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  1. 'A Football Life': Dexter Manley's road to recovery


    Sat, 23 Jun 2018


    game I'm gonna stay so well this time. I was Exel. It didn't take. A single setback landed man leaned back and Chris Hope this time for two years. He be last again and I did and Justine and then I really didn't I just thought well what

  2. Chargers Titans - September 17, 2006


    Thu, 21 Jun 2018

    San Diego Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson dives over Tennessee Titans' Chris Hope during the first half of their NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 17, 2006, in San Diego.

  3. Michael Griffin to sign one-day contract, retire as Titan


    Sun, 6 May 2018

    fumbles as part of a defense that included cornerbacks Cortland Finnegan, Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner , and safety Chris Hope . Griffin last played in 2016 with the Carolina Panthers , appearing in 13 games (six starts) and recording 40 tackles

  4. 'Sound FX': Steelers, Pats adjust to Bell's injury in 2016 AFC championship


    Thu, 22 Mar 2018


    talk about these are not. And he understands it shuffles lap shuttle's left little doubt they don't like to be. Chris Hope it's wide open and my home. I don't win. Response they've got out of order in the big game I would that third

  5. How can Patriots win Super Bowl LII? | Instant Playbook


    Mon, 29 Jan 2018


    Rob Gronkowski. The position with the key block as good blocker is yet to receive. An excellent at the point out here Chris Hope it goes emotion. And Brady knows that both would Jordan Williams and we're gonna run with them. And what that does

  6. Why Gurley is the true 'most valuable player' in NFL


    Tue, 19 Dec 2017


    for Tom Brady. Value take Brady after Gilbert has done that ground for two games that element. For the whole season Chris Hope and Clinton missed five games this season he T Brady up the field and what Grilli threw me seeing the four. Tom Brady

  7. Fantasy Hipsters Picks Week 15


    Fri, 15 Dec 2017


    yards during that span with the same amount of touchdowns. He's a guy you need to start just like my vintage veteran Chris Hope Brady coaches at the end zone touchdown kind of hope it. I don't know manually at one catch last week you need to

  8. Are the Patriots actually a defensive team?


    Mon, 30 Oct 2017


    Patriots improved to 1620. Who. Have been grounded they only managed to score a single touchdown though Chris Hope to do big things up. William we tried to make Cincinnati's issues and we did as a heavy lifting segment in the offseason about

  9. 'NFL Fantasy Live': September 15 part 2


    Fri, 15 Sep 2017


    that angry god wasn't as good as should've been last week. Go out and get him now I like it Marcus grant. I'm Chris Hope and energy with a great last week just five targets one catch not a whole lot of production there and people to look

  10. Tale of the Tape: 2016 vs 2017 Patriots


    Wed, 23 Aug 2017


    he brings of the table we know what jewels and Amendola. And then the other guy Malcolm Mitchell's get a lot better Chris Hope and another year inside this offense. It's scary the potential Bill Belichick said potential testing and I didn

  11. GMFB 'Who Said It?'


    Thu, 22 Jun 2017


    passion. And frank and Helen Keller who could who had that Adam was it Cortland Finnegan. Channing Crowder name's Chris Hope bonds yes or Shawne Merriman there's some random names there are some random scoreless inning and we know most of the

  12. Which players would you have to keep from New England Patriots roster?


    Tue, 20 Jun 2017


    it got good. I don't think about the grabs take their first pick of the king crabs this draft we get wide receiver Chris Hope yeah. We're protecting Chris Hogan bridge so does anyone else that lacks a simple as that it can't go wrong. More

  13. Which veteran in a new uniform will be most exciting in 2017?


    Wed, 7 Jun 2017


    fifteen yards per perception. They haven't had anything like that and Brady got his deep ball going last year with Chris Hope in this adds another element though when you think of all the weapons that Tom Brady has assembled that often now. Wow

  14. Best NFL draft picks of the century: Top selections from FSU


    Thu, 1 Jun 2017

    Arizona, and started at least 14 games in every season. Honorable mention: QB Jameis Winston (3.3 points), S Chris Hope (1.3), WR Laveranues Coles (1.3), OL Rodney Hudson (1.2), CB Xavier Rhodes (1.1), WR Javon Walker

  15. Rapoport: Bills likely won't match Pats' offer to Gillislee


    Tue, 18 Apr 2017


    to match but we'll see was officially sign today they have until Monday to do so. The situation reminiscent of the Chris Hope to deal last in the Patriots liked him from the bills and became a success story in New England. Chris noted Stephon

  16. Most impactful free agency move in AFC East?


    Tue, 11 Apr 2017


    back Dante Scarnecchia the offense like coach to protect the quarterback. So when you start with that that you can find Chris Hope that you could plug it made you can okay you know Broncos down. Hogan's are deep for a while he's got speed we defend

  17. How will Brandin Cooks fit in with the Patriots?


    Mon, 13 Mar 2017


    about Julian enemies turning 31 and windowless 31 that Chris Hope then he's when he ate there Crockett he'll be healthy ..... balls off the field Malcolm Mitchell. All up the field Chris Hope and all these guys there and I haven't goes way down

  18. Is the Patriots' hype deserved?


    Wed, 22 Feb 2017


    under ear muff that they're not paying attention outside distractions. I didn't believe it until we did talk to Chris Hope and usually did here. You know at the end of it when you have Julian and then saying to Brady for your mom it's not

  19. Top 10 Patriots Plays of 2016


    Mon, 30 Jan 2017


    Over time you know Eddie wanted. He wanted to he wanted to get an opportunity and it worked out well good for him Chris Hope it Seve nine yard touchdown our researcher dinosaurs that disrespect in my scene just I. Bob well. Okay I hear you

  20. Burleson: Patriots are 'star-makers'


    Mon, 23 Jan 2017


    But talking about this game honors are Chris Hope it is wild. Undrafted he was on four teams cut by Al fourteen they scoop him up from a division or rye all right nonetheless

  21. Championship: LeGarrette Blount highlights


    Sun, 22 Jan 2017


    Whose side of the line. When the Steelers have the help out Chris Hope . Into the second. Oh and six didn't. Just played. News movement. This joke. Whether they players are on and at the end

  22. NFL Pick 'Em: Conference Championships (Full Show)


    Fri, 20 Jan 2017


    going to it that's where they've been. That's really kind of at the end of the season for the Lakers played and Chris Hope and on the outside the Italian government so back it's hard to Vegas. And banged up so the options that they have

  23. Tom Brady hits Chris Hogan for 22 yards


    Sat, 14 Jan 2017


    The big bad I'm so probably. All about the pass protection that time that took a long time for somebody to give hope we've. Chris Hope didn't. Simply hasn't. These down difficult could it be nice catch.

  24. Brady makes Texans pay for bringing five pass rushers


    Sat, 14 Jan 2017


    Excellent job by Chris Hope you. He's just a head faked the body big defeats. On the outside watching goalie and break it out. Beautiful well.

  25. Gilmore: 'I just try to let my game do the talking'


    Fri, 16 Dec 2016


    Carolina for they audience at home. 60000. People have been Rock Hill but if an NFL factory to dating clowning Jeff Burris Chris Hope yourself. How does a small town in South Carolina. Put together first round picks like UN to Davie on. How does it