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Ray Rice

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  1. Titans vs. Patriots: AFC Divisional Round preview


    Fri, 12 Jan 2018

    the ground has been a common thread in each of New England's three home playoff losses under Belichick. ( Remember Ray Rice and Shonn Greene ?) Tennessee's chances in this game depend on its ability to hold the ball, extend drives and set

  2. Jaguars, Titans, Bills primed for a playoff run?


    Tue, 2 Jan 2018


    weather in arrowhead and then if they win that game maybe they got to go to New England five for. I've seen running back Ray Rice and yeah I've seen other running backs go into Foxboro and take care bit. Derek Henry could be the Casey calvary in

  3. DDFP: Is Blake Bortles a playoff QB?


    Tue, 26 Dec 2017


    and we all know this in this league. The reason I got paid. I'd Jackson was gonna perform in the playoffs. Reason Ray Rice got paid he performed the playoffs ever won a black don't those guys you give you because you perform the play out so

  4. GMFB Charades: Teams still 'in the hunt' - Part 1


    Thu, 21 Dec 2017


    Game recall playoff assuring I like Ray Rice or the Giguere likes direct like me again maybe aren't that so all of these things that the Lions sealed the Cowboys Chargers

  5. Veteran RB Darren McFadden retiring after 10 seasons


    Wed, 29 Nov 2017

    Jonathan Stewart (13), Felix Jones (22), Rashard Mendenhall (23), Chris Johnson (24), Matt Forte (44), Ray Rice (55) and Jamaal Charles (73). McFadden's best season came in 2010 when he tallied a career-high 1,664 yards

  6. 'Inside the NFL': Week 11 game picks


    Wed, 15 Nov 2017


    are also deflated and we get a four game suspension. I had a lot of it's gonna hang color ethnic and messed up the Ray Rice suspension and they've over suspended everybody else Tom Brady's an innocent man. He's an innocent man what's

  7. Rapoport: Ezekiel Elliott's appeal hearing set for December 1st


    Fri, 10 Nov 2017


    that the initialed of this not. Quite like this we done this before with the legal situation Adrian Peterson you know Ray Rice is to wage was some back and fortunately gay suspended to get deflate gate obviously. You know Tom Brady is suspend or

  8. Jerry Jones: Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott deserves a 'fair shake'


    Mon, 30 Oct 2017

    complete. He intimated he wants the league to stop conducting its own investigations -- a practice that began after the Ray Rice fiasco, when the league relied on the judgment of the legal system. "What is important is he gets a fair shake

  9. Expect prolonged NFL-NFLPA legal battles in Ezekiel Elliott case


    Mon, 11 Sep 2017

    s power, despite the bruising battle that led up to it. It is worth remembering that during the lowest moment of the Ray Rice fiasco, there were some concerned owners who wondered aloud if the commissioner's office should have so much discipline

  10. Ian Rapoport: Ezekiel Elliott hearing will continue for third day


    Tue, 29 Aug 2017


    Till Wednesday possibly even Thursday is this than usual and when we expect an actual decision. It is not that unusual Ray Rice actually continued into day two but it just means. That they have a lot to discuss and a lot of evidence to go over and

  11. Ian Rapoport: Ezekiel Elliott to attend appeal hearing, accuser will not


    Fri, 25 Aug 2017


    these situation of course Roger Goodell had a lot of criticism for Janet rice being in the same room. When he questioned Ray Rice potentially. This could be something that relates. Back to that but a lot of what is he Gil you present to the NFL will

  12. ATN: Trades that Make Sense


    Thu, 17 Aug 2017


    that it would be on my old. Reduction if any reduction. Yet at the and the grounder shifted repeatedly. Ever since Ray Rice and everything that's come since that. Back in the gray Carty days the first time offender. And in it it's added

