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  1. Bro, you're on the clock: Who would you draft if you were Jaguars GM?


    Tue, 18 Apr 2017


    the Super Bowl chance the Giants. He had two running backs yet to had a monster back there my dress shop and also Brandon Jacobs so get in the got a good balance out and help the other and push yelled a little bit and say you know what we're

  2. How offseason workouts have changed


    Mon, 17 Apr 2017


    NFL. You're only as them the good as your weakest link and I get to fight when did in my career I got hurt and Brandon Jacobs wasn't ready to take over who were weak as a team. And so you learn to teaches you get a little bit OK it's a

  3. Reaction to Romo on Mavericks bench Tuesday night


    Wed, 12 Apr 2017


    can play basketball he thought so. I think we can't find anything more like I was in Harlem Globetrotters gave Brandon Jacobs the big crowd amount of the crowd he would order did this to hand a monster jam. The place win not to think the general

  4. Match or No Match: Leonard Fournette


    Tue, 4 Apr 2017


    ivory they've already got yelled at me yelled then I feel like. Remember when those Giants were role in that it was Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw and ward and then another time it was Tiki and Dayne those. Who ran out Coughlin was kind of the

  5. Offensive Line of the Year: Dallas Cowboys lived up to the hype


    Tue, 7 Feb 2017

    the 2008 season, when the New York Giants had two 1,000-yard rushers in the same season -- Derrick Ward and Brandon Jacobs -- something that had only been done three times before in NFL history . It's something we cherish to this day

  6. 2011 NFC Championship: Giants vs. 49ers Highlights


    Wed, 18 Jan 2017


    field. It's nice to help thwart it it to October we did. Well we don't I try to go open looks that they let Brandon Jacobs noted 614 said. That's the best rush defense in the national what. Are old who has. The fifteen yard penalty

  7. Nelson on possible Super Bowl run: 'You never know what will happen'


    Mon, 12 Dec 2016


    just spit in my role on the outside. Let I don't know cycle through there those those couple weeks. Or I mean Brandon Jacobs was a big dude he had a he had some successful seasons back there. For that Giants. They'll look to give me you

  8. Diehl on Elliott: 'He runs extremely hard'


    Tue, 15 Nov 2016


    better. I'm looking at your Super Bowl ring as he talked to as you have blocker some legendary running backs other B Brandon Jacobs Ahmad Bradshaw you can go back to Tiki Barber. You watch Ezekiel Elliott on Sundays when you say are you perhaps

  9. The Plax Game


    Fri, 11 Nov 2016


    just wanted to rephrase here we believe that I got Brandon Jacobs I think I don't know the locker room like you guys that I feel like Brandon Jacobs and Coughlin had a pretty contentious relationship

  10. Bust-a-Move: Weighing Eddie Lacy's 2016 prospects


    Thu, 23 Jun 2016

    vicinity of 260 pounds last year. When asked about it, Lacy referenced other big NFL backs like Jerome Bettis and Brandon Jacobs . That would be just fine if Lacy was performing like those other men did during the peaks of their careers. When

  11. What would it take for the Titans to win the AFC South?


    Fri, 13 May 2016


    solve a lot and Derek Henrik. He reminds me of god and Brandon Jacobs likes to block for the fact that we had to dolls are ..... in two dozen eight people earth wind and fire. Fred Jacobs Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw they're gonna have

  12. The Next Eddie George


    Wed, 9 Mar 2016


    success has built and I like that compares Bob to go Brandon Jacobs and it's similar to eighty Georgia that. If you ..... runway which we've said about your Cameron. Like Brandon Jacobs once he kinda gets that momentum built up not to what

  13. 'Path to the Draft' breaks down RB Derrick Henry


    Tue, 8 Mar 2016


    running backs that big compare him to and I want to Brandon Jacobs when I watched him I think that's the first ..... see right there on the screen for Henry 456 for Brandon Jacobs . Brandon Jacobs gonna get downhill and you're not want him

