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  1. 'Hard Knocks': 2001 Baltimore Ravens | Episode 2


    Wed, 18 Jul 2018


    give up on. Just they don't know that this is but I. Get to. Just for a rest. This. He remind me a lot of Daunte Culpepper tried his strongest arm I've seen such a long time. He he was service you know. I tried to tell you can't hold

  2. Five reasons why the Vikings will make the 2018 NFL playoffs


    Thu, 12 Jul 2018

    it looks like Cousins could be the top gun the Vikings have been looking for. Think about this: Brett Favre and Daunte Culpepper are the only Vikings quarterbacks to pass for more than 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns in a season in the last 20

  3. Quarterback: Daunte Culpepper (Raiders, 2007)


    Thu, 28 Jun 2018

    Culpepper was past his prime by the time he landed in Oakland, but Kiffin's all-time quarterback room isn't exactly overflowing with enticing options. This is probably the thinnest position group on the list. The big man gets the nod here over 2007 Raiders teammate Josh McCown -- as well as USC ...

  4. All-Time Lane Kiffin Team


    Thu, 28 Jun 2018

    find out! NOTE: As you can see, each guy's time with Kiffin is listed parenthetically. OFFENSE Quarterback: Daunte Culpepper (Raiders, 2007) Culpepper was past his prime by the time he landed in Oakland, but Kiffin's all-time quarterback

  5. Matthew Stafford offers advice for Browns' QB pick


    Wed, 18 Apr 2018

    accept it or they won't, and you'll go play." In 2009, Stafford joined a pitiful Lions team that had an aging Daunte Culpepper and Drew Stanton in the quarterback room. It didn't take long for Stafford to win the opening day gig. The 2018

  6. Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo driven by passion for job


    Wed, 31 Jan 2018

    making. DeFilippo has worked with a laundry list of quarterbacks -- Carson Palmer , Derek Carr , Josh McCown and Daunte Culpepper , to list a few -- but Wentz is something entirely new. "Carson has a brilliant, brilliant mind. And when I

  7. Patriots' top 10 personnel moves of Bill Belichick era


    Mon, 29 Jan 2018

    host of records en route to the NFL's only 16-0 season. As he had done in Minnesota with Randall Cunningham and Daunte Culpepper , Moss helped Brady reach new heights in a juggernaut campaign that would stand as a statistical outlier. The most

  8. Unpopular Opinions: Jimmy Garoppolo deserves even more love


    Fri, 29 Dec 2017

    which is the most since Ben Roethlisberger , the all-time leader in the category (15). Garoppolo could tie Daunte Culpepper with a win over the NFC West champion Los Angeles Rams this Sunday . Jimmy GQ's 101.8 career passer rating is

  9. Case Keenum wins NFC player of month honors


    Thu, 30 Nov 2017

    s career and the fifth time in Vikings history that a QB has won the award. Keenum joins Brett Favre (2009), Daunte Culpepper (2003, 2004), Randall Cunningham (1998) and Warren Moon (1995) to win player of the month while in Minnesota

  10. One thing to watch for Thursday night: Cowboys offensive play calling


    Thu, 30 Nov 2017


    think Linehan I think Matt Hasselbeck and a Seattle I think. Big Matt Stafford and this year does that it opposite Daunte Culpepper in Minnesota so does that mean that in the playbook where he can say okay and a weeks notice I'm a changeup and

  11. NFL IQ quiz Week 11: Time to test your football knowledge


    Sat, 18 Nov 2017

    to lead the NFL in passing touchdowns in a single season within their first two seasons in the league? Answer: Daunte Culpepper , who led the NFL (along with Peyton Manning) with 33 touchdown passes in 2000 2. Who was the last player to lead

  12. 'A Football Life': Why Larry Fitzgerald still talks to every ball boy on the field


    Fri, 10 Nov 2017


    qualified experts in the stands to witness them 1015 bucket from the multiple games awful Protestant myself Randy JD. Daunte Culpepper not because so much that he was great it was that he was such a good. That was kind of props to you. They look

