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Lovie Smith

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  1. Underappreciated Storyline: Devin Hester


    Wed, 13 Dec 2017


    phenomenon at this point he goes on it's not it was not a one season wonder year after year or Chicago we did his thing. Lovie Smith try to make a wide receiver didn't really work out so many starts bouncing around that event Devin Hester goes to Atlanta

  2. Sanders: Bears' coaching decisions since Lovie Smith have been a 'straight debacle'


    Tue, 12 Dec 2017


    good coach I think he has a place in the NFL wood right there there isn't this just it. What I don't the Chicago since Lovie Smith has the party has been a straight. Deep buckle 100%. Of the white and they have not atone for they have not made up port

  3. Jameis Winston, Koetter at odds over Bucs' offense


    Sun, 10 Dec 2017

    the stretch. The unraveling relationship between the coach and quarterback comes just two years after the Buccaneers fired Lovie Smith in order to keep Koetter as Winston's mentor. At 4-8, the Bucs have regressed on both sides of the ball in 2017, scoring

  4. The Debrief, Week 10: What to panic about -- and what not to


    Tue, 14 Nov 2017

    Jacksonville . But they're stepping up in class for the most high-profile Rams games since Mike Martz was the coach , Lovie Smith was the defensive coordinator and Georgia Frontiere was the team's owner. It's been a while. 2017 SEASON: WEEK

  5. Is Dirk Koetter losing the Buccaneers locker room?


    Mon, 6 Nov 2017


    went six for and ownership that has had. And itchy trigger finger on multiple occasions leading to him getting the job for Lovie Smith what is he thinking today do you fret. Yeah it did that this is a tough one because and and and you rich I do twenty shows

  6. Best Touchdown Celebrations- Week 7


    Tue, 24 Oct 2017


    meant to cut down on today. One reception and obviously the punt return everything you look at the fans going crazy yeah Lovie Smith what does that man field. This is there where you London is over than about Pepsi. And you can end up here on the big screen

  7. P.J. Fleck, Lovie Smith


    Sun, 22 Oct 2017

    Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck, left, and Illinois head coach Lovie Smith shake hands after an NCAA college football game, Saturday Oct. 21, 2017, in Minneapolis. Minnesota won 24-17. (AP Photo/John Autey)

  8. Ben McAdoo hands play-calling duties to Giants OC


    Mon, 16 Oct 2017

    quarterbacks in East Rutherford from 2004 to 2011, he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their offensive coordinator under Lovie Smith . After Smith was fired in 2014, he returned to be McAdoo's QB coach in 2015 and was promoted to OC last season. Sullivam

  9. Jaguars can't keep Blake Bortles as QB1; Cutler set for big year?


    Fri, 18 Aug 2017

    opportunity to win as a "complementary" player on a team that was built to win? During his first four seasons in Chicago under Lovie Smith (2009-12), he guided the team to double-digit wins twice and a berth in the NFC Championship Game. In fact, he enjoyed

  10. Urlacher: Since Lovie left the Bears have not done very well


    Thu, 13 Jul 2017


    Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher calls into the "Rich Eisen Show" and talks about the "Curse of Lovie Smith " and why the Bears have continued to struggle since the former head coach's departure.

  11. Brian Urlacher: Bears' plans at QB are 'confusing'


    Fri, 7 Jul 2017

    Bears team to post a winning record (10-6 in 2012) and decided to call his career quits alongside then-head coach Lovie Smith getting fired. Now, he correlates the departure of Smith with the end of a perennial contender (for the record

  12. Why you should root for the Chicago Bears


    Thu, 22 Jun 2017

    4) ------ ------ 5) ABRG* (*Anybody but Rex Grossman. Because had Lovie Smith started anybody but Rex Grossman in Super Bowl XLI, the Bears would have two titles. Peyton Manning would have never really won

