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  1. 'NFL Fantasy Live': Best Returns


    Tue, 27 Dec 2016


    likely help a lot of people would have been as he championship. And this is a player who'll forever what's behind Eric Foster had depth chart just for the season and who was also a healthy scratch early. There are so a lot of people drop didn

  2. Arian Foster announces retirement


    Mon, 24 Oct 2016


    Ian Rappaport what's the story. Aryan Foster who has played football and live life ..... retirement on the web site. Uninterrupted Foster writes a lengthy explanation of why he ..... backfield in the capable hands of. Eric Foster retiring as a Dolphin today goes out as

  3. Rapoport: Feasible for AP to be back in a few games


    Mon, 19 Sep 2016


    dobbins running back Gary Foster he left with a growing what's his status. Agent Eric Foster said to have an MRI this ..... nagging injuries poor area Foster we saw. Dollars are still ..... What this injury is and Foster is not alone in the nagging

  4. Arian Foster injury update


    Mon, 19 Sep 2016


    Eric Foster said to have an MRI this morning on his ..... tissue. And nagging injuries poor area Foster we saw. Divers are still trying to figure out. What this injury is and Foster is not alone in the nagging injury department

  5. Fantasy vs. Reality, Week 2 QB Plays


    Fri, 16 Sep 2016


    backs in the Titans Lions game Sunday but which one is the best start. We're gonna tell you believe me the first Eric Foster had the Foxboro to take on the Patriots would you be boom or bust for the Dolphins back find out. After this quick

  6. Thursday's Top Headlines | NFL Fantasy Live


    Thu, 15 Sep 2016


    sustained last season and had twelve carries for 32 yards last week fat as some running backs you would play Rawls both. Eric Foster who they faced last week when your blood will by the waist Hillary that flex option I'd play hope outward well. If

  7. 'NFL Fantasy Live': Ordinary or outlier


    Tue, 13 Sep 2016


    what aryan fostered its and we all didn't think Miami's. He's going to keep it even a little bit close. But Eric Foster averaged three point nine yards per carry. And yet drivers at the point here is the reliance on the defense allowed

  8. Garafolo: Dolphins want to see Ajayi seize top RB spot


    Wed, 7 Sep 2016


    jet jockey is the number two which beat Foster care follow is the number one running ..... their backfield could you please. Well Eric Foster came in and took that job away from Jay ..... s gonna get on the field because Aaron Foster as a trouble as much as we like the guy

  9. 'NFL Fantasy Live': Judging by the Numbers


    Tue, 6 Sep 2016


    Lamar Miller in terms of targets but. The Texans thirteen money you notice that yet that want to run the football. Eric Foster had a great career he's they want to run the football they didn't throw they've got a great weapon in your cop

  10. NFL Fantasy Live: Thursday Night recap & Friday look ahead


    Fri, 26 Aug 2016


    here. Second quarter goes for Terry Foster gets the handoff. Like Eric Foster yard touchdown softens up seven nothing ..... Dolphins of course though the area Foster . Continues. I think I thought of the two Foster looked light years better than did