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  1. Fighting Cancer's Doucette pump-fakes, AIRS it out for pinpoint 49-yard TD


    Sat, 7 Jul 2018


    t do it any better than who stayed right there. Smush three of three for 74 yards. And on that drive and now they go on for the one point extra point tied game at seven. Yeah oh. Throws the fastball. That depleted soon Brandon McRae .

  2. Terrance Bunting GETS UP for one-handed TD catch for the lead


    Sat, 7 Jul 2018


    for him do you set for five for forty yards on the drive this one point conversion in the reds the needle perfectly. Brandon McRae . Then let's take another look at this touchdown pass to bunting you're gonna see punting from the less Saudi or

  3. AFFL: Fighting Cancer vs. Strong Island Bulldogs highlights


    Sun, 1 Jul 2018


    the touchdown. They ran a little curl and yeah. They get on the board. That little one yard touchdown pass it. Brandon McRae . Played at Southern University. Q does it to the 2005 at the touchdown catch. Here's the replay but the ones that

  4. AFFL: Fighting Cancer vs. Florida's Finest highlights


    Wed, 27 Jun 2018


    spirals that off. Now the throw. To do set. Crew chief to separate. The touchdown I believe that you get in there I Brandon McRae whisked the throw to be set and they've changed it up through the play calling. That's it. And I cells trick