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Mike Holmgren

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  1. Andy Dalton anticipating overhaul of Bengals offense


    Fri, 13 Apr 2018

    year-old Scranton, Pennsylvania native has worked under an array of coaches, from Joe Gibbs in Washington, to Mike Holmgren in Seattle, to Kelly in Philadelphia, to Joe Philbin in Miami. Lazor became a well-known persona under Kelly and

  2. Mailbag: Odell Beckham the next Keyshawn Johnson?


    Thu, 29 Mar 2018

    to Kansas City for the last five seasons and counting. That came after seven years as an offensive assistant under Mike Holmgren in Green Bay. Yeah, he's a lifer. And while we're on the subject of Super Bowl rings, Reid did get one with

  3. Will Pat Shurmur be able to handle the New York press with the Giants?


    Thu, 18 Jan 2018


    one problem might have which Chalmers. His personality is going to be a tough sell in the book and really just ask Mike Holmgren and I feel like it's any couldn't handle the Cleveland know and this is going to be really hard for him and unless

  4. Prime explains why Eli should want no part of Shurmur era in N.Y.


    Tue, 16 Jan 2018


    And Mike I don't know if you know that Mike Holmgren who of course was the president of the Browns were Shermer went there a couple of years ago. He told reporters he said look he

  5. Jeremiah: Eagles could win Super Bowl if Foles plays like he did in second half vs. Falcons


    Sat, 13 Jan 2018


    underrated aspects of the Eagles passing game was this we get. Still Peterson isn't anything we can't coach Holmgren Mike Holmgren disciple. You just worry you probably. Got the ball incident with the quarterback allowed those guys to make some

  6. GMFB Charades: Teams still 'in the hunt' - Part 1


    Thu, 21 Dec 2017


    We got schooled her eyes. At. But we got so Rogge the month Syria. On Walken spinach. Dive and can't Randy Mike Holmgren and moan moan he's gone PP in the potty. Went throwing black eat baked out the moon and then. Time. Alone and

  7. Potential head coach/GM pairings; five big questions for Week 14


    Sat, 9 Dec 2017

    figures to get interviews despite the Chiefs ' recent struggles. He has trained under Andy Reid, who trained under Mike Holmgren , the head coach of the Packers under Wolf's hall of fame father, Ron. Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo and Seahawks

  8. Can't-Miss Play: Alvin Kamara glides through Rams' D for 74-yard TD


    Sun, 26 Nov 2017


    Camaro. We could. This. The longest play. Rookies. Career wants the center and guard to hear a lot of walking. Mike Holmgren to seal the edge and then America shows off the ability. To only Comerica averaged six point they're seven point

  9. LeRoy Butler: I represent kids who were told 'you can't do anything'


    Tue, 21 Nov 2017


    you expect different witnessed it do you. You talk realize you. You're a place with a lot of strong personalities Mike Holmgren . Brett Farr. Reggie White. And yet somehow you exerted. Exerted a lot of good fluids in doubt locker room or not

  10. Which NFC division leader has the most dangerous offense?


    Mon, 13 Nov 2017


    just after Burton went to gain a character tiger always different are you had a lot of fun to watch I go back to. Mike Holmgren Bill Belichick John paid what they teach me who has the best offensive line and who has the best quarterback. And

  11. DDFP: 'Time Machine Football' Bears vs. Packers | 1995


    Wed, 27 Sep 2017


    when I was coaching around. I was up in the box. And Mike Holmgren called replace Jon Gruden was down you know as a receiver ..... that's never been doberman we we first started that. Mike Holmgren been head coach and play caller was giving the play

  12. Randy Moss highlights 108 modern-era nominees for HOF


    Wed, 13 Sep 2017

    Mitchell (KR/PR also RB), Steve Tasker (ST also WR) Coaches (12): *Don Coryell, Bill Cowher, Tom Flores, Mike Holmgren , Jimmy Johnson, Chuck Knox, Buddy Parker, Richie Petitbon, Dan Reeves, Marty Schottenheimer, Clark Shaughnessy

