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Brady Quinn

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  1. How college to NFL trends could impact top prospects


    Tue, 7 Mar 2017

    the collegiate level, fell short on the field and wasn't even selected in the NFL Draft . Rick Mirer (1993) and Brady Quinn (2007) were first-round failures, and Jimmy Clausen (2010) did zilch as a second-round selection. Notre Dame

  2. Browns still interested in Garoppolo, but at what price?


    Wed, 1 Feb 2017

    center. Consider Cleveland's quarterback situation. Long in dire straits with a few supposed messiahs (Tim Couch, Brady Quinn , Brandon Weeden , Johnny Manziel, heck, even Charlie Frye) arriving only to flame out, this has long been a need

  3. Philip Rivers picked off by Daryl Worley


    Sun, 11 Dec 2016


    Brady Quinn Jennifer hailed here in Charlotte Rivers saw the play fake boobs and throws. Glad it. And the return it cross the forty before

  4. Chargers vs. Panthers highlights


    Sun, 11 Dec 2016


    hosted. He's day to extend the. We'll get a little bit to get up over the top and clearly the ball breaks the plane Brady Quinn Jennifer dale here in Charlotte. Return across the forty before you pull back. Benjamin and punches do little right

  5. Brady Quinn on Pac-12 Championship and CFB Playoff


    Fri, 2 Dec 2016


    joins us now the rich Eisen show Brady Quinn that's. Try on the color how ..... obviously has the more teams are now Brady Quinn 's call the game tonight on fox ..... to buy a Jersey the only accused Brady Quinn so there's a there's a Brady

  6. Bengals vs Patriots (Week 6 preview)


    Thu, 13 Oct 2016


    answer is yes it's that. Maybe it's yet. It's the diet it's the non weight training yet he doesn't look like Brady Quinn looking like a W duet wrestler he's got he doesn't lift weights he eats a perfect diet. Come on get on the train

  7. Falcons agree to terms with A.J. Hawk


    Tue, 4 Oct 2016

    without a deal. He also made an appearance on Good Morning Football , and raved about how pretty brother-in-law Brady Quinn is. The pride of Centerville, Ohio, Hawk spent the previous nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers , racking up

  8. Quinn: Kizer will experience poor ownership if drafted by Browns


    Wed, 21 Sep 2016

    Former Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn , in praising the play of Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer, took a swipe at his former NFL club.

  9. AJ Hawk talks brother-in-law Brady Quinn


    Thu, 15 Sep 2016


    Talk about family your brother in law is Brady Quinn former NFL quarterback and for years he was a starting quarterback you're starting linebacker tell us about Brady Quinn and what it's like. Thanksgiving when you got another

  10. Nine straight years of a rookie starting QB in Week 1


    Thu, 8 Sep 2016

    time we were deprived of the option was back in 2007, when JaMarcus Russell was taken with the No. 1 overall pick and Brady Quinn went No. 22 to the Browns . Russell got his first start on Dec. 30 that season in a 30-17 loss to the Chargers

  11. Throwback Thursday Fantasy: Jerome Harrison


    Thu, 18 Aug 2016


    without him goes for 286. And three touchdowns Josh Cribbs also lit it up then they polished team win the game 41 the 34 Brady Quinn is the quarterback. Matt Cassel the other quarterback this is the one that won it for everybody advantage theory like

  12. Browns rookie Corey Coleman: The next Steve Smith?


    Wed, 10 Aug 2016

    Couch, Courtney Brown, Gerard "Big Money" Warren, Quincy Morgan, William Green, Chaun Thompson, Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn and, more recently, Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel float through Cleveland's collective subconscious like a band

  13. Did Derek Wolfe break 'the code' with contract talk?


    Thu, 14 Jul 2016

    might have involving their contracts? Speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday, Wolfe told hosts Jeff Rickard and Brady Quinn that he took a "significant haircut" to remain with the Broncos and keep their championship-caliber team intact

