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Ed Reed

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  1. The 10 Craziest Pick-Sixes in NFL History


    Thu, 9 Aug 2018

    in film study. See kids, whether intercepting Hall of Fame QBs or acing exams, it's all about preparation. No. 2 Ed Reed Makes History Date: 11/23/2008 Game: Eagles vs. Ravens This was originally scored as a 108-yard return, but then

  2. Wyche: Quinn enlisting Ed Reed , Ron Wolf to speak with Falcons


    Tue, 7 Aug 2018


    lure a different ways to evaluate players but here's another thing as a magic act like. Win future hall of fame safety Ed Reed is expected to address the team two day. Deck which says he dislikes they have different voice is committed different

  3. Hall of Fame snub club? Interior offensive linemen lacking love


    Mon, 6 Aug 2018

    " Ed Reed ..." Heads shake. The final reaction was affirmation that choosing the Class of 2019 is going to be incredibly challenging

  4. Predicting Hall of Fame's Class of 2019: Ed Reed looms large


    Mon, 6 Aug 2018

    comprise the Pro Football Hall of Fame 's Class of 2019: Ed Reed , S, Ravens/Texans/ Jets (2002-2013). There is no stronger candidate than Ed Reed . Tony Gonzalez is considered a shoo-in, but Reed is

  5. Weddle says Ravens D hasn't done enough to live up to franchise's 'history'


    Mon, 6 Aug 2018


    We we when you talk about the Steve this week it was just can't last week and had a chance spin around ray Lewis and Ed Reed we your last time talked to stroll saw it. You you've have fit in very well here in that raven mentality. Toppled that

  6. Drew Brees sees a little Ed Reed in Marcus Williams


    Sun, 5 Aug 2018

    the NFL's all-time best. "I compare him just as you look at guys in history, you know if you ever played against Ed Reed ," Brees said Saturday. "You had to do a great job of looking off and try to get him leaning one way, and still you

  7. Hall of Fame: Each AFC team's most deserving candidate


    Thu, 2 Aug 2018

    matters ... @HarrisonNFL is the place. BALTIMORE RAVENS: Ed Reed , S, 2002-2012. Reed becomes eligible for the Pro Football ..... no other former Texan is close to Canton material (no, Ed Reed 's cup of coffee in Houston doesn't count). Johnson

  8. Suggs on camp mentality: 'We can't go from point A to point D'


    Thu, 26 Jul 2018


    in as a rookie and now to see sixteen years later when you came in. As Kurt said there were leaders like ray Lewis and Ed Reed and obviously you could learn from watching that leadership. But to see you when that rule now with the team that isn

  9. Seahawks WR Tanner McEvoy on Brandon Marshall's influence


    Wed, 25 Jul 2018

    growing up. I loved the Packers . Once he left the Packers , I moved to the Ravens . I think Ed Reed was one of my favorites. So, Brett Favre and Ed Reed were kind of my two big favorites growing up. It's actually been a pretty nice life (without

  10. Who's on the NFL's Mount Rushmore?


    Wed, 4 Jul 2018

    know who makes your NFL Mount Rushmore in the comments section. Panthers WR Torrey Smith: Walter Payton, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed , Tom Brady Jets QB Sam Darnold: Tom Brady , Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

  11. Church's Money – San Diego


    Fri, 29 Jun 2018

    Coached by Armando Marquez and Corey Thorell, Church’s Money practices three days a week on any turf field available. No. 1: Travis “T-Nuc” Nuckols, DB Nuckols played high school and compares his game to Ed Reed . No. 3: Jonathan “Ocho” Thomas, C/Flex Thomas played Division I football at the ...