  13. Ezekiel Elliott suspension suggests NFL learned critical lesson


    Fri, 11 Aug 2017

    the signals that the NFL, after being embarrassed when damning information surfaced following inadequate suspensions to Ray Rice and Josh Brown, was going to finally let its get-tough domestic violence policy -- and the investigative arm it created

  14. Battista on Elliott suspension: This policy is what the owners supported


    Fri, 11 Aug 2017


    question Patrick when this policy went into effect after the Ray Rice situation. When the NFL created it's own sort of investigative ..... t forget. This is what the owner supported after the Ray Rice fiasco with such an embarrassing into the league. This

  15. Garafolo on Elliott: This timeline can be extremely flexible


    Fri, 11 Aug 2017


    years ago. To throw that number out there to strengthen. That personal conduct policy. After the criticism from the Ray Rice situation certainly played here. And I would believe that that was in the league opposite what we want to be careful

  16. Ian Rapoport: Ezekiel Elliott has three days to appeal


    Fri, 11 Aug 2017


    come in the future. Well look I mean going back to the Ray Rice situation. That the public criticism. Clearly have an ..... harshly criticized and correctly. For how they handled Ray Rice initially. And then they reacted and as a result of the

  17. Predictions on NFL's five QB competitions; Joe Flacco concern


    Fri, 28 Jul 2017

    suffocating defense. ... He wasn't the straw that stirred the drink when they were winning during his early years. Ray Rice was the focal point back then. Without a big-time player in the backfield to do the heavy lifting, he is unable to

  18. Around the NFL: Kirk Cousins and Le'Veon Bell contract updates


    Tue, 18 Jul 2017


    if there stars. But it's it's blown my mind a little bit how it's just three years removed it three years from Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. When domestic violence just. It was a huge part of our lives on this podcast and covering the NFL that

  19. Are rookie fantasy football running backs overvalued?


    Tue, 11 Jul 2017

    in mind that several of the high-profile runners in that class ( Darren McFadden , Felix Jones, Rashard Mendenhall, Ray Rice , Jamaal Charles) failed to meet our parameters. The 2012 class didn't have a ton of talented options at the position

  20. Running back relocations: Which veteran additions will thrive?


    Wed, 31 May 2017

    touchdowns; 50-60 receptions for 500-575 yards and seven touchdowns. Woodhead is going to be Joe Flacco 's new Ray Rice . In the former Charger's last full season (2015), he hauled in 80 catches for 755 yards and six touchdowns. He

  21. MJD's running back relocation predictions


    Tue, 30 May 2017


    in the past he's a great it happens and our. People want and I'm about a guy. Who is personal to me Joseph Flacco Ray Rice a guy that cares about backfield run the ball something they've been missing for a long time. I think he's the weapon

  22. 2017 NFL Draft spawns enticing offseason storylines to watch


    Thu, 4 May 2017

    the Raiders ' case, in the first round -- who have, at minimum, been accused of violence against women. After the Ray Rice -Adrian Peterson-Greg Hardy cycle of revelations and punishments in 2014, the NFL vowed to crack down on those who

  23. Bengals' Joe Mixon pick forefronts complicated moral issues


    Mon, 1 May 2017

    disgusted by what he believes is the hypocrisy of the NFL, which vowed to take a firm stand against domestic violence after Ray Rice introduced damning videos to the list of controversies. Now, with Mixon and with the celebration of Chiefs sensation

  24. 2008 NFL Draft do-over: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco rise to the top


    Mon, 10 Apr 2017

    He's an upgrade for Atlanta over Baker, who started just 61 games over seven seasons in Atlanta. 22) Cowboys: Ray Rice , RB, Rutgers Original pick: Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas. Rice was drafted: Round 2, No. 55 overall by the Ravens

  25. Perfect landing spots for 2017 draft's top RBs


    Mon, 10 Apr 2017


    Jeremy technicals here from Boise State and oh haven't talked about him much let's put into the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Rice we saw the success he had there for the Ravens. Several years ago but Nichols does a lot of the same things on the football