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Bo Jackson

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  1. Davante Adams and the beauty of the tunnel exit


    Sun, 10 Dec 2017

    after scoring a game-changing. Flipper Anderson did it against the Giants in the 1989 playoffs. Two years earlier, Bo Jackson disappeared into darkness on Monday Night Football against the Seahawks . Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict did it against

  2. Mad Minute: Seahawks vs. Jaguars


    Thu, 7 Dec 2017


    scoring a few canaries doing it yeah. And two major forces collide then a four and it. Bobby Wagner. This to me as I Bo Jackson Abbas this event world does think about these two meeting in the middle for some an error in the governor Arnold as a

  3. Jimmy Butler: could the NBA star make it in the NFL?


    Thu, 30 Nov 2017

    Minnesota, Jimmy Buckets! �� Dual-sport athletes like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson have unfortunately become a thing of the past, but Butler has been proving people wrong and making his own path his

  4. Bo Jackson career highlights


    Wed, 29 Nov 2017


    entitled once in a generation Dwyer. Bo Jackson was off the charts and every every ..... gotta have this guy can actually Bo Jackson realizing that he's one of the ..... really did help. But I think if Bo Jackson . Some great. Individual snapshots

  5. MTS: College Picks


    Wed, 22 Nov 2017


    Alabama at Auburn I'd pull the old switcheroo on this one would you like. I don't know which phenomenal when you Bo Jackson Ellsbury. Ice line a little final while. It looked at the little things aren't auto gather up what it is fumble with

  6. No. 5: Bo Jackson runs right into the tunnel vs. Seahawks | 'Top 10': Amazing Runs


    Sat, 18 Nov 2017


    Bo Jackson . Twice. I think that this run is too high it was a Bo Jackson was just another guy named you know Joseph ..... Flash Gordon. One thing we can all agree. Bo Jackson was superhuman. And his second amazing

  7. What if NFL players starred in their own video games?


    Thu, 9 Nov 2017

    sports, like Ken Griffey Jr.'s Nintendo games or Bo Jackson Baseball, though nobody had more than the '90s NBA ..... wits and Kareem's insane speed that puts even Tecmo Bo Jackson to shame. Our social artists actually made a playable

  8. Trade Deadline: Fan Nightmares for Halloween


    Wed, 1 Nov 2017

    I think that fans in Los Angeles would eat that showmanship up. From Magic Johnson to Marcus Allen, Kobe Bryant to Bo Jackson , L.A. sports fans love star players who know how to embrace the spotlight. Acquiring Richard Sherman from the Seahawks

  9. Bo Jackson


    Fri, 27 Oct 2017

    Chicago White Sox alumni player Bo Jackson throws out the first pitch before a Spring Training game against the Chicago Cubs, Friday, March 20th, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz.

  10. Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson


    Fri, 27 Oct 2017

    Marcus Allen shared the backfield with Bo Jackson from 1987-1990. I wouldn't envy any linebacker tasked with bringing either of these guys down.

  11. Carson Palmer among best upgrades for your 'Madden' team


    Tue, 17 Oct 2017

    TIME. I know everybody talks about Super Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson in hushed tones. But '04 Vick had a 95 speed rating ..... NINETY-SEVEN. Dude was untouchable. He made STB Bo Jackson look like the video game version of Johnny Manziel

  12. Big Screens For Big Plays: Week 5 Edition


    Mon, 9 Oct 2017


    you Dottie I don't know us well guess what he's run away from every single thing with players. Tape he looks like Bo Jackson . Hear it a credible moment against Seattle here after his first game at just didn't know special happen tests were

  13. The 3 Best NFL/MLB Players of All Time


    Thu, 5 Oct 2017

    professionally. Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson , and Brian Jordan each played ..... Jordan's football career. 2. Bo Jackson Career: NFL (1987-1990), MLB ..... All-Star, 1989 All-Star MVP Bo Jackson spent four years playing both in

  14. Peter Schrager: Bortles is the better option than Henne for the Jaguars


    Mon, 28 Aug 2017


    give me the asteroid stuff this feels very frustrating to me asteroid feels very actually Leonard horn and I hope for Bo Jackson my friend if you don't think we're we're close to the financial district and you know it's big money that moves

  15. Watch the full 'Hard Knocks' season premiere


    Wed, 9 Aug 2017


    Buccaneers. Take down through downtown and the downtown thus. So well grace. Do you have Sochi two runs over words me and Bo Jackson . I was raised from a Romo the mum owns mom and so it was a 1413. Fourteen years old. And I was gonna go very have

  16. Christian McCaffrey ends Kuechly at Panthers practice


    Wed, 2 Aug 2017

    practice. The victim in coverage? Oh, just Luke Kuechly , arguably the best linebacker in the NFL. That's Tecmo Bo Jackson stuff right there. Kuechly missed about 14 tackles on that play. Be afraid NFC South, be very afraid.

  17. Fabiano's 2017 fantasy football projections: RBs


    Thu, 27 Jul 2017

    third in rushing percentage a season ago under offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie. While he's coached Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson and Eric Dickerson, Robiskie had his first 1,000-yard rusher as a coordinator last season in DeMarco Murray . He

  18. Why you should root for the Oakland Raiders


    Thu, 20 Jul 2017

    Bo That's right: John Madden isn't the only video game legend associated with the Raiders . "Super Tecmo Bowl" Bo Jackson was the best: Not enough credit Tom Flores and Jim Plunkett. Any time I see Marcus Allen, I always joke with him that

  19. Why you should root for the Kansas City Chiefs


    Thu, 20 Jul 2017

    six sacks against the Raiders in 1998. Not enough credit The Super Tecmo Bowl version of Christian Okoye. I know -- Bo Jackson gets all of the love (and television commercials ) for his Super Tecmo Bowl self. And he was great. But Okoye was

  20. 17. Derrius Guice, RB, LSU


    Thu, 29 Jun 2017

    Guice led the SEC in rushing last season, even though he was backing up 2017 No. 4 overall pick Leonard Fournette for much of the year and had 5 or fewer carries in 4 games. He’s one of only 4 players in SEC history to have multiple 250-yard rushing games, joining Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker . ...

  21. Best all-time duos: Atlanta Falcons


    Tue, 20 Jun 2017


    Michael Vick in video games there was a play where if you pick Michael Vick. In any game. He was the Chico. He was Bo Jackson and tech mobile you can play he would want to pay he was that guy that could run around everywhere just like you're

  22. 14. Bo Jackson


    Mon, 19 Jun 2017

    L.A. Raiders, 1987-1990 » One Pro Bowl selection » 2,782 career rushing yards, 16 career rushing touchdowns

  23. Why you should root for the Seattle Seahawks


    Thu, 8 Jun 2017

    still a sore spot. But hey, you have Super Bowl XLVIII now! Also don't ever talk about ... Bo Jackson . The most iconic NFL moments of Bo Jackson 's career happened on Nov. 30, 1987 in a "Monday Night Football" game against the Seahawks

  24. Why you should root for the Atlanta Falcons


    Fri, 2 Jun 2017

    2004" Michael Vick , the greatest video game character of all time. He was like a combination of "Super Tecmo Bowl" Bo Jackson and Ryu from "Street Fighter". Vick had a 95 speed rating, which was fine, but his acceleration was 97. NINETY

  25. 'What's more difficult?' with Brandon Magee


    Mon, 22 May 2017


    to pick it up and let you know all attention is on you when you hit that home run to you saved the jacksons them under Bo Jackson . Now on them and yeah I know you know got ourselves.