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  1. What is the Browns' Achilles' heel?


    Mon, 25 Jun 2018


    legendary last 28 different starting quarterback since 1999 if they know who's to our friends. And older version of Jake DelHomme to a Ken Dorsey to a lawyer Sheila Kelly Holcomb we don't with a birth date news and hey do. We've got here we

  2. Franchise player or cap hog? The wisdom of heavy QB spending


    Mon, 21 May 2018

    under center. Heck, I was part of an organization (the 2003 Carolina Panthers) that went to the Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme installed as the QB1 surrounded by a couple of playmakers on the outside (Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad) and a

  3. GM power rankings: Howie Roseman, Kevin Colbert among best


    Wed, 18 Apr 2018

    the memories from the end of the original Hurney era in Carolina, which included some bloated contracts (hello, Jake Delhomme ) and trades of future draft picks. But Hurney also had plenty of draft hits, like Luke Kuechly , and surprising

  4. Bucky Brooks mock draft 3.0: New York Jets land Josh Rosen


    Thu, 22 Mar 2018

    Oklahoma New offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has tutored a diverse collection of quarterbacks in the league, including Jake Delhomme , Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers . He can certainly take Mayfield and build an offense around his skills

  5. Tom Brady tops ranking of all 60 Super Bowl QBs


    Fri, 26 Jan 2018

    1-0 with Giants) 48) Neil O'Donnell (0-1 with Steelers) 49) Colin Kaepernick (0-1 with 49ers) 50) Jake Delhomme (0-1 with Panthers) 51) Doug Williams (1-0 with Redskins) 52) Jim McMahon (1-0 with Bears) 53) Joe Kapp

  6. What Jags can learn from '03 Panthers game plan for Pats in SB XXXVIII


    Mon, 15 Jan 2018


    the pitchers think about. And attack and almost it is this kind of reminds me when other Carroll out of camp we had Jake DelHomme at quarterback and we went to Super Bowl thirty years and part of our approach was we will limit possessions we're

  7. Jake Delhomme's 6 turnovers vs Cardinals


    Tue, 9 Jan 2018


    The Carolina Panthers 2008 season came down to a crashing end when Jake Delhomme threw five interceptions and lost a fumble in the Divisional Playoffs against the Arizona Cardinals.

  8. Vikings' D smothers Falcons as Case Keenum, offense roll along


    Tue, 5 Dec 2017

    Keenum's remarkable career arc -- going from journeyman to potential Super Bowl quarterback -- brings to mind Jake Delhomme and Rich Gannon. The quarterback situation will be one of the most tantalizing storylines of the final month of the

  9. 2018 NFL Draft needs for struggling teams; Carolina's wise move


    Fri, 10 Nov 2017

    on the outside. The combination worked well, as the two wideouts helped elevate the play of journeyman quarterback Jake Delhomme during that span. Looking at the team's current QB1, the removal of Benjamin could also help Newton regain his

  10. Behind the scenes of 'Monday Night Football'


    Thu, 12 Oct 2017

    is the next installment of NFL Media's new series Life After Football, which profiles former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme , who now owns and trains thoroughbred horses in Louisiana. On ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown, Desmond Howard, one

  11. GameDay Recap - B Block


    Sun, 1 Oct 2017


    If he is not. You know worst you know Super Bowl what every match I can't remember what it was but it was a Dane Jake DelHomme Steve Smith the company felt for the Patriots maybe they had in the some plays. They didn't bunches up until it

  12. TBT: A most underrated Super Bowl


    Wed, 27 Sep 2017


    Branch to break the stalemate. And the floodgates open. Jake DelHomme just second undrafted quarterback to ever start a Super ..... Pierce seemed McGinest Bruschi Vrabel all torched by Jake DelHomme . It's harder for out. Now was Brady who is trailing

  13. Cam Newton to pass Jake Delhomme with next win


    Fri, 22 Sep 2017

    week when talking to Newton and Jake Delhomme , who are tied for the franchise lead in victories with 53. Delhomme compiled the total between 2003 ..... predicated on how (Cam) plays," Delhomme said. "I think most teams are

