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  1. Possible destinations for top 10 free agents


    Fri, 17 Feb 2017


    sign Tony Romo you can't protect him. And he go to a Bears game. What Jersey's easy easy Gale Sayers you see Brian Urlacher UC Dick Butkus. Those guys are common none of them are playing for the Bears anymore Tony Romo plays well there for

  2. Toomer on Owens: I'm outraged he's not in the Hall of Fame


    Fri, 10 Feb 2017


    because I can't you guys are against them we're all arguably hall of famers next year you've got. Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher ran a loss like rats going to be interest or Ray Lewis gets and land not off areas there the rate there are those

  3. Schrager: Have to wonder if other HOFers don't want T.O. in


    Mon, 6 Feb 2017


    t think it in again and next year guys Randy Moss is on the ballot for the first time Ray Lewis Steve Hutchinson Brian Urlacher Ronde Barber. Richard Seymour the list goes on if TO didn't get in this year guys I'm not sure TO is getting

  4. Pittsburgh Steelers' defense no longer 'old and slow'


    Sat, 21 Jan 2017

    consistent stars, playing at a Pro Bowl level. Perhaps the fastest linebacker we've seen since former Bears All-Pro Brian Urlacher entered the league as a freakishly talented former New Mexico safety, wide receiver and kick returner, Shazier has

  5. Marshall Faulk, Peyton Manning lead 2017 CFB HOF class


    Mon, 9 Jan 2017

    coaches are among the 2017 induction class that was announced on Monday . Other 2017 inductees include New Mexico LB Brian Urlacher , USC QB Matt Leinart, Notre Dame LB Bob Crable, Michigan State WR Kirk Gibson, Texas OL Bob McKay, Texas A

  6. Brian Urlacher speculates on Jay Cutler's future with Bears


    Wed, 23 Nov 2016


    that he had to say nice things about should focus pretty normal bumps come join our triggers but in the meantime tweet out Urlacher I don't know liberal view is his return of Bears what's the exact phrasing no idea why all this good and show Cutler

  7. Kaplan on McAdoo: 'I love the fact that he's going for it'


    Tue, 22 Nov 2016


    to Soldier Field and see all these jerseys and I see. It buckets and I feel like fifty in the NH LB Matt Forte and Brian Urlacher and I don't see current players it's only him like percent. So that tells me this is the franchise rooted in

  8. Urlacher on Bears: 'It's hard to watch'


    Tue, 22 Nov 2016


    because we used to be teammates Brian Urlacher called him answering and just ..... actual talking about the here Brian Urlacher and you're an energized anxious ..... think the headline of that is. Brian Urlacher fuses to return to Chicago while

  9. Big Winners from TNF


    Fri, 23 Sep 2016


    that Bill Belichick used or Lawrence Taylor in the same sentence that to describe Josh McCown he's no lines if felt Brian Urlacher that is not in a lot about. Jack Jamie Collins answering he finally here. Of his deal we actually talk about the

  10. Carrie Underwood drops new 'SNF' theme on society


    Mon, 12 Sep 2016

    nice beat and the computer-generated effects are less grating than past editions of the intro. (You won't find Brian Urlacher destroying a Soldier Field pillar with a swim move this time around.) Unveiling a new Sunday Night Football theme

  11. Johnson: Chiefs will be in the thick of it at end of the year


    Fri, 26 Aug 2016


    there and attack everything and all that's on Derek you're the latest Pro Bowl linebacker to join us we've had Brian Urlacher Anthony Barr D'Qwell Jackson. We're linebackers Shell that's what we are who the guys around the league that

  12. Urlacher : Kuechly, Wagner are the best linebackers out now


    Wed, 3 Aug 2016


    good morning football is Bears legend friend of mine Brian Urlacher good morning football team you know. Grew more period ..... s it's about time in the barber gets in there. Brian Urlacher thinks so much for waking up early with us and good

