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Andre Johnson

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  1. Best NFL draft picks of the century: Top selections from Miami


    Fri, 26 May 2017

    bringing his career to a close , but not before breaking Deion Sanders' league record for returns for touchdowns . 3. Andre Johnson , wide receiver Points: 20.9 Drafted by: Texans , No. 3 overall pick (Round 1), 2003 Skinny: Johnson played

  2. DeSean Jackson-infused Bucs will rampage; back off Jared Goff!


    Thu, 25 May 2017

    are the fifth-most in the league since '08 (behind only Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall , Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson ) and his 32 100-yard games are tied for fifth-most. Take a second to marinate on those numbers and digest Jackson

  3. Fantasy football play selection analysis: Targets lost


    Thu, 18 May 2017

    chances (and then some). He'll be well worth a late selection. 19. Tennessee Titans (15 percent): Wright and Andre Johnson left a few targets (66) on the board, but rookie Corey Davis is going to eat into Rishard Matthews totals (108

  4. Guess the off-field 'Madden NFL 17' rating with Jason McCourty


    Thu, 18 May 2017


    other side of the so bottles in my locker lays there and as well while my goodness carried this decision we ran into Andre Johnson a little funny about that. Yeah where we don't get it. Harassment and talk about respect I don't get an invigorating

  5. Schrager: Gerald Everett could be Jared Goff's main target next year


    Fri, 5 May 2017


    hybrid guys in the league. Look how fast he is and how big he is in this is his physical man he kind of reminds me of Andre Johnson well yes because. Sort of attack he's gonna grab the ball they continue to make moves up the field and Dre who came

  6. Andre Johnson : I'm so happy DeShaun Watson landed in Houston


    Fri, 28 Apr 2017


    Of the Houston Texans I like to say he's one of my favorite wide receivers and I'm glad to call him my friend Andre Johnson joined us and it's very nice. Happy to have you combats in your career your retirement textiles I think that morning

  7. Texans select Zach Cunningham No. 57 in the 2017 NFL Draft


    Fri, 28 Apr 2017


    Please welcome from the University of Miami. Wide receiver Andre Johnson and okay. With the good good good good period and it so toward service in the NFL Europe the Houston Texans select. Zach Cunningham

  8. Top 10 Andre Johnson Performances


    Mon, 17 Apr 2017


    rush throws over the middle has Andre Johnson across that's what it was like ..... little pot heads are touchdown Andre Johnson to okay popular. Job just say ..... s not great Johnson. Yeah why Andre Johnson . Let it go. Played Miami. First

  9. Hot draft time machine: 2003 NFL Draft


    Thu, 13 Apr 2017


    took Polamalu. Right there at sixteen other notables Andre Johnson went number three Houston. Suggs what number ten the ..... round picks out of the University of Miami that your Andre Johnson were to the Houston Texans Jerome McDougal went to the

  10. Andre Johnson , WR, Houston Texans (2003)


    Wed, 12 Apr 2017

    The first round of this draft birthed a few good fantasy players like Carson Palmer (No. 1) and Larry Johnson (No. 27), but no one made a bigger impact than Andre Johnson . He posted 1,100-plus yards seven times and went over the 1,400-yard mark four times. A PPR machine, Johnson caught 100-plus ...

  11. Nate's underappreciated storyline: Arian Foster and Andre Johnson


    Wed, 5 Apr 2017


    are big fans and we appreciation now let's move on to. Oddly enough another in Houston Texans former Houston Texan Andre Johnson who announced his retirement and he was a being so mean we all know. Which Rea did we came we came out with a mere

  12. Jets inform Darrelle Revis of his impending release


    Thu, 2 Mar 2017

    six interceptions and a league-best 31 passes defensed while holding a string of No. 1 receivers -- Randy Moss, Andre Johnson , Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith and Roddy White -- under 40 yards. Ryan went on to hail Revis' brilliant

