississippi Valley State's. Jerry Rice Washington factor about the Jerry Rice were the top at CS freshman. 41 touchdowns that you're fourth time. First team snaps yes all

  7. Draft War Room: Who will Titans pick in Round 1?


    Mon, 13 Mar 2017


    number eighteen I got a wide receiver coming off the board ..... I think is the best wide receiver in this entire draft ..... I love a physical wide receiver coming off the plant ..... Two real points and Jerry Rice about that not a save

  8. Calais Campbell, Kevin Zeitler signings among best of initial wave of free agency


    Fri, 10 Mar 2017

    work the Eagles did to give Carson Wentz some major help at wide receiver . Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith are great additions. Forget ..... with the 49ers -- nobody was going to be successful there. Jerry Rice in his prime wouldn't have been successful with that team

  9. Marshall: I hope to make OBJ's job easier and have his best year ever


    Thu, 9 Mar 2017


    year well mom and my little Big Brother that are new Giants wide receiver . And we were just talking during the commercial break ..... you signing with the Giants and we'll put our right now. Jerry Rice . What a combo ran a Marshall. Obese today. Should be excited

  10. Underappreciated storylines


    Wed, 8 Mar 2017


    last few years to Jerry Rice and it was a very ..... Antonio Brown. And Jerry Rice when it comes to ..... you think of the Jerry Rice as you think of ..... receiver today yes and Jerry Rice . My best receiver ..... amazing play. Are hall of Famer depth I love that

  11. Best free agency deals: Jerry Rice to the Raiders


    Mon, 6 Mar 2017


    eyes and I hope that lady that I'm. Sort of but Jerry Rice Jerry Rice is not a bit of a cold streak lately we all outside ..... up here because I don't like when people jump on Jerry Rice for his post 49ers career that it's I say laugh about

  12. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss: Who deserves Hall of Fame bid in 2018?


    Fri, 17 Feb 2017

    wrong; Moss is a first-ballot Hall of Famer I feel like the Hall of Fame committee ..... an absolute beast. There's Jerry Rice , then T.O. I feel like the ..... Moss should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer . It's amazing how he took the

  13. Future Hall of Famers we saw in Super Bowl LI


    Thu, 9 Feb 2017


    was a first ballot hall of Famer walked right into the ..... makes him a certifiable hall of Famer . Do not forget his ..... would be one. Maybe Jerry Rice . Maybe Reggie White ..... Julio Jones the best wide receiver in the game I think

  14. Tom Brady, Kyle Shanahan among men shaped by Super Bowl LI


    Tue, 7 Feb 2017

    Nobody has enjoyed a more decorated career. Sorry, Jerry Rice . 2) Bill Belichick Like with Brady, I've argued ..... patriarch of "the Patriot Way." And he's also a future Hall of Famer . 7) James White It's not easy to distinguish yourself

  15. DDFP: How did T.O. miss the Hall of Fame cut?


    Tue, 7 Feb 2017


    and bodies should be hall of Famer and I told much the other ..... air wide receivers okay Jerry Rice . Randy Moss Dave are ..... yeah. Is in the net Jerry Rice is that I I would I would ..... Who would you want Jerry Rice . TO. Or Antonio Brown

  16. Terrell Owens reacts to not making Hall of Fame class


    Mon, 6 Feb 2017

    Owens, arguably the greatest wide receiver of his generation and second ..... fans & friends I'm a Hall Of Famer . #FlawedProcess â Terrell ..... who is smack dab between Jerry Rice and Randy Moss is career ..... t be the first prolific wide receiver to have to wait for entry

  17. Schrager: Have to wonder if other HOFers don't want T.O. in


    Mon, 6 Feb 2017


    maybe he's just not a hall of Famer and maybe the guys that ..... idea that he is not a hall of Famer . Is so ridiculous now ..... numbers behind only Jerry Rice behind only Randy Moss ..... in K and I ran into a hall of Famer in the hotel I'm not

  18. Terrell Owens joins 'Super Bowl Live'


    Sat, 4 Feb 2017


    from the greatest of all time in Jerry Rice . Taken those small dose those those ..... somebody like myself or Randy Moss or Jerry Rice . Now they had dreams and aspirations ..... league and you're playing alongside Jerry Rice that put a little chip on your shoulder

  19. Terrell Owens: Julio Jones and I are similar WRs


    Fri, 3 Feb 2017


    think about what the west cost West Coast offense did for me. I learned from the the from the greatest of all time in Jerry Rice . Take it no small dose those those short passes taken the distance. Stretch in the defense yeah this is what Julio

  20. DDFP: SB LI Red Challenge Flag picks, All-time triplets & Xavier Rhodes (Full Show)


    Thu, 2 Feb 2017


    Steve young and as well. Jerry Rice obviously greatest receiver ..... that conversation. And and Jerry Rice is in arguably the best wide receiver of all time and Michael ..... when they say in a best wide receiver at the Super Bowl player ..... this is the new G am future hall of Famer in all likelihood and all

  21. Brown: 'I loved what I saw in Julio'


    Wed, 1 Feb 2017


    potential hall throw. Potential hall of Famer lesson even be being thrown around ..... Well there's no doubt he's a hall of Famer I think they were there or not go to put him in. Unless you because Jerry Rice into the B don't receive the

  22. McCourty on Julio: We can't give him one-on-one all game


    Mon, 30 Jan 2017


    I've played his victim players like Michael Irvin in the Jerry Rice and so for Cris Carter they've if you. It was do stuff to sleep the night before. Did you do what a guy like who you Joseph

  23. Watch: Zay Jones makes two spectacular catches at Senior Bowl


    Sat, 28 Jan 2017

    counted for NFL scouts. East Carolina wide receiver Zay Jones made a spectacular catch ..... grabs caught the eye of Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice . Zay Jones amazing catch #seniorbowl â Jerry Rice (@JerryRice) January 28, 2017

  24. Toomer: 'Patriots experience might work against them'


    Thu, 26 Jan 2017


    he's got to play for quite a long throughout. Do you think he can be better Randy Moss and the be mentioned in the Jerry Rice conversations I think that toe is a big deal like everybody doesn't realize how big a big deal the toe injury is I

  25. Top running backs in playoff history


    Wed, 25 Jan 2017

    town. Running or blocking, the Hall - of - Famer could do it all. Allen was the ..... 1. Emmitt Smith Much like Jerry Rice for receivers , this one shouldn ..... of the Year, 1993 MVP and a Hall - of - Famer . Smith's playoff prowess is