  13. The Debrief, Week 5: Fresh faces top Watchability Rankings


    Tue, 10 Oct 2017

    zone interception against Arizona. But he's so much fun to watch, like a cross between the young versions of Daunte Culpepper , Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton . His other possible Play of the Year, a wild Week 1 scramble before finding

  14. Week 5 NFL Pick 'Em (Full Show)


    Sat, 7 Oct 2017


    Palmer more exciting to watch it that Robert Byrd and Arsenal when it's actually I believe so he reminds me of Daunte Culpepper and a little bit Cam Newton might ease up and down but just indicted show he's box office yet and Cardinals they

  15. NFL Pick 'Em: Cardinals vs. Eagles Week 5


    Fri, 6 Oct 2017


    product. More exciting to watch of that Robert Byrd in our Arsenal when it's actually I believe so he reminds me of Daunte Culpepper and a little bit Cam Newton like ease up and down but just indicted sent. He's box office yet and Cardinals they

  16. Like/Dislike: Trust Matthew Stafford vs. the Vikings


    Fri, 29 Sep 2017

    free agent in 2006, he nearly signed with the Miami Dolphins . But Nick Saban was like, nah, let's trade for Daunte Culpepper who was coming off a torn ACL, PCL & MCL he suffered in the 2005 season. Culpepper started four games in 2006

  17. What word best describes the NFC East?


    Tue, 19 Sep 2017


    be packed together the team on the most excited about the Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz reminds me. Of a young Daunte Culpepper I mean he is special in the terms of how they rely on him erupt and create and place. It and the front seven on

  18. The GMFB's Week 2 Awards


    Mon, 18 Sep 2017


    I was. The bipolar chicken I'm quite say this this was an immediate response to a Nate Burleson touchdown from Daunte Culpepper how in this up. But prior drive the Vikings scored to Burleson. Gates answered. You've got this guys play basketball

  19. 'NFL Fantasy Live': Fantasy QB position primer


    Mon, 4 Sep 2017


    press got all of last season he was phenomenal. X-Factor OK let's say he's gonna come out and be the next Daunte Culpepper . But he's going to be very solid very steady doesn't turn the ball over and he's got a better report now with

  20. All-Time Nick Saban Team


    Mon, 31 Jul 2017

    and more. Following each name is the player's Saban-coached team, and his years under Saban. Quarterback: Daunte Culpepper ( Miami Dolphins , 2006) Naming Culpepper the All-Saban quarterback has a twist of irony, considering the circumstances

  21. Quarterback: Daunte Culpepper (Miami Dolphins, 2006)


    Mon, 31 Jul 2017

    Naming Culpepper the All-Saban quarterback has a twist of irony, considering the circumstances of their only season together. Saban traded for the former Minnesota Vikings star, who was coming off a knee injury the previous year. But after the team got off to a 1-3 start, Saban benched him due to

  22. DDFP: Reasons why the Patriots won't win SB LII


    Tue, 25 Jul 2017


    turns forty. The tobacco who's thrown 42 passes in actual game time is somehow Joseph Montana's standing on Daunte Culpepper shoulders it. We don't have to assign the Patriots a Super Bowl championship. Right now I get it I can get it

  23. Why you should root for the Oakland Raiders


    Thu, 20 Jul 2017

    searched for years to find a franchise quarterback. Pryor, Carson Palmer , Jason Campbell, JaMarcus Russell, Daunte Culpepper , Andrew Walter, Kerry Collins. Yuck. The list reads like one of those terrible Garry Marshall movies -- "New

  24. Position battle we're most excited to watch: Jets QBs


    Tue, 27 Jun 2017


    up he clearly Jake Plummer Jeff Blake and Kurt Warner which they'll play from a five hour it's a Jon Kitna. Daunte Culpepper JaMarcus Russell. Jake DelHomme in that more wait there's another page to Jeff Heller the other it might cut like

  25. Best all-time duos: Minnesota Vikings


    Tue, 20 Jun 2017


    game needs him a football does know if I'm exactly as child on the offense here's a first you're a starter Daunte Culpepper Lendl he. With 33 touchdown passes Randy led the NFL that year fifteen touchdowns close to 15100 yards ultimately