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Mike Nolan

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  1. Why you should root for the San Francisco 49ers


    Thu, 8 Jun 2017

    Fashionistas The 49ers have had a lot of coaches post-Walsh. Some of them noted more for their attire than anything else. Mike Nolan liked to wear suits on the sidelines. Jim Harbaugh had 98 pairs of khakis. And Mike Singletary liked to pull his pants

  2. What if 49ers took Aaron Rodgers No. 1 overall in 2005?


    Mon, 17 Apr 2017


    s okay well we've reached some looks this yeah. This Aaron Rodgers is intent to go starts here wanted to break. Mike Nolan the coach we don't get Harbaugh eventually like what. We can go that route and everything get the Harbaugh Arab because

  3. Red Flags: Kyle's biggest challenges of the week


    Fri, 31 Mar 2017


    is DN. And the fact is that the problems in the mainland the NFL has a void of coaches and former I say we fill it. Mike Nolan got to where assumed he get to do that bum Phillips got to dress thinking with boss hog and it looks at. Absolutely

  4. Joseph: I want an offense that scores points


    Tue, 28 Mar 2017


    personalities I don't want. Well my system and come from way. I was I was for a week and didn't use them I was with Mike Nolan and learn from wade instant friend. Ultimately Davis and Sam Graham and leave us with a written and asking them friends

  5. Koetter: We will always think of Vincent Jackson as a Buccaneer


    Wed, 1 Mar 2017


    have whoever we have out there we got the utmost confidence in those guys. But again an excellent excellent coach and Mike Nolan . You know grew up grew up as a son of a coach in the NFL and Mike's an extremely intelligent. Coach great with us

  6. Jim Harbaugh: I deserve medal for 49ers coaching run


    Fri, 24 Feb 2017

    was positively Shula-esque when you look at the turnover by the bay since 2008. A brief rundown: » 10/21/08: Mike Nolan fired and replaced by assistant head coach Mike Singletary » 12/27/10: Singletary fired after two-plus seasons

  7. NFL Power Rankings: New England Patriots finish on top, then ...


    Thu, 9 Feb 2017

    defense's points-per-game and yards-per-game marks both went down. Perhaps a secret weapon will be the hiring of Mike Nolan , who told me he is excited to work with young players with upside. Hold on a couple more years, Drew. RANK 23 7

  8. Vance Joseph preaches 'open' battle at QB for Broncos


    Fri, 13 Jan 2017

    come to work." Going out of his way to thank his mentors -- Kubiak, Adam Gase, Mike Singletary, Marvin Lewis and Mike Nolan -- Joseph swatted down the idea that he might fold under the weight of such a pressure-packed job in Denver. "I

  9. Mike Nolan's advice to Sean McVay: Show them who you are


    Fri, 13 Jan 2017


    into a head coaching role for the birth I've been by far. Youngest is thirty years old he turns 31 later this month Mike Nolan was 46 would he got his first head coaching shot with the niners. And twenties and then when he was first hired to be

  10. The dos and don'ts of hiring a head coach in the NFL


    Wed, 11 Jan 2017

    Mike Nolan knows what it takes to coach in the NFL -- and he knows what teams searching for a coach should look for. What can they learn from the examples of Mike McCarthy and Mike Tomlin?

  11. Who are the top head coaching candidates?


    Tue, 3 Jan 2017


    And that's we're trying to give you Scott Mike's over still working his phone right now yep. Mike Nolan here and Judy Battista but what I can't you be hearing about four days if not weeks in those of us behind the scenes here up

  12. Niners GM Trent Baalke says he's been fired; is Chip Kelly next?


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017

    either Kelly or Baalke keep their jobs. The 49ers have not had to replace a coach and GM since 2005 when they hired Mike Nolan and Scot McCloughan. With the move, the 49ers now go one-and-done with their coach two years in a row. It means

  13. Battista: Broncos are 'one of the premiere franchises in the NFL'


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017


    ve joined by army is Mike's over Judy Battista and Mike Nolan might. 35 years as a coach it's what I NFL. Coach ..... very top level of your profession. Well we heard from Mike Nolan who was a dad at the NFL level Judy is an actual mom

  14. Jed York: 'We need to reestablish a championship culture'


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017


    cleaning the slate and were re establishing that culture. There. You just mentioned 2005. That day year. You hired Mike Nolan him and he in turn hired Scott McClellan is that. Is that a possibility for for this go around we have a strong head

  15. Mike Nolan : Josh McDaniels is a great coach with a 'people issue'


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017


    NFL Network's Mike Nolan discusses the importance of people skills and fit when looking for a head coach.

  16. Players or coaches we'll be sad to see go if they retire in 2017


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017


    players may potentially coaches. Good follow suit sooner than later Gary well thanks Michael Mike silver Jeff Judea coach Mike Nolan and Steve Smith to me c'mon guys with a great competitors. By any of us it has ever been around but. Who somebody

  17. Are any teams in the NFC a threat to Dallas?


    Mon, 2 Jan 2017


    Are Cowboys number one seed Mike silver Jeff studio Mike Nolan jump start with you. The Cowboys. Are pretty good situation they look that they're a juggernaut offensively. We look at the

  18. Sabbatical Year: How fired coaches spend time away from game


    Wed, 28 Dec 2016

    the cold, the allure of and addiction to football can act like a tractor beam on the senses. Former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan had worked without interruption since the early 1980s. Making a conscious choice to step away this season, he knows

  19. Bold Predictions: Week 9


    Sun, 6 Nov 2016


    yards against the 49ers. 484. Passing yards against the niners so bad that record. Oh. No yeah. Just started against Mike Nolan went yard with Arizona 484. Don't get cocky get you guys lost anyway all right so today. Wow anchors demotion I looked

  20. Can't-Miss Play: Carroll rips it from Beckham for key INT


    Sun, 6 Nov 2016


    yeah. It's a turnover so they'll look at it. I would be shocked if they keep. Could do it it. That looked like Mike Nolan Carroll meeting his stroke back of prominent let it sure seemed to meet Joseph. His New York receiver never have a dozen

  21. NFL Preseason Power Rankings: Jets blast off, Steelers plunge


    Wed, 10 Aug 2016

    May 4 Power Rankings , posted after the 2016 NFL Draft . RANK 1 PANTHERS Recently worked with former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan , who marveled at how hot Mike Shula was as a play caller last season. There can be no overstating Shula's critical

  22. Benefits of a rookie QB starting on the sidelines


    Mon, 25 Apr 2016


    NFL Media's Terrell Davis and Former NFL head coach Mike Nolan explain the advantages of having a rookie quarterback sit behind a veteran for a year or more.

  23. Best, worst offseason moves


    Fri, 31 Dec 2010


    and they finish poorly. But that this as a as a franchise what who like go Jay Cutler copiers or Brandon Marshall. Mike Nolan to me that would was ridiculous because he took that team from the twelfth their their off for an old guy student a couple

  24. Nolan loses GM responsibilities


    Fri, 2 Jul 2010


    renew the 49ers in the future with the with the new contract and also. Makes me more excited work again with with coach Mike Nolan hand and hand and get this thing convincing none. Most importantly I'm excited about it. Brutal army the opportunity