  13. Sheldon Richardson's impact in Seattle; winning plan for Ravens


    Fri, 8 Sep 2017

    can or will change." Part of Mornhinweg's pass-first philosophy stems from his background as an assistant under Mike Holmgren in Green Bay. The Super Bowl-winning coach is one of the godfathers of the West Coast Offense, which essentially

  14. NFL rookie sleepers at running back, receiver; Bills' grand plan


    Fri, 25 Aug 2017

    together with the Seahawks . In Seattle, we worked under Mike Holmgren , Ted Thompson, John Schneider and Scot McCloughan ..... working with Andy Reid, a direct descendant of the Mike Holmgren Packers tree) growing up in similar philosophies

  15. Le'Veon Bell changing NFL economics? Plus, essential GM traits


    Sun, 23 Jul 2017

    themselves with talented staffers who can help mask those deficiencies. When I worked for the Seattle Seahawks with Mike Holmgren serving as the executive vice president/general manager (as well as head coach), I watched him lean heavily on

  16. Pain Rankings: Which NFL fan bases suffer the most?


    Tue, 18 Jul 2017

    Rankings: No. 1 Every couple years or so, a sense of optimism builds around the Browns . It happened when they hired Mike Holmgren , it happened when they brought in Mike Pettine. We saw it when they drafted Trent Richardson, then witnessed it

  17. Why you should root for the Seattle Seahawks


    Thu, 8 Jun 2017

    just say a lot of Seahawks fans still believe (to this day) that the team wasn't given a fair shot. Even coach Mike Holmgren alluded to it when the team returned from Detroit. Actually, he came right out and said it: "We knew it was going

  18. Cam Robinson 2017 Combine Workout


    Fri, 3 Mar 2017


    Those 663. Point two wow. I've had really sorry that's really quality up. When you call a solid Mike Holmgren and it's. Mighty com fort Davis Alexio subtly mentioned that earlier why thought. As an all Pro Bowl guard is the prototype

  19. Life as a new head coach: Kyle Shanahan and Co. in the fire


    Tue, 7 Feb 2017

    OTAs. I still go through that exercise now, even as a veteran head coach now." Reid, despite coming from a rich Mike Holmgren coaching tree that also produced the likes of Jon Gruden, Ray Rhodes, Sherman Lewis, Steve Mariucci and Dick Jauron

  20. How Detroit must defend Aaron Rodgers; Cowboys' conundrum


    Sat, 31 Dec 2016

    I was encouraged to find receivers with punt-return experience in their backgrounds because then- Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren and offensive coordinator Gil Haskell believed ex-returners possessed the toughness and running skills to succeed

  21. Mike Holmgren discusses the signifincance of bringing a title back to "Titletown, USA" - 50 Rings | 50 Days


    Fri, 30 Dec 2016


    Following the Green Bay's win over the Raiders in Super Bowl II, the Packers endured nearly three decades of futility. That all changed with the arrival of Mike Holmgren in 1992. Holmgren looks back on the significance of bringing a title back to "Titletown, USA."

  22. Quick, efficient offense powers Chiefs into postseason


    Wed, 28 Dec 2016

    tree. Perhaps Reid can ride that same near-perfect play in the short game deep into the playoffs as his mentors ( Mike Holmgren , understudy of Walsh) did before him. Oh, and Dontari Poe threw a touchdown pass on a Tim Tebow-esque jump pass

  23. The story behind the Seahawks' 13th man


    Wed, 14 Dec 2016

    looked back on it later and that whole staff that was together there -- talk about getting your doctorate. It was Mike Holmgren and assistants like Andy Reid and Jon Gruden ... [Current Packers GM] Ted Thompson had been scouting for about

  24. Who has the edge in Seahawks vs. Packers?


    Wed, 7 Dec 2016


    so crazy Seattle could come right here in the on the doors off also had. I think there's so much tradition of you Mike Holmgren being the Packers got to the Seattle got a Hasselbeck in that's coin toss to the film Harry for the brand Bostick

  25. DDFP 498: Week 6 recap, Jets' struggles & Who will win the AFC West?


    Tue, 18 Oct 2016


    when I was coaching around. I was up in the box. And Mike Holmgren called placed Jon Gruden was down you know as a receiver ..... never been doberman we when we first started that. Mike Holmgren me in the head coach and play caller was giving the