  14. 2016 NFL Draft: Prospect-pro comparisons after the combine


    Wed, 2 Mar 2016

    s Derrick Henry and former pro Brandon Jacobs You just don't find running backs ..... 54-second 40-yard dash, and Jacobs ran a 4.56 40 in the '05 combine ..... second and third level -- just like Jacobs during his playing days. In terms

  15. Running back: Alabama's Derrick Henry and former pro Brandon Jacobs


    Wed, 2 Mar 2016

    You just don't find running backs with these guys' combination of size and speed. Both are tall, high-cut runners with a very physical style. I thought their top speed was comparable on tape, and it checked out at the combine. Henry ran a 4.54-second 40-yard dash, and Jacobs ran a 4.56 40 in the ...

  16. Who will be the biggest NFL star of 2016 draft class?


    Wed, 2 Mar 2016


    with a guy by the name Brandon Jacobs and they bit and I ..... against a guy by the name Brandon Jacobs sure it was much easier ..... productive redundant and Jacobs Tom. I think you ..... opportunity right away than Brandon Jacobs . And again I think

  17. Corey Coleman, Derrick Henry among potential stars of combine


    Tue, 23 Feb 2016

    mid-4.4s and record a vertical jump around 40 inches. As a player, he reminds me of a faster version of Brandon Jacobs ( Jacobs ran in the mid-4.5s). I expect Henry to land in the second round in April. Miles Killebrew, S, Southern

  18. Projecting the Top Fantasy Rookies for 2016


    Thu, 28 Jan 2016


    But I think that he's a very legitimate option I think not going back is fourth in professional come might be Brandon Jacobs and that's another one yeah. Did come out a possible worlds guy wants to protect mobile and god they're like

  19. Report: Alabama's Derrick Henry intends to enter 2016 draft


    Thu, 14 Jan 2016

    analyst Daniel Jeremiah wrote last month that Henry drew multiple comparisons to former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs from NFL executives. Henry rushed for 158 yards Monday in the CFP title game against Clemson, a 45-40 Alabama

  20. Top 3 Prospects to watch in CFP Championship | DJ & Bucky


    Mon, 11 Jan 2016


    great coverage right by the third one here we got to talk but I think running back. I've mentioned before I think a Brandon Jacobs . Derek and yeah they're they're big physical player got it really does a great job of goodness. That's where

  21. Giants helped preserve Dolphins' perfect legacy


    Sun, 13 Dec 2015

    season, they played the Dolphins in the NFL's International Series game at London's Wembley Stadium. Running back Brandon Jacobs carried the ball 23 times for 131 yards in the triumph. The Giants went 4-4 the rest of the way, finished 10

  22. Derrick Henry cleans up Maxwell, Walker, Camp awards


    Thu, 10 Dec 2015

    Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah that Henry (6-3, 245 pounds) reminds them of former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs . "Coach (Nick) Saban makes sure we stay mentally locked and challenges us every day," Henry told ESPN after

  23. Todd Bowles: Jets-Giants isn't a rivalry


    Wed, 2 Dec 2015

    coach went after Big Blue often in the week leading up to the clash. Following the Giants ' win, then-running back Brandon Jacobs told Ryan " it's time to shut the (expletive) up, fat boy ." As far as Giants players are concerned, former

  24. Ask 5: What's best NFL comp for Alabama RB Derrick Henry?


    Tue, 1 Dec 2015

    answers. Executive 1: Brandon Jacobs "Hard one, but I'll say Brandon Jacobs in his prime. Both are ..... guy that comes to mind is Jacobs . Not many guys that size to compare." Executive 5: Brandon Jacobs » Draft order and needs

  25. NFL comps for eight top Heisman Trophy contenders


    Tue, 17 Nov 2015

    backs, as you don't see many backs with his tall frame in the league anymore. Past draftees like Chris Brown, Brandon Jacobs , Brian Leonhard, are Anthony Thomas were of a similar style to Henry, and had mixed results. Blount, with his