  12. The 19 Best 99-Rated Madden Players of All Time


    Thu, 28 Jun 2018

    seven Adrian Peterson truck sticks on one play. 17. FS Ed Reed (Madden 07, 08, 10) The widest QB vision cone still wouldn't trick Ed Reed . The best part? The game adapted his real-life pick

  13. Xavier Rhodes headlines NFL's top 10 cornerbacks for 2018


    Mon, 21 May 2018

    The definition of a ballhawk, Peters leads the league in interceptions (21) since 2015, including the playoffs. Only Ed Reed has more INTs (22) in the first three seasons of a player's career in the last 25 seasons. Peters could still use

  14. Longest TDs by category in regular season and playoffs


    Mon, 21 May 2018


    Watch some historic touchdowns including; longest rush, longest kick return, longest fumble return and more!

  15. 79. Marcus Peters, CB, Los Angeles Rams


    Tue, 8 May 2018

    Peters has 21 career interceptions including the postseason, which is the second-highest total in a player's first three years over the last 25 seasons. A nine-time Pro Bowler, Ed Reed , had more interceptions (22) in his first three seasons. Since entering the NFL in 2015, Peters has 19 ...

  16. Five things to know: Derwin James


    Fri, 20 Apr 2018


    in the country. James played all over the field in his college career and drew comparisons to versatile defenders like Ed Reed . Sean Taylor king and chancellor and tyra Matthews is social media he's full of athletic feats including bitching 405

  17. Ed Reed - Houston Texans, New York Jets


    Thu, 19 Apr 2018

    If Ray Lewis was the heart of the Ravens' best defenses of the past 20 years, then Ed Reed was the soul. In an ideal world, Reed -- like Lewis -- we never play a snap for another team. But Reed wanted to keep playing, and the Ravens weren't willing to take out the checkbook. Reed signed with the ...

  18. 2002: Ed Reed


    Tue, 17 Apr 2018

    The Baltimore Ravens chose Ed Reed with the 24th overall pick of the 2002 draft. He was a nine-time Pro Bowler, helping the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

  19. AFC Roster Reset: Who can disrupt the conference's status quo?


    Fri, 13 Apr 2018

    difference makers. The Ravens resemble their early-2000s squads more each season on offense, which is a bad recipe when Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are not walking through that door on defense. Houston might have the most superstars of any team in this

  20. Top five Malik Hooker plays | 2017 season


    Wed, 11 Apr 2018


    their looks like street may have been here comes 49. Career the ball is dropped. And as they describe what Lee hooker he catches or balls by accident that just about anybody else they were talking about Ed Reed with a comparison. Hole by.

  21. How does the 2018 draft's safety class rank among top safety prospects since 2014?


    Tue, 10 Apr 2018


    that's Patrick just underneath them. We cookers ball skills were like the best ball skills they've got to go back to Ed Reed . That Jamal Adams for all that he did. As little more physical run support that make it that's what have those two

  22. Which players were a 'once-in-a-lifetime' talent?


    Fri, 6 Apr 2018


    offensive player that I ever covered as a journalist was Ed Reed and Ed Reed played the safety position unlike anyone I've ever ..... Polamalu Hiller Polamalu and to me was no question is Ed Reed . Ray Lewis a first ballot hall of Famer this year next

  23. Unpopular Opinions: Rams NFC's best team; trade Von Miller!


    Mon, 19 Mar 2018

    in his first three pro seasons -- the most in the league over that time period. Over the last quarter-century, only Ed Reed (22) has recorded more interceptions in his first three seasons. I'd add a "too sweet" zinger here, but feel like

  24. Charley Casserly breaks down what Kirk Cousins brings to the table for whoever signs him


    Mon, 12 Mar 2018


    think. This guy threw for 4000 yards total low. He had no wide receivers is running back Chris Thompson got hurt is tied Ed Reed got hurt or do you throw out a 4000 odds do you given that Minnesota skill set. He's guts rope up 5006000. What it

  25. Nate Burleson: Rams are the new 'Legion of Boom'


    Fri, 9 Mar 2018


    numbers unbelievable since 2008. Ten interceptions back to the career. That's nastiness and talking with and that's Ed Reed staff his interceptions thirty forces 2008 the skies and ask who ball hawk he had that tall frame I wanna guess it was