  13. Adams: Floyd and McPhee are the best pass rushing duo in NFC North


    Thu, 15 Jun 2017


    is talking about could be the best in that division. Mean I love back and dominant Bears for the Bears and they were the Lovie Smith has its simple there were always about pass rushers Adewale Ogunleye and Alex Brown they could not. Have enough pass rushes

  14. Best and most questionable 2017 NFL Draft picks: AFC South


    Thu, 11 May 2017

    No. 68 overall) The skinny: There were times when the tape was not kind to Smoot in 2016 as he attempted to adjust to Lovie Smith 's defense. Smoot flashed at the Senior Bowl , but I didn't see nearly enough to warrant a pick early in the third round

  15. NFC South Offseason Overhaul: Buccaneers strike gold


    Tue, 11 Apr 2017

    likely will add insurance in the draft. On the other side of the ball, the secondary has been a liability going back to the Lovie Smith regime. It just so happens that this year's crop of cornerbacks and safeties is billed as one of the deepest in recent

  16. Best moments with fellow coaches at Annual League Meeting


    Tue, 28 Mar 2017


    final picture from 2007. I'm fascinated by the group that photo that they do the coach not as you and and you laying. Lovie Smith coach doubters. Do you remember from the camaraderie is is like a frat house or you with your rivals look first off you gotta

  17. Carson Wentz, Dontari Poe among players who won free agency


    Wed, 22 Mar 2017

    after three years with the Bucs weren't bad. He was treated unfairly and not given a shot by former Tampa Bay coach Lovie Smith . I'm thrilled he now gets to be the guy for a historic franchise. Moreover, Glennon is a major upgrade over

  18. Free-agency tea leaves: Will signings push QBs down in draft?


    Thu, 9 Mar 2017

    just 11 passes, but he played extensively under former coach Greg Schiano as a rookie in 2013, and made six starts under Lovie Smith the following year. That experience provides a better picture of Glennon's NFL future than the guesswork that goes into

  19. Kyle Brandt's top five free agent QBs


    Tue, 7 Mar 2017


    spent a long time frank ghetto where he is the last time we saw Mike Glenn and he was losing his job to Josh McCown because of Lovie Smith who will stick with his starter through the rapture we have seen that's. And is that the number one pick on Jamison we

  20. Scout: Corey Davis will be better than Mike Williams in NFL


    Thu, 2 Feb 2017

    to the Senior Bowl), but he was one of the most impressive pass rushers I saw. I think he was probably hurt playing in Lovie ( Smith 's) defense." -- NFC defensive line coach on Illinois DE/OLB Dawuane Smoot The skinny: I'll go ahead and co-sign

  21. Schrager on 49ers: 'You're literally starting from scratch'


    Wed, 4 Jan 2017


    first I don't know them are in the gym was him and hire the coach. For example they hired Lovie Smith in Tampa two years ago they let Lovie Smith the coach. Find guys that he hired Jason light the G and we see that a lot of times were hire

  22. Schrager's choices for Bills next head coach


    Wed, 28 Dec 2016


    coach deal is interesting also the offensive coordinator deals interesting because. You look at what Tampa Bay did last year Lovie Smith as a defensive coach they fired him that promoted Garrick cutter and head coach was RD in house the players norv. That might

  23. Rapoport: Bills name Anthony Lynn interim head coach


    Tue, 27 Dec 2016


    Lynn stays in their building is not in the anywhere else similar to the bucks situation. Last year where they made the move Lovie Smith . To make sure that your Carter stayed in the building. Did that England has a ton of respect. Inside the bills organization

  24. If the Playoffs started today… | Playoff Picture


    Tue, 6 Dec 2016


    this year. I don't think so although I do remember. The speech at Davis Winston gave only got to six and six in the hug Lovie Smith who. Such a happy scene and they just never won again but that. I think that they I think they're a different team this

  25. Defense propels Buccaneers into playoff position


    Mon, 5 Dec 2016

    in place of starter Chris Conte , with the game-sealing interception. Smith's unit didn't look much different from Lovie Smith 's train wreck early in the season. But the Bucs' defense has made game-changing plays each week that led to wins in