  14. Hawk-ward Moment with A.J. Hawk


    Thu, 9 Jun 2016


    Segui like to call. Awkward moments and what is more awkward and sacking your wife's brother yeah they're little Brady Quinn . 2006 Fiesta Bowl at Laura Quinn off with a torn between that for nordic Corvette whether that's Brady enter a posse

  15. Top 100 reaction: Show Jamaal Charles some respect!


    Thu, 19 May 2016

    he had 19 total touchdowns? That he's done all this playing with quarterbacks like Tyler Thigpen, Matt Cassel , Brady Quinn and -- sorry -- Alex Smith . Truth time: Jamaal Charles is a couple representative seasons away from the Hall of

  16. NFL rookies in position to make an immediate impact


    Wed, 4 May 2016

    the NFL, even if it's not from Day 1. Since Aaron Rodgers was famously selected as Brett Favre's heir in 2005, Brady Quinn and Jake Locker are the only first-round quarterbacks not to start a single game as rookies. Two of 26. There are

  17. Trading up to draft QB hasn't worked well for teams


    Wed, 27 Apr 2016

    rollercoaster ride that ultimately crashed. Johnny Manziel , Robert Griffin III , Mark Sanchez , Tim Tebow , Josh Freeman , Brady Quinn and Blaine Gabbert are a who's who of shattered expectations over the last decade. Griffin was the only quarterback

  18. First-round QBs aren't a guarantee for fantasy success


    Mon, 25 Apr 2016

    numbers (or lack thereof) from signal-callers like Russell, Johnny Manziel , Brandon Weeden , Christian Ponder , Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart. But keep in mind that NFL teams believed these players were worth a first-round pick (or the top

  19. Winners, losers from blockbuster Eagles-Browns trade


    Wed, 20 Apr 2016

    fanbase with the selection of a first-round quarterback. As we wrote previously , it did not work with Tim Couch or Brady Quinn or Brandon Weeden or Johnny Manziel because the rest of the roster was not good enough to support a rookie passer

  20. 2016 NFL Draft: Numbers say avoid picking a QB late in Round 1


    Wed, 20 Apr 2016

    teams willing to take the risk. Think of the Browns ' recent history of late first-round failure, represented by Brady Quinn (No. 22 overall in 2007), Brandon Weeden (No. 22 overall in 2012) and Johnny Manziel (No. 22 overall in 2014

  21. If at first you don't succeed ...


    Wed, 6 Apr 2016

    Despite signing Robert Griffin III this offseason, the Browns are expected to draft a quarterback, perhaps as early as No. 2 overall. Since 1999, Cleveland has taken four quarterbacks in the first round - Tim Couch, Brady Quinn , Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel. None lasted more than four years in ...

  22. If at first you don't succeed ...


    Tue, 5 Apr 2016

    Despite signing Robert Griffin III this offseason, the Browns are expected to draft a quarterback, perhaps as early as No. 2 overall. Since 1999, Cleveland has taken four quarterbacks in the first round - Tim Couch, Brady Quinn , Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel. None lasted more than four years in ...

  23. Drafting QB might not be smart move for Browns


    Mon, 4 Apr 2016

    remarkably similar to another season that might resonate in recent franchise history: 2007 (when the team selected Brady Quinn in the first round). The 2011 team that preceded the drafting of Brandon Weeden actually scored higher. Using a combination

  24. Robert Griffin III signs with Cleveland Browns


    Thu, 24 Mar 2016

    Spergon Wynn, Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown , Trent Dilfer, Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson , Ken Dorsey, Brady Quinn , Bruce Gradkowski , Colt McCoy , Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace, Brandon Weeden , Thaddeus Lewis, Jason Campbell

  25. Broncos WRs: Peyton like 'Charmin'; Osweiler has zip


    Wed, 3 Feb 2016

    in Peyton Manning can check their issues at the door after what Norwood endured in Cleveland. "Man, I played with Brady Quinn , Derek Anderson , Colt McCoy , Brandon Weeden , Seneca Wallace, Jake Delhomme," Norwood laughed, before acknowledging