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Jake Plummer

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  1. Approach drafting 2018 fantasy rookie QBs cautiously


    Wed, 23 May 2018

    perspective, the two best quarterbacks the team has ever drafted regardless of the round are Neil Lomax (1981) and Jake Plummer (1997), and the latter had most of his success in Denver. Here's another interesting little note for all of you

  2. Broncos select Josey Jewell No. 106 in the 2018 NFL Draft


    Sat, 28 Apr 2018


    Let's get out the possible need to. In Denver. Five Jake Plummer former Broncos quarterback. I'm here today with Abdul. Matt Ed Connor. Heard sixth pick. In the 2018. NFL draft. Denver

  3. Best moments from around the world in Round 4 | NFL Draft


    Sat, 28 Apr 2018


    who live bone loss Vegas Nevada. In traffic here in New York City from the Houston Texans to his tour. Or. I'm Jake Plummer . Obama more I'm Adam Vinatieri Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas Ron Howard here I know the head coach of

  4. Blackmon: Cardinals 'lukewarm' on trading up for QB


    Thu, 26 Apr 2018


    position but a enter. I should point out that. 1988. The Cardinals have drafted thirteen quarterbacks and aside from Jake Plummer . None of them have won more than 22 games and none of them had a winning season magic Palmer got rid of the playoffs

  5. Who'll make Kirk Cousins the highest-paid player ever?


    Tue, 2 Jan 2018

    Kaepernick -- offered greater upside. Perhaps the closest parallels to Cousins are a pair of ex- Broncos in Jay Cutler and Jake Plummer . The former forced his way out of Denver upon learning of incoming coach Josh McDaniels' covert trade talks with Tampa

  6. Thanksgiving Throwback: Larry Johnson feasts on Broncos defense


    Wed, 22 Nov 2017


    ninth off. To this end here. Chargers Jake Plummer thinking of sleep quicker. First drive ..... third no. Byrd five however there's a Jake Plummer growing up you know one in particular ..... Evening four on the Denver Broncos and for Jake Plummer .

  7. Bills vs. Chargers preview | 'NFL Playbook'


    Sun, 19 Nov 2017


    picture made a switch at quarterback that wasn't injury related to it this late in the season. 06 Broncos. Our bench Jake Plummer favorite Jay Cutler. But. The bills fans are pretty familiar with this two eagle back to Flutie didn't pull out

  8. GMFB's 'TurnOver'


    Wed, 8 Nov 2017


    toilets you as a quarterback really increases the toilets what do you call I got to fix is toward his mean in your house Jake Plummer yeah I'm bound to head coach. Of receiving death our right calm he's a cornerback he's a beast Patrick what

  9. QB Index, Week 5: Tom Brady unfair, Alex Smith on fire


    Fri, 6 Oct 2017

    stats: 4 games | 66.7 pct | 892 pass yds | 7.3 ypa | 6 pass TD | 4 INT 25 QB Jets Old enough to have backed up Jake Plummer , Jeff Blake, Shaun King and Kurt Warner on the Cardinals before traveling to seven other NFL teams, McCown is playing

  10. NFL Week 3 game picks: Falcons squeak by Lions; Chiefs hit 3-0


    Fri, 22 Sep 2017

    defense is better than both the Chargers ' and Cowboys ' groups. You know, Siemian is sporting the same haircut Jake Plummer donned during his first year with the franchise, before "The Snake" went all mountain man. Would like to see Siemian

  11. Marshall: Eli has yet to dethrone Fitz in my QB rankings


    Tue, 5 Sep 2017

    Brandon Marshall is either a master of deadpan humor, a massive fan of Ryan Fitzpatrick or is still interested in slighting Jake Plummer , Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Chad Henne and Matt Moore.

  12. Why you should root for the Denver Broncos


    Thu, 20 Jul 2017

    Elway quarterback landscape included Brian Griese (who jacked up his face falling down his teammate's driveway ), Jake Plummer (who was much, much better than Denver fans give him credit for), Kyle Orton and some other guy (we'll touch

  13. Position battle we're most excited to watch: Jets QBs


    Tue, 27 Jun 2017


    offensive coordinator on the. Shields up look at this is is this something and Peter Wright is catching up he clearly Jake Plummer Jeff Blake and Kurt Warner which they'll play from a five hour it's a Jon Kitna. Daunte Culpepper JaMarcus Russell

  14. 8. Jake Plummer


    Fri, 23 Jun 2017

    Arizona Cardinals, 1997–2002; Denver Broncos, 2003–2006 » Considered the best athlete to come out of state of Idaho » One Pro Bowl appearance » 69-67-0 career record as NFL starter » Took Cardinals to playoffs as rookie, leading team to first postseason victory in 50 years » Holds two Broncos ...

  15. Why you should root for the Arizona Cardinals


    Thu, 8 Jun 2017

    not good, Bob. Hipster jersey I'm going with the Jake Plummer Arizona State jersey. I still contend that when you ..... people being criminally robbed of the Heisman Trophy, Jake Plummer not winning in 1996 was the most egregious decision

  16. Week 15: Whiteboard Wednesday


    Wed, 14 Dec 2016


    let me doing life sweating but yeah sir. Hooking up would be an island again. I'd rather gonna be waiting for that Jake Plummer handball picture yeah. And now I need defense coordinator of the tight ends in Kyle brand is 79. He will be yeah yeah

  17. Landing spots for Tony Romo


    Wed, 16 Nov 2016


    Replacing Drew Bledsoe Drew Bledsoe that very next offseason traded to the Buffalo Bills. Jay Cutler replaced Jake Plummer Jake Plummer was traded to Tampa Bay never played he retired and I remember that highly and they didn't outplay us and I

  18. Trevor Siemian has edge over Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch for Broncos' job


    Thu, 25 Aug 2016

    with C.J. Anderson , Ronnie Hillman and Devontae Booker). With this setup, Kubiak is going back to his days with Jake Plummer in the mid-2000s, setting up the play action with the run. That's a good recipe for a young quarterback. Plus

  19. DeMarco Murray raves about Marcus Mariota's talent


    Fri, 5 Aug 2016

    impressed with his pinpoint accuracy on short and intermediate passes, nimble footwork reminiscent of Joe Montana and Jake Plummer , natural football instincts and preternatural poise. Murray added that the Titans ' second-year star is the hardest