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Dan Klecko

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  1. Joe and Dan Klecko


    Wed, 13 Jun 2018

    Joe Klecko was drafted in the sixth round by the New York Jets in the 1977 NFL Draft. Joe played ten seasons for the Jets and finished his NFL career in 1988 with the Colts. He has been nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame several times, but has yet to be enshrined. Joe's son, Dan, was a ...

  2. Burleson: Patriots are 'star-makers'


    Mon, 23 Jan 2017


    how many Patriots once new 34567. Juli is thinking about it for eight I don't wrap this thinking about it ever want Dan Klecko ran on the field and Sam gash and broadening. I was pretty close Ben Coates came on and pushed them that that's on

  3. Underappreciated Storylines: Patriots Role Players


    Wed, 18 Jan 2017


    meaning get to there is at a get to David Patten meaning get to Brandon Lloyd there are so many Spanish flag I'll let Dan Klecko . He's that men's all those guys one after another it wasn't enough to do this years I got to the media this next