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Thomas Johnson

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  1. Can't-Miss Play: Jones proves double coverage isn't enough on TD


    Thu, 23 Nov 2017


    Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones proves double coverage isn't enough on this 43-yard touchdown pass.

  2. Crowder gets wide open for 32 yards


    Sun, 12 Nov 2017


    Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins finds wide receiver Jamison Crowder wide open in the middle of the field for 32 yards.

  3. Isaiah Crowell rushes for 38-yard gain


    Sun, 29 Oct 2017


    Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell goes for 38 yards vs. the Minnesota Vikings in Week 8 of the 2017 NFL season.

  4. 'Top 100 Players of 2017': No. 8 Odell Beckham Jr.


    Mon, 26 Jun 2017


    in the league win and left hand right hand parties won his fingers you know you never know him. Help us. I had my Thomas Johnson suffered a free hand he fits all type of stuff. Carton of milk fought like he's just he really doesn't. He

  5. Dak Prescott avoids defenders, scrambles for 14 yards


    Thu, 1 Dec 2016


    Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott avoids defenders and scrambles for 14 yards.

  6. Terence Newman intercepts underthrown pass by Cam Newton


    Fri, 30 Sep 2016


    Terence Newman and Chris can't do. Is befuddled right now by my zippers defense they keep giving up this double A stuff. All this stuff to the middle took it up whose looks they either drop out or. Or drop it or Russia dropped the coverage he thinks he has it receiver wide open but the bad. Couple

  7. Cam Newton throws interception while being spun down


    Sun, 25 Sep 2016


    Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Tom Johnson intercepts QB Cam Newton, who heaved it up while being spun down by the Panthers line.