  14. Should the Bears wait to start Mitchell Trubisky at QB?


    Mon, 18 Sep 2017


    year it doesn't like they're in rebuilding right mode right now. By John Fox is a guy who went to a Super Bowl Jake DelHomme still. In his memory I don't necessarily quarterback to be great right now as long as the pieces around can develop

  15. Around the NFL: Kirk Cousins and Le'Veon Bell contract updates


    Tue, 18 Jul 2017


    Article. Of when Marty Kearney was released and at that point Marty heard it was a bit of a punching bag for the Jake DelHomme contact. And he made a lot at. Crazy deals in Carolina in one of the parts of my article is how him and Ron Rivera

  16. Panthers axe Dave Gettleman


    Tue, 18 Jul 2017


    2012. Article of when Marty Kearney was released and at that point Marty or it was a bit of a punching bag for the Jake DelHomme contact. And he he made a lot of crazy deals. In Carolina. In one of the parts of my article is how him and Ron

  17. Position battle we're most excited to watch: Jets QBs


    Tue, 27 Jun 2017


    Blake and Kurt Warner which they'll play from a five hour it's a Jon Kitna. Daunte Culpepper JaMarcus Russell. Jake DelHomme in that more wait there's another page to Jeff Heller the other it might cut like eleven. Lindell Kessler Griffin

  18. Why you should root for the Arizona Cardinals


    Thu, 8 Jun 2017

    Falcons in the Wild Card Round, ended the career of Jake Delhomme by getting him to throw five picks and fumble once in the Divisional Round (not really, because Delhomme would sign a two-year contract with the Browns , who

  19. Why you should root for the Carolina Panthers


    Fri, 2 Jun 2017

    the only time Martz would greatly benefit the Panthers franchise.) The game went into double overtime, and then Jake Delhomme hit Smith, who got past Jason Sehorn and raced 69 yards for the touchdown. The Panthers would go to Philadelphia

  20. Where does Super Bowl LI rank all-time?


    Tue, 7 Feb 2017


    greatest of all time. Got off to a slow start the defense has played really well the first half but in the second half. Jake DelHomme played street ball get one of those Mohamed yet another one of Mohammed right there yet another one to Steve Smith

  21. Patriots erase deficit, defeat Falcons in Super Bowl LI


    Mon, 6 Feb 2017

    nine touchdowns and a staggering 135.3 passer rating. His eight completions of 15 or more yards tied Carolina's Jake Delhomme ( Super Bowl XXXVIII, also in Houston versus the Patriots) for the most in one Super Bowl game. Considering the

  22. Road to Houston: My 1,600-mile trek to Super Bowl LI


    Tue, 31 Jan 2017

    return to the league, recalling such on-field titans as Spergon Wynn, Charlie Frye and a close-to-extinction Jake Delhomme . You know the road trip is over when Spergon Wynn is getting name-dropped. DAY 6: Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 Location

  23. Pro Bowl Skills Showdown great, should exist forever


    Fri, 27 Jan 2017

    at least one quarterback who would horrifically embarrass himself with a dreadful showing ( I'm looking at you, Jake Delhomme ). Nobody totally bombed here, but it did offer a reminder of how damn good Philip Rivers is. Conor Orr put it well

  24. Top 6 Offensive Weapons Belichick has faced in the Super Bowl


    Tue, 24 Jan 2017


    27 yards and a touchdown Plaxico is not a big factor let's go to number five and that some of the self love is not Jake DelHomme . But a young fiery wide receiver out of Utah name's Steve Smith who is just started to really come into his prime

  25. How Detroit must defend Aaron Rodgers; Cowboys' conundrum


    Sat, 31 Dec 2016

    excelled despite suspect quarterback play and the lack of a stellar supporting cast on the perimeter. (Yes, I know Jake Delhomme was a Pro Bowl selectee for the 2005 season, but let's be real: He wasn't ever considered an elite QB in league