  13. Ike Taylor: Antonio Brown is the most talented receiver in the game


    Wed, 3 Aug 2016


    you give us some of your experiences rhythm and what made him so great. Merritt had a motive not had a more than I Brian Urlacher regarded argues that on the show. Noticed from the neck both probably the most that is drought on the syrup. Mean

  14. NFC's best defenders ever: Picking one player for each franchise


    Wed, 22 Jun 2016

    existence: Richard Dent, Bill George, Doug Atkins, "Danimal" Hampton, Steve "Mongo" McMichael, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher ... We could easily list a bunch more names. OK, so we will: Mike Singletary, Richie Petitbon, Rosey Taylor

  15. Is it time for Bears to move on from Jay Cutler?


    Wed, 16 Mar 2016


    Elliott's parade here but let's that you get Matt Forte. No I Brandon Marshall and you have outs on Jeffrey you. Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. All. A lot of guys. I can play some really really good football Jordan years. That they've

  16. Manning's opening statement from retirement announcement


    Tue, 8 Mar 2016

    Fletcher, (former Eagles and Broncos S Brian) Dawkins, ( Hall of Fame LB Junior) Seau, (Former Chicago LB Brian ) Urlacher , (former Pittsburgh S Troy) Polamalu, (former San Diego and New England S Rodney) Harrison, (former Oakland

  17. Myles Jack leads 2016 NFL Draft's safest picks among LBs


    Tue, 1 Mar 2016

    project a long NFL career without the early-round hype. 1. Myles Jack , UCLA: With athleticism reminiscent of Brian Urlacher coming out of college, Jack can do pretty much anything he wants on the field. He's been agile enough to line

  18. Anderson: That one run play shows our season


    Fri, 12 Feb 2016


    the death. The best defenders in the game to be and how people look at Bo Jackson and and and Brian Bosworth book. Brian Urlacher did out. His shorts. Hey you're you're you're you're that now CJ. And you have to be in that conversation

  19. Ron Rivera's NFL voyage: Panthers coach returns home for SB50


    Sun, 7 Feb 2016

    I've been around," Rivera marveled this week. "Whether it's been Mike Singletary and Wilber Marshall. Or Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. Now, to see these two guys in person, that's pretty special." Rivera still sees the game

  20. Seau among inductees for Hall of Fame's Class of '15


    Sat, 6 Feb 2016

    explained. "He was so outgoing and so aggressive and took chances and was a big risk taker. Along with Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher , Seau was one of three greatest inside linebackers of the past two decades. He was a slam-dunk choice for the

  21. Conan O'Brien delivers NFL Honors opening monologue


    Sat, 6 Feb 2016


    With bill ballots act. It really was another incredible year for the NFL a lot of hair raising moments. Just ask Brian Urlacher was it just amazing. By the way no that is not snap on Lego hand OK this overall player. But authorities time to

  22. Why the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50


    Fri, 5 Feb 2016

    to close on any Peyton Manning flutterballs. Ron Rivera said Kuechly was the natural heir to Mike Singletary and Brian Urlacher as the NFL's true complete linebacker. His ability in pursuit seems to be contagious. They tackle It sounds simple

  23. Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis driving force for Carolina Panthers


    Thu, 4 Feb 2016

    Bears ' defensive coordinator from 2004 through '06 ( Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs) and also played with a tenacious ..... remembers about the 1985 Bears and the 2006 squad led by Urlacher and Briggs. Those defenses weren't great solely because

  24. James Jones: I truly believe Panthers' D has the edge


    Thu, 4 Feb 2016

    guys I've been around," Rivera raved this week. "Whether it's been Mike Singletary and Wilber Marshall. Or Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. Now, to see these two guys in person, that's pretty special ." The Broncos have a special

  25. End Around: Cheers to Pagano, Payton staying put


    Sat, 9 Jan 2016

    crumble. Soooooo ... what's Brian Urlacher been up to? You do you, Brian ..... same guy as Dr. Tobias Funke. Urlacher 's new look could take some time ..... impossible dream alive. Let's hope Urlacher has a better go of it. Brett Favre