  13. Stars who underperformed at the Combine


    Thu, 2 Mar 2017


    s two guys that as a man I can look at and say those guys are better than me right now and I was Anquan Boldin. Andre Johnson he was a quarterback have the Cuban batter than you because I saw him run routes and I saw the way that. You know

  14. Warren Moon wants John Lynch in HOF, sees himself in Prescott


    Fri, 3 Feb 2017

    You never seem him doing all those things that a lot of receivers do, showboating when he scores. He's a lot like Andre Johnson , who played [in Houston] with the Texans . They just go about their business, are very professional, talented

  15. #NotNewJersey: Live Edition


    Wed, 1 Feb 2017


    then out at you before is terrible here so we'll start talking about it is a big week for Matt Schaub he is here and Andre Johnson said he wants to see him get a ring he has with the Atlanta do you wanna see match up better idea lacks any degree

  16. 2007 Pro Bowl Best Hands Skills Competition: Andre Johnson


    Wed, 25 Jan 2017


    A second time selection for the Pro Bowl. That's a tough lineup crack to that AFC wide receiver and on a two for Andre Johnson . Got to root for the Hurricanes dishonesty. Here we go. Running the gauntlet. You lol now now is on his way back

  17. Chad Johnson, Andre Johnson , Steve Smith interview


    Wed, 25 Jan 2017


    Grew with Steve Smith Andre Johnson and he won't let me even call him Chad Johnson why not. Ochocinco. Ochocinco he won't even go by his own name Ewing Chad

  18. Titans Top 10 Plays of 2016


    Wed, 25 Jan 2017


    Tyler was that the. Winner as it might come right here. Yeah. Planning. Great Jack McKinney. In double by Aubrey. Andre Johnson and ran just basically went over the top yeah. The linebacker. And the corner to pull you and you're absolutely

  19. Grigson failed Luck, allowed Colts roster to grow stale


    Sat, 21 Jan 2017

    underperforming veterans such as LaRon Landry, Gosder Cherilus , Todd Herremans, Donald Thomas, Arthur Jones , Trent Cole and Andre Johnson . The draft results weren't much better. There isn't a single player from the 2013 class left on the roster

  20. 101 interesting fantasy facts from the 2016 season


    Wed, 11 Jan 2017

    those marks. 64. Evans led all NFL wide receivers with 173 targets this season. This was the first time since 2009 ( Andre Johnson , 171) that no receivers hit the 175-target mark. 65. On a positive note, 49 wide receivers scored 100-plus

  21. Zero-RB, WR-heavy fantasy drafts: The year that was


    Mon, 9 Jan 2017

    haven't had a target-leader finish that low since Andre Johnson led the NFL with 171 all the way back in 2009. What ..... Fitzgerald's 107 since literally a decade ago when Andre Johnson led wideouts with 103. The highest reception total

  22. Texans vs. Patriots: 2013 Divisional Round Highlights


    Mon, 9 Jan 2017


    out of his hand. Hands and then the next way. Shops Andre Johnson . Johnson's open it's. Good to pull off. Let those ..... of the Texans get the ball back. Or sixteen shop and Andre Johnson who can change. But who knows. Good day for me outside

  23. Burleson: Steve Smith Sr. gave the game everything that he has


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017


    walk into the locker room and you always see these cases of these known guys in weather was that Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson and great on the field many have the best quote in the locker. Steve Smith I would get giddy knowing in the post game

  24. Steve Smith stories: First-hand memories of a receiver at work


    Thu, 29 Dec 2016

    defenses tried to do to exploit his weaknesses. I remember his routes were never the same. In Houston, I was used to Andre Johnson doing things by the book and running cookie-cutter routes (the same look each time). It was hard for me to improvise

  25. Raiders Playoff Drought Ends | NOW Numbers


    Thu, 22 Dec 2016


    have had tied for most in the NFL. For potential hall of famers that were drafted and retired toward ball a little Andre Johnson 's mark Charles lynch and Calvin Johnson. Three Raiders first round draft choices who made the Pro Bowl wants coaches