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  1. 5 Offseason Headlines: Bears


    Thu, 26 Jul 2018


    per game last season. The Chicago Bears select. Broke Brian Smith . We'll roll once Smith add his name to the great legacy ..... matching green Bay's offer sheet in March. According to pro football focus Fuller led all defensive backs in passing defense

  2. Brandon Flowers' Top Five Cornerbacks


    Thu, 30 Nov 2017


    McCarron you know we first came in the league like he that good an athlete you know this guy he can do is make an assistant Brian Smith took off thrilled with. He's turned into technician now you've obviously got it he knows what those fundamentals

  3. Alvin Kamara fumbles after hurdle attempt, Buccaneers recover


    Sun, 5 Nov 2017


    This time it's yeah city. Getting inside of thirty yard line and it's take a look. When he filled in hindsight. And he tries to covered up with two hands but he misses that you see Brian Smith company and they're doing a great job of what his shoulder before.

  4. Browns' top plays of 2017 Preseason


    Wed, 30 Aug 2017


    it has not shown the ability to do this five time. Get the ball down the field accurately that with a double move on Brian Smith to a court Coleman who with a bullet that golf award winner in 2015. Yeah. Some. They're mid.

  5. Every DeShone Kizer play | Preseason Week 3


    Sat, 26 Aug 2017


    ball down the field accurately that was a double move on Brian Smith to it. Court Coleman. Who with the political off award ..... had been when you're probably had eight tips they're Brian Smith . It's well. As receiver and again another strong delivery

  6. Browns vs. Buccaneers highlights | Preseason Week 3


    Sat, 26 Aug 2017


    33 yard line up Cleveland . It's. A jump ..... double move on Brian Smith to it. Court Coleman ..... underneath. You see Brian Smith the corner dropping ..... yards game for the Browns Johnson. Yeah ..... get. Five with Cleveland . Nancy through

  7. Who is winning the preseason?


    Tue, 15 Aug 2017


    Anyway I don't know linebacker round. This is ..... that its name was Brian Smith that's the good ..... an up again. The Browns fans Anna grant ..... of this one. He Browns ad that CB got Gary ..... of that